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In this section we present unsolicited testimonials from our customers/clients regarding our magickal items/services. Generally, nothing has been changed in the text and are given the way they were written. Although many have given us positive feedback, in this section we only present the ones who have given us permission to publish them. Their identities are kept private.

If you have acquired some magickal items that have given you some interesting and unexpected results that you wish to share with others, simply email us with your brief story.


I just wanted to follow-up on my purchase of Anji Sapujagad Chakrajaya Power. So, far my experiences have been profound and I am still discovering its benefits. I am working on perfecting the techniques outlined in the instructions. I have to admit, my life could have turned out a lot worse, due to recent attacks on my being, if I had not utilized the power... Praise Allah!

What I will be working on next is purchasing two talismans that I have an extreme interest in. In the meantime, I have to keep building my life, with Allah's help, to get better every single, succeeding day of my life. My biggest issue now is my extremely weak financial circumstances.

I have experienced quite a bit of hardship over the last year due to psychic vampires, psychic parasites, psychic leeches, etc., attaching to me and refusing to let go. I have also suffered from direct spiritual attacks from people who I believed were my friends and family. It is those people, who I am also working on being liberated from their negative influences, and be protected from their attacks on my being.

All-in-all, thank you for the wonderful work you and your team does through out Creator.


J.E. from the USA

When I first thought of purchasing from indotalisman I wasn't quite sure as you do when making purchases from the internet but my doubts were removed wen the first delievery arrived I,m gonna back a few months now I practise mysticism and islamic occult and I wouldn't say I ran into a few problems but I would call them obstacles as I believe before you are elevated in spirituality you may have to overcome some obstacles I was deeply involved with someone who turned out to be a practioner of the dark arts when it came to light I distanced my self and tried to carry on with my journey with all sorts of obstacles thrown at me from this individual on the search for my prominent recovery and to shield my self and to overcome this my journey brought me to indotalisman ,my first order from the vast catalogue was kwoish ghoib marifatullah and ilmu Khodam jolotondo as I finished the 4 day ritual of the latter I felt a big difference and could do almost everything mentioned in the package by the following few days I could do whatever with intention and the help of Allah my talismans got very powerfull my intuition much better and I felt closer to the creator and I was able to return attacks back to soures with simlple prayers if you are on a Spirtual journey my believe is that you shouldn't be with ought a Khodam kwoish ghoib allowed me to use a divine name to have my prayers answered quickly and also pass on any thing from invulnerability to healing powers to whom I wished very easy to use and simple with great benifits moving on I decided to move up to the ilmu Khodam mahameru and wow after the seven day ritual I felt much beta my confidence grew and my obstacles were being tackled by khodams without much effort on my part just by intention amazing packages I've not long did the ilmu Khodam mahameru and every day is a blessing sofar I also have purchased occult shield of protection and that gave me a shield to protect my house invisible wall which kept out negative spirits,it did take a lot of chanting as stated on the catalogue in a summary all products purchased by Me from indotalisman have been amazing and beyond my expectations this morning my third order arrived the bodyguard genie and I can already feel a lot of energy resonating from the package and feel as if being watched over,luxomore team I thankyou for all your support your prompt replies and ongoing support.

Imraan  from the United Kingdom

I have an interesting story to tell you about the keris and the pearl (Magick 291).

Recently I applied for a new job in the same company I am employed in but in a new area . Since the description of the keris said that it can help with career advancement I asked the kodham of the keris to help me with it. The day after the job interview the manager called me in and told me how well I did at the interview and that they have chosen me for the job over three other very competitive candidates. I was surprised because I felt quite nervous during the interview and was not sure if I did well. But the manager seemed to think so! Perhaps the kodham of the keris worked some magic for me!

