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Welcome to a world of mystifying occult objects! The amulets, talismans and various other items presented in this catalog have their origin in Indonesia, a country considered by some as a possible location for the long, lost continent or archipelago of Atlantis--the "fabled" nation famous for its magickal mysteries. Enjoy browsing this catalog, you will find many things that will fill you with wonder and possibly skepticism!

About the Talismans and Amulets

There are over 300 magickal items, talismans and amulets in this catalog, and it will continue to grow as we add more items into it periodically. Some of the items have similar functions, although they are in different form and produced by different occultists and have their roots in different branches of the Shamanic/occult Islamic tradition. Most of the talismans require time-consuming rituals to fashion and consecrate. Special days are chosen according to the Javanese/Islamic calendar for their consecration. Care have been taken to ensure that these magickal items are of high quality by their producers. Because some of these items are made-to-order, please allow several weeks for them to reach you. It is worth the wait.

Quite a few of the items are unconsecrated or semi-charged. They would have to be sanctified and magnetized by the User, or attuned with their energies by conducting certain simple rituals. Not all of the items come with instructions. Those items without instructions may be consecrated in any way the User deem fit--these talismans are in the Talismans & Amulets section.


Although the powers in these magickal items and everything else in our site are real and palpable to those having psychic sensitivity, for legal reasons we sell these occult objects simply as curio items. We make no guarantees about them. We state the purposes of their creation, consecration, and function but do not guarantee as to their effectiveness as this is dependent upon various factors. Results may vary from User to User--according to a person's faith--so it is. We will not be held responsible for any misuse or abuse of the magickal items and talismans sold through our catalog, nor are we responsible for their results or lack of it. Those under 18 must acquire parental consent in order to use the items.

Our empowerments, magickal items, magickal pearls, etc., are provided on an availability basis and are without warranties or refunds of any kind, either expressed or implied. We disclaim any and all warranties and refunds, including but not limited to any warranties as to the availability, accuracy and completeness of content or information, products, or services which are part of this Indotalisman website. Indotalisman and its associates/suppliers are not liable for any damages whether indirect, direct, incidental or consequential (including damages for any loss of business, loss of profits, litigation, personal, or the like), whether based on breach of contract, of warranty, product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. By purchasing our services, products, etc., you have explicitly agreed to the terms of our sale.

We would also like to remind the Users of these occult objects that they are simply media whereby divine blessing may pour into our lives. By themselves they are powerless, it is solely the power of the Omnipresent One that vivifies them with occult force. Realize that the Divine One is the only Power in existence and that all thanks and appreciation should be given to this Great Emanator, the First (or rather Multi/Endless/Countless) Cause of the Omniverse, the source of our being and not to the objects themselves.


Because of the instability of the economy of the country--the source of the items in this catalog--the prices are subject to constant fluctuation. Thus, for the time being we have not included them in this catalog. If you are interested in the items, please feel free to contact us.

Overseas Buyer – Take note that strict Customs action when package arrives at country of destination may cause items to be confiscated, (magickal items may contain water, oil etc). The same items would only be confiscated as the bottles of water and oil may be the problem. On the other hand, magickal items are normally confiscated by Customs in Muslim countries—especially those in the Middle East. This serves to remind buyers that we absolve ourselves from any losses due to confiscation by Customs. As much as we value your patronage, circumstances, albeit, leads us to take this policy.

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