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Empowered