Recently I decided I would like a windfall of some sort. So I asked the keris to help me once again since the description of the keris said it can help with prosperity and windfalls. I also decided to do the 30 day ritual associated with the pearl for windfalls. 15 days into the ritual there was a very interesting turn of events. My former job was advertised to fill the vacancy and when they reviewed the job description my former manager realised that I had been paid less than what I should have been paid for the last 2.5yrs due to some error made by HR. She decided to take this up with HR even without me prompting her to do so and she managed to negotiate with HR to back pay me the salary shortfall. So it was all paid out to me in a lump sum and turned out to be a nice little windfall. Then my current manager decided that the new contract I had signed did not reflect a sufficient increase in the light of the new discovery that my previous salary was incorrect. So he re-issued my contract with a significantly higher salary for the new job, even before I could ask. Another nice windfall! It seems like these items are certainly working for me!

I am happy for you to include my story in your testimonials page. Thanks!

H from Australia

Hello Doc.

MGCK 193 is sizzling and crackling with such intense and palpable healing energies. Last Saturday I kept it under my pillow when I slept,in the middle of the night I woke up,sweating like crazy. I went back to bed again after a shower,later in the morning,I noticed that my entire body was tingling all over,so I knew instantly that it was the healing amulet at work correcting whatever health anomalies that are hiding in my body,and funny thing,I haven't even consumed the healing water yet. Then,on Sunday,I made a glass of healing water for my junior brother who has been suffering from some kind of skin threatening eczema that has has refused to go away in a long time now,this morning,he complained of some aggressive itching around his neck and back,and anytime he scratched it,his fingernails got filled with some kind of dirt from the skin disease,as if they're peeling of like scales. I just smiled.

You and your entire team of Javanese shamans are the most accurate magicians I've ever come across in my life,and I'm most grateful,to you all.

P.O from Ghana

Greetings Luxamore,

I have had only positive experiences from my dealings with you. I like to share a testimonial which you may publish or use in any manner that you choose. I know that secrecy is an important part of magick. I am not sure yet how to identify what cannot be revealed if it is not apparent, so if the testimonial below falls into "keep secret" then do not reveal it, otherwise you may use it as you wish as mentioned above. Chris is my middle name.


This is not the most profound experience I have had since I found Dr. Lee but I feel like sharing this one because it was totally unexpected. I must state that I had no prior involvement in Magick before I started ordering from Dr. Lee.

I was in the toilet. As I picked up the tissue paper, it turned very bright blue. The toilet is the last place to expect a visitation so I was initially confused. I dropped the tissue, it turned white again . I then realized there was a very bright (exceedingly beautiful) blue light extending out of both of my hands. I raised my hand to the mirror and the reflection was also in the mirror. More like my shadow from my hands had turned very blue. I did not know it was my aura I was seeing at this time so I actually tried to make it stop.

I began washing my hands and the water was also turning blue while my hands was in it. When I realized I could not make it stop, I went into my study and whatever I picked up would also turn blue while I am holding it. Since the blue light extending from my hands was so beautiful and felt very peaceful, I finally decided to just enjoy the sight. I held my hands parallel to each other and the lights were now touching each other. After several minutes, the blue light was gone.

Still confused about what the light was, I began to research and finally learnt I had been seeing my aura. Aura now means a lot to me. It's one thing to read about aura, but to see it was totally unexpected. Thanks Dr. Lee for all your help.

Chris, USA.

Greeting Dr Lee,

Yesterday @ 12midnight I went through the initiation ritual. I felt a surge of energy levels on the last sentence of the mantra "Ono Rufo!". After the complete initiation ritual, I prayed to Allah to help blend all the 3 Ajians (Aji Panembahan Kusuma Jati, Ilmu Pusaka Cemeti Ammarosuli, Sapujagad Cakrajaya Magick Power) in my body to their maximal potentials , do not clash functions but instead to enhance each other to benefit and protect me throughout my life. I felt my pray (Doa) was answered as my whole body was tingling from head to toe.

I then went to sleep as it was almost 1am. I didn't sleep well tossing and turning almost the whole night feeling someone was watching over me. I didn't feel frighten in anyway rather it felt like being protected by a troop of bodyguards. I guess I wasn't prepared for that kind of "attention". Now I know how the superstars or VIPs feel. I think all my 3 ajian and their Khadams were activated all at once by Allah due to my prayers. Thank you Allah for your blessings.

