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We present here the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth knowledgpapers. These are additions to our growing number of ebooks in this series. Hackers, please make an effort to compensate. Those acquiring knowledgepapers illicitly will miss one of the keys to making the powers/rituals of the knowledgepaper work.

Knowledgepaper 10

This ebook like the ones before is an ongoing work of the compilation of amazing magickal powers and spells compiled from Islamic occultism, or Ilmu Al-Hikmah, and the Indonesian shamanic traditons gathered from the teachings of occult lodges and the ancient adepts. As in previous knowledge papers, we have presented in this continuing series many interesting spells and powers of general interest. These ebooks, like the ones preceding them, are presented for educational purposes and as literary curios only. No claims are made regarding the efficacy of the occult teachings contain herein. The ebooks may contain elements of the dark side--we personally do not support the misuse or abuse of knowledge.

Just look at the contents of the tenth Knowledgepaper :

Contents :
General Instructions
Aladdin's Magick Ring
Genie-Conjuration Empowerment
The Jaljalut Prayer Talisman I
Magickal Love-Potion
Magickally Disband a Gang of Crooks
Occult Methods for Stopping Child Crankiness
How to Acquire Information from A Khodam Informant
How to Prevent One's Husband from Having Illicit Sexual Activities
Open Locks and Break Chains with the Help of Al Burduqal
How to Shield Oneself Against Wild Animals
Liberation from Prison with the Help of a Divine Name
How to Stay in Office with the Aid of a Divine Name
Magickal Power for a Debt Collector
Acquire Mercy with a Divine Name
How to Conjure the Angel Marqayail
How to Conjure the Angel Hahyail

How to Conjure the Angel Af'ayail
Beauty Mantra
How to Conjure a Genie with the Nur Buat Prayer
How to Transmute Sea Water into Potable Water
How to Meet with Prophets in Dreams
How to Transmute Turmeric into Gold
Magickal Prayer for a Youthful Countenance
The Prayer for Wealth
A Key-Method for Acquiring Divine Powers
Secrets of the Ismul A'dhum Prayer
A Powerful Healing Method to Clear Malicious Psychic Implants
Mystical Prayer for the Eternal Light
The Staff of Moses Love Spell
Love Talisman I
Love Talisman II
The Jaljalut Prayer Talisman II
The Al-Fatah Talisman
The Anuuru Talisman

Knowledgepaper 11

More amazing magickal powers in this ebook! Many of them are not to be found circulated anywhere else for the public!

Contents :
General Instructions
Talisman of Master Syech Subakir
Ilmu Khodam Ghoib--Psychic Contact with a Power-Object Familiar-Spirit
A Method for Conjuring a Virtuous Genie
Aji Tunggeng Balik
Aji Tunggeng Mogok
Releasing a Thief from a "Tunggeng"
Talisman for Healing Psychic Attacks
The Lucky Ring
How to Cast a Love-Spell with Cigarette Smoke
How to Cast a Love-Spell with an Enchanted Face
A Magickal Contraceptive Talisman
Magickal Cure for Insomnia
Divine Name for Withstanding Hunger
A Longevity Prayer
Divination for Determining the Status or Condition of a Missing or Lost Person
Magickal Square for Producing Lots of Milk
The Hafizhatan Nabawiyyah Prayer
Aji Asmara Bungkem Talisman
Unfolding the Third-Eye & Increasing Psychic Sensitivity
How to Conjure the Angel 'Anyail
How to Conjure the Angel Qahthayail
How to Conjure the Angel Tharfayail
Spell for Banishing Mosquitoes
Prayer for Disarming Jinns and their Magick
Talismanic Pest-Remover
How to Magickally Free Oneself from Being Bound
No Driver's-License Prayer
Prayer for Rain
Prayer for Taming Snakes
Badiwiyyah Sholawat-Prayer
Chant for Radiant Beauty
Asma' Jaljalut
Asma' Halhalat

Knowledgepaper 12

These knowledge papers are grimoires and are invaluable to the practicing occultist. They are a legacy left to us by the ancient adepts and masters of the occult. They should not be considered as simply ordinary books and are to be kept and preserved carefully in your library for posterity.

Contents :
General Instructions
How to Bind the Tongues of Negative People
Protection Against All Enemies
The Chant for Acquiring Promotions and Expanding Authority
Aji Semar Kuning--Power Love Spell
How to Acquire the Power to Ward-Off the Strikes of Sharp Weapons
Magickal Protective Locks Against Intrusions and Thefts
How to Assist Someone to Cease Doing Negative Deeds
How to Heal Someone of Muscular Problems
How to De-possess Someone of a Spirit
Physical Endurance During Hiking
How to Conjure a Genie King with the Nur Buat Prayer
The Prayer of the Apostle
The Sin/Karma Remover Prayer
Wish-Fulfilling Talisman
How to Conjure the Angel Haihayail
How to Conjure the Angel Thamahil
The Angelic Spirit of Al Bari'u
How to Acquire Gold/Money Through the Assistance of the Archangel Gabriel
The Attainment of the Body of Light Mantra
Ilmu Khodam--Payung Rosul
Conjuring the Payung Rosul Khodam for Invisibility, Levitation . . .
The Asmaul Husna Prayer
Aji Roro Jonggrang--the Beauty & Youth Spell
Aji Sirep Begananda--the Slumber Spell
Aji Pancasona--the Power Mantra of Physical Immortality
Inti Lebur Seketi--the Fiery Hands
Aji Badak Tubi--Invulnerability and Immobility Power
Aji Panglarutan--the Vampirism of a Combat-Opponent's Powers
Ilmu Laduni Talisman I
Ilmu Laduni Talisman II
Knowledge Talisman
The Arabian Seal of Solomon
The Crown-Seal of Solomon
Sex-Power Seal


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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