In the morning before work, I tried the invulnerability ability used a knife(to be truthful I stand by some bandages just in case) I told myself mentally I have full faith in the Aji illahi taa'ala ,Allahu Akbar! I started to chop onto my right forearm softly, nothing happened, progressively more forcefully still nothing. I was chopping unto my forearm like I would chopping the chicken meat. Amazing not even a scratch. I had to stop chopping as my forearm had lines of redness not painful but it will be difficult to explain to family, friends and colleagues and it was getting late for work.

I went to bathe and prepared for work all about 10-15 minutes the redness completely disappeared!! Then I remembered another ability physical regeneration that came with this Ajian. I think this must be the reason for the complete healing totally no more red lines.

On whole all the three Ajian had brought much improvement to my life by the Grace of Allah. I have to date bought 6 magick products from your website and all are working as per description. I am very please and would highly recommend your website to my family, friends and colleagues. I for one will definitely be back for more.

Thank you again Dr Lee and may the blessings of Allah be unto you, your family, friends and colleagues.



Greetings Luxamore,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the pearl. It is beautiful, amazing and crackling with power. You instructions are thoroughly detailed, easy to understand and quite helpful. The package arrived in less time than many of the items that I purchase within the borders of my own country. As always, you have delivered over and above my expectations.

You are obviously far more developed as a magician than myself. Because of that, much of this is new to me. I have been a practicing magician for about ten years within this life cycle but items like these don't exactly grow on trees here. I still have a great deal to learn regarding this sacred art and science. You, through Indotalisman, have been a great help towards realizing more of my potential and I want you to know that I am grateful. You have made more of a difference than you know, or maybe you do.

The only reason that I do not steer people towards your business is that I do not want people to look at your website and then begin speculating about my sanity or what they may perceive as a lack of it. I don't know what its like in Java, but here I could easily end up in a mental institution if I was completely open about this. Sometimes I still wrestle with my "logical" mind regarding all this but the effects are simply undeniable. The Universal Power is certainly channeled through these items.

Take care,


About a week after I sent you the initial deposit on the pearl, I was sitting on the trunk of my car smoking a cigarette. I mentally intended to connect with the pearl, to feel it. I simply opened my left hand, looked at it and imagined that the pearl was sitting in the palm of my hand. I felt a little rush of energy (which could have been anything).

But then, a very large flying insect flew right by my head on the left side of my body. I turned around to see that it had landed on my car. I took a closer look at it and was surprised to see that it was the largest fly that I have ever seen in my life. In fact, it was so large that it was shocking. This fly was nearly 1&1/2 inches long! I don't know how big flies get in Java, but they definitely do not get that big here. Now here is the interesting part: this fly actually had a presence about it, an awesome presence that gave me goosebumps.

It was completely black, even it's compound eyes. Its wings were black, semi transparent with veins. There were small areas of charcoal gray trim, but no other colors anywhere but the eyes (more about the eyes later). It was so large that at first I simply couldn't believe it was an actual fly. It moved just enough that I could see that it's movements were unmistakably those of a fly, including the way flies clean their mouth-tube with their front legs in their classic fast rubbing motion.

It allowed me to get very close to it, to study it. My presence did not seem to make the fly uneasy at all. The most unusual part about its appearance was its eyes. Do you remember how I said they were black compound eyes? Well they were, but there was also something else remarkable about them. Each eye had an almond shaped gray spot that was exactly the same shape as a human eye, with a smaller green shape inside of the Grey spot. THEY LOOKED JUST LIKE THE EYES OF A PERSON! They really did. He (or she) looked just like they were looking directly at me.

The entire impression that I had was that I was looking at some completely different class of the creature, like the difference between a common house cat vs. a white lion with blue eyes. I have never before had the sense of looking at royalty in nature. He didn't even look dirty or hairy. Every hair was even and orderly looking. He was magnificent looking, staring at me with those beautiful eyes of his. As I said earlier, he gave me chills. I could not shake the impression that this was more than a fly. I could barely believe this experience myself, so I knew nobody else was going to believe it either. I imagined that everyone would think that it wasn't really a fly or whatever. that is why I had someone else look at it while it was still there. At first, he couldn't believe it was a fly either because of it's relative massive size. Once he got close to it and it moved as only a fly moves, he knew it was definitely a fly. I have looked on the internet and I can't find any flies that look like this.

P from the USA

Just a line to let you know of some amazing things happening. I hope eveything is okay for you.

Although I cannot call myself psychic, I have used the powers [Magickal Items] that you have sent me and prayed for one of my young colleagues' husband who had been sick with cancer for the last 2 years. The doctors had done 3 types of treatment as each one kept failing and his tumour failed to respond. They had no more treatment for him and were getting ready for surgery. Two weeks after I prayed, his tumour stopped showing cancerous activity. Today it was confirmed that the tumour also has disappeared. No one knows what to think of it. We are awaiting his consultation from his doctor. I have walked around in circles today, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh, mostly doing both at the same time.

P from Australia

On the Aji Panembahan Kasumo Jati Power Code: Magick220

The first product that I ever ordered from Dr. Lee at Indotalisman.com was the Aji Panembahan Kasuma Jati Power. I was pleasantly surprised by the fast and efficient service because my talismanic capsule arrived all the way from Indonesia in about a week.

Shortly after receiving my package I consumed the capsule and performed the short ritual to activate the power. After completing the simple ritual I asked for a sign that the ritual worked.

The next morning I walked outside my house and sat down to smoke a cigarette. Here is the interesting part: when I walked outside I only took several steps before I sat down on the chair. The whole time, I had a roof over my head because I have a roof covering my driveway. When I looked down, there was a strange bird feather resting on my solar plexus. The reason this was so unusual was because there was no way for a feather to land on me because of the roof covering my driveway. I had a roof over my head the whole time. Somehow, this feather just appeared on my solar plexus, as if out of thin air.

Again, there was no simply no way for the feather to land on me naturally.

Within moments, I had the impression that a group of Javanese elders was surrounding me and communicating with me telepathically. I was briefly instructed on the proper use of the power. They definitely felt like astral beings of human origin. Their presence was very different than anything that I am used to. They were very direct, unwavering and righteous. They certainly felt trustworthy. I was still reeling from the sudden appearance of the feather and was questioning myself as to whether or not this was really even happening.

Within a few days, I was convinced because of what happened next. Please understand that I am not proud of what I am about to disclose, but for the sake of truth I will share this with you. I have been extensively trained in certain Indonesian martial arts. Some of these arts use biting techniques. I have been trained to bite opponents in combat and it is part of my thought process when I feel like I am in danger. I met a man through a friend who I knew had a reputation of aggressive physical behavior. As soon as I met him, he began to try to intimidate me and behave aggressively. I found myself torn between wanting to attack him and knowing that it was pure folly for me to do so. Still, the desire to attack him and to actually bite him was strong. So, I knew it was time to leave before we were both sorry. That same night he was attacked by five total strangers, who beat him, held him down and actually bit his body all over leaving bite marks. When I heard that, I knew it was the power. I also knew that I could no longer afford not to control that kind of thinking because I do not like to see anyone get hurt, especially because of my wrong thinking.

The next week, one of the people that I work with asked me to help him gain more confidence as a salesman. I told him that it was really up to him, but he implored me to help him. I thought that perhaps I could transfer the authoritative bearing of a lion (one of the features of the Aji Panembahan Kasuma Jati power) to my friend temporarily. I asked him to get a glass of water. I took the water to a private place and recited the mantra. I told the caretakers of the power that I didn't know if this was permissible and that I would like a sign to direct me. I transferred the authoritative bearing of a lion to the glass of water and had my friend drink the water. He truly did assume a different character and it definitely showed in his performance that day.

Now here is the sigh that I received. Less than a half an hour after that took place, I was having an unrelated conversion with another coworker. At the time, we were only acquaintances. Out of the blue, he asks me if I want a lion skin. I was shocked, because in the United States a lion skin is very rare and quite expensive. It is also not the kind of thing that people who do not know each other well just give away. However, that is exactly what happened. Within twenty minutes he had gone home, got the skin and given it to me with no strings attached. The Lion was shot on an African safari in 1959 by his grandfather. The skin had fur and most of the claws intact. Its value is approximately $10,000.00 US. I considered that a clear sign. The next day my friend reverted back to his normal self thus showing me that the power could be transferred, but only temporarily to someone who has not consumed the capsule and done the ritual (healing / exorcism being the exceptions).

I have used the power to heal others with outstanding permanent effects. I also use it for business. The truth is I have still only begun to scratch the surface of the power. I will use it for the rest of my life. The Aji Panembahan Kasuma Jati power is real. It works like magic because that's what it is. Do not confuse the power with psychic phenomenon. It is a power from God controlled by spiritual intermediaries who are its stewards. Get it and use it wisely. Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Lee for making this rare treasure available to those of us who would never have found it without his help.

P.T from the U.S.A.

From the same client submitted at a later date:

"Greetings, I hope all is well with you and those close to you. I want to let you know that the investment that I made in the items that you let me buy from you continues to pay huge dividends continuously. Before I actually bought the first item (the Aji Panembahan Kusuma Jati Power), it was really hard for me to imagine that it would actually work. Well it did, and so did EVERYTHING else (Maghrobi Tasbih, Baduy

"Banten Keris, Pearl of bamboo, star oil, etc). Not only do these items work, but I have found that the more that I work with them, the more astounding the results. I am simply amazed. The Keris alone is an asset that nearly defies description. Thank you so much for allowing myself and others to experience this type of powerful and benevolent help."

"Before i start using magick 219, i always had problem falling sleep. for the past couple of monthes i have been taking sleeping pills to help me fall sleep.The first night after i used the initiation, i used the mantra for travel to astral dimension.The very first night i thought to myself i should give it a try and not to take the pill, if it didn't work i can always pop up a pill. As soon as i finished the mantra i fell sleep and my dreams were so vivid that i felt everything. When i woke up in the morning i remembered everything. Eversince that first experience, i have been using the mantra and my dreams are not the same anymore. I sleep so deep that nothing can wake me up. My other experince was that couple of nights before i used the Magick 219, i miss placed my Quan yin (she is one of the saint which i love very much) little necklace. I looked for it everywhere and i could not find it. I have a drawer next to my bed and i turned it upside down and looked at everything that was in it. there was just few things in it. I cleaned it very good and it was not there. I was very sad that i lost it .two days after that i recieved my order and i did all the initiation and there is an instruction and a mantra for getting in touch with the saints or masters. I did that the first night. The second night after i finished the mantra i asked the universe to show me a sign if Quan yin is hearing me. Right after i said that for no reason i oppened up the drawer that is next to my bed and the first thing i saw was my little Quan yin's necklace. That definitely was my answear from the universe. I was very happy. I think for less than two weeks i have proved to myself that this really works. I have ordered other things and will let you know about the results. Thank you so much."

S.S from France

Hi Fellas:

How are you? On Friday I completed my 21,000 times my Pahit Lidah verse, called it a day. It was a busy day for my on Saturday, came back exhausted, felt a bit uneasy in my body, thought is was like 'aching' old bones. This morning, I got up, want to 'make some 'sweat', to sweat out the bit of aching bones. So I put in my Canadian winter coat to make sweat. After a while, nothing happen, I did not 'sweat or feel hot'. So I went to stand next to the window to sweat. Nothing ! Then I realized that my Pahit Lidah is working !!! I did not feel 'hot' .! ! ! So, now I just removed my Canadian winter coat, and write this testimony. When my Pahit Lidah is successful, I can lick a hot iron and it will not harm my tongue. This will be a true case of who I bless, God will bless. Who I curse, God will curse. Remember the fig tree Jesus curse - becoz it bear no fruit, it withered and die! So by now, even wearing a winter coat in Singapore cannot bring sweat to my body ! The 'discomfort' must be some 'adjustment' in my body. Wow.

Nowadays, my workshop is very effective to help shift consciousness. Participants improve in their career, and luck quotient. I myself is able to sustain my business, and the business keeps improving. My own luck has changed to good luck since Dr Lee, Glen helped with making the talismans available to me.

Today, standing near the window to get more Singapore sun, I don't even sweat in my Canadian Winter Coat!

Thank You, Glen.


A. C. from Singapore

[This testimony has been edited for its spelling/gramar]

I have been involved in the occult for the past 2 months. I am a beginner and am trying to fit my meditation and occult work with my time table so this means I don't get to spend too much time on it--I have around an hour and a half every night. This is still very new to me , my very first order from Dr Lee was (Mustika Brojoningrat Power Code: Magick140)--it was a great interest to me to employ a jinn for communication and information. When I first received it, I went through a little quick ritual which was only to drink some capsules with empowered water--this was very [quick] and only took 2 mins as the energy went through my body. The first excersize i chose was the astral travel. I had no luck straight away but two days after while trying it,  I went into a deep sleep during the day and this sleep was very deep, I could feel my sleep was very different--colours and movements were diffferent from normal dreams that you would see. As I woke up I could remember my self being in a dream so real I could catch glimpses in the dream as to real events (liek the matrix)--it lasted for about 15 mins, this then convinced me that there is true power in this item. I continuied with my practices. I am now getting very strong dreams which are [strongly impressed] in my memory so I can remember more about what I see. I have also continued with the clairvoyant excersize were I am [able to] notice lights appearing as I focus on the third eye. I can also feel the energy being concentrated hard on the centre of my forehead. These signs I am getting convinces me to practice more and more because it is now becoming enjoyable to sit and practice. I am commanding the genie to carry out some commands--so far the genies are carrying out the tests. I commanded them to make my boss give me a pay rise and this is so far helping as my boss is being very nice to me--lol--I may get one very soon. I feel great that I am getting noticeable improvements slowly as I keep my practices up on a daily basis even if it is not long, it all makes a difference as it adds up. I have trust in you Dr Lee and I will be ordering more items and empowerments very, very soon. This is a big improvement compared to the stuffs I tried before and other methods. I have found this to be very successful with noticeable improvements.


From the same client at a later date :

June 25, 2003

After my previous order of magik 140 I decided to order more items of Dr Lee as I started to believe and trust the items were very genuine. I then put in a very big order of empowerments and magkal items--this was my order that I placed. There are more items ordered but I have not yet come around to using them as yet so only the ones I have used are mentioned, more update will be given on the other products which I will be carrying-out soon.

Mustika Chakra Power
Ilmu Ghoib Hajad Bumi Power
Third-Eye Activator Oil
Ladhuni Ghoib Magickal Power
Karomah Embun Walisongo
Susuk Loloh Besi Yoni*
Inner Strength Power Activator*
Batu Kayu Merah Delima*
Sokhibul Ghoib*
3 empowerments--which were the life regeneration, soul healing, raw psychic energy empowerment.

Ilmu Ghoib Hajad Bumi Power and Mustika Chakra Power both are brilliant jinn packages

The first items I had chosen to do were the jinn packages, which was magick 139 and 141, which were the Mustika Chakra Power and the Ilmu Ghoib Hajad Bumi Power. These items came with capsules, which I had to swallow in the ritual, it was very basic and easy. Both the items increased my power level and helped me very much in my training for the clairyont powers that were included in the package. The items helped me remember more of my dreams and increased the pressure on my third eye which gave me an indication that more force have was been put into the third eye to further awaken it. I am pleased to acquire jinn's as friends as I am not a professional to summon up my own jinn so I was very glad that Dr Lee could get me to use. I am very pleased that the jinns are carrying out my commands to satisfactory results, I have commanded them to help me in empower object to helping me at work so far many of the commands have been done to very good work , I will now command them to more complicated tasks. I can feel the jinns touching me letting me know of there presence which assure me I have my jinns following me protecting me. I am still practicing to become a psychic so I may then have a proper conversation with the jinns. The jinn package is very helpful in my daily practice as the jinns are helping me to acquire many occult powers. I have read many articles about bad negative jinn's and the situation people have got in with jinn's but I have found these to be very helpful and kind as no harm has come to me or anyone else trying anything on me I find them to be very protective invisible friends which I am very glad to know that I acquire them under my control.

Batu Kayu Merah Delima*

This is a cute little stone, which I have made into a pendant; the amazing thing about this product is that it lets you contact the jinn inside the stone by the means of a pendulum. You can ask the sprit and question and it will answer back in a yes or no format by swinging the pendant. These have been very helpful at the moment as I am still not able to contact sprit by psychic means so this method of communication becomes very helpful. There are many magick powers included in this pakage, which is another great feature. The stone amazingly makes the water turn to a pinkish colour, which indicates that the power is in the stone. The jinn of the stone can be commanded and had brought around good results not only mundanely but in conducting magick ritual as well. I have found this item to be very energized in power when I try to feel it with my hands. There are many money-magik rituals included which helps to bring about more money (which we all need). So far I have been very pleased that this stone is genuine and really contains a real sprit, which answers any question I have. Those who would like to contacts sprits but cannot do so as yet would enjoy using this product, which helps in contacting sprits much quicker without the need of psychic powers. I wear the stone with me everyday and I have noticed many changes it starting to make in my life--people are acting more positively and my career is moving forward making friends is becoming easer and no one really act in a violent way towards me so far.

Ladhuni Ghoib Magickal Power

This item is a small talisman, which I carry around with me in my wallet. This talisman has made a big impression on me as it is helping me to awaken my third eye. I found this talisman to be very powerful as I can feel that it has and is still helping me to improve my third eye vision. This is a very small talisman size of a credit card so it fits perfect into the wallet.

Third-Eye Activator Oil

This oil is brilliant, as I have noticed many changes since I have been using it. The oil helps me to raise the vibration of the third eye to further awaken it. With this oil I have noticed many colours when I concentrate on my third eye. I have found this oil to be very helpful and powerful. The oil is a brilliant product and I would advise any one who is training to open up there third eye to buy this oil as it seriously does increase the speed in opening the third eye and give good results. Constant use of this oil show many outstanding signs of success. Increasing pressure and more lights shows signs that the oil is doing its job properly. I will carry on using this oil as I feel it will increase my chances in opening my third eye and perceiving the astral realms. I have already seen small visions which don't last long this is due to my concentration but I am very sure if my concentration is perfect them I will have the vision stay in my head for longer, am only a beginner and am getting strong visions normal to become a clairyont I have read it take many years to develop this skill I'm only in to my 6 month of practice, and that's how quick I am getting signs.

Karomah Embun Walisongo

This items come with a talisman and a oil. Just like all the products of Dr Lee, this item also gives a lot of help. I am slowly catching glimpses of the astral realms. The talisman is helping a lot as I can feel the power it is radiating on me. This item helps one to communicate with sprits. Again I am finding strong colours as I use the oil on my third eye, I can feel that I am getting closer to having a good vision in my third. eye. I will keep up the practice and will let u know of the result of this item as I have just started to use it.

Sokhibul Ghoib

This magick product further help me to develop psychic powers I have noticed many signs ever since I have been using this package. I am noticing lights appear and when I concentrate on my third eye I have also had many visions in dream states and in my third eye whilst practicing this package. There was this one incident which was strange I was sleeping and my sister came into the room to wake me up before she entered my room I could see my door which was behind me and when she entered I could see her entering my room with my eyes closed , this is strange as it felt like I had eyes behind my head .The power which it contains must be really powerful as it has given me vision in my third eye like a picture flash which has excited me more as now I know I am making good progress thank to Dr Lee's items.

Susuk Loloh Besi Yoni*

These were capsules to swallow there was no ritual involved in this. The capsules have made outstanding result on my skin and it has lighten it up, (my skin had a dark complexion before), I have even noticed my face is looking younger and contains much less wrinkles which were starting to show up on my face. I have bought 3 packets of pills, which was a total number of 15 pills, I would recommended this to anyone who is interested in bringing back their youth. These packages would be great for women and men, especially women who always worry about their looks as this product can do much better then what the plastic surgeons do and plus on top of that, this product is much cheaper and less risks involved as you only have to swallow the pills for it to take effect. Must have for all the people who want to look young again. Thank you Dr Lee for bringing about these package to my attention.

Inner Strength Power Activator

This item transferred to me the inner strength power. The ritual was very easy to conduct and I felt a great increase in my psychic power levels. This power is more for self-defence so far I have noticed my energy level increasing and the power very strong when I test it with my palms. These items again come with many additional powers, which I have yet to apply. The energy it self has helped me in my magick as it has given me a bigger boost I wish to train in the martial arts pencak silat I am in a way getting my self ready for it..

Life Regeneration Empowerment.

This empowerment was conducted by Dr Lee to help me in my occult and social life. Its purpose was to remove many toxins from my body. I am now able to achieve more in life, so far these empowerments have made a big impact in my life; my luck had changed, people are nice to me. I am getting more results in my practice.

Soul Healing.

This empowerment's purpose was to remove and clear my psychic energy structure of psychic toxins even further. With this empowerment I have felt a greater energy in my body and my thoughts are more uplifted, I don't feel depressed as I used to--it has given me a good social boost I am starting to enjoy life in a different way.

Raw Psychic Energy Transfers.

This empowerment's main purpose was to channel psychic energy to my system so I may use it for my occult work. Soon as this empowerment had been completed I had noticed my health and body felt as if I was a new person. I had incredible amounts of energy and I felt as if I was extremely strong. This empowerment helps a lot if you are involved in magick as psychic energy is very crucial to bring about good result. Was given a method to further increase the power transferred to me. I practice this everyday and I have noticed major changes in my psychic energy level. I would recommend the empowerment to any one who is involved in the occult or self-defence.

Overall conclusion

My overall conclusion on the items I have bought would be that every items has brought about satisfactory results, not only have the items decreased the time in which to develop theses powers but it had made a big impact on every side of my life from business to social to the occult. All I can say is that I recommend any of the items above as all of them have worked and do contain powers that are real. Because of the signs I have gotten from theses items I will carry on buying more to further increase the speed in the development. With out these items I don't think a person can get very far in the occult, before I met Dr Lee I was trying many methods and have bought many items, which have made no difference in my life. Ever since I have been shopping around for items from Dr Lee my life is becoming better by the day. I again say thank you so much. If I never came across your website I would have never progressed as far as I am now and im looking forward to buying more items and empowerments including the beautiful mustika pearls., I have wrote this testimony for other people to understand that these items are genuine and work exactly to what they say, if it worked for me im sure it will work for others I have still got a along way to go . Thank you so much Dr Lee.

All the skills I have develop so far.

1) Inner-Strength (Tenaga Dalam) energy accumulation and builder
2) My sensitive is improving due to the items; I can detect energy within objects.
3) I am beginning to feel the khodams I have been given.
4) My third eye is awakening and developing and colours are getting stronger flashes of pictures are showing.
5) I am getting more lucid dream state vision.
6) Feeling stronger and less depressed.
7) Stronger focus memory is improving slightly
8) Starting to feel the bliss in meditations.
9) People acting positive towards me.
10) My luck is improving. So is my career.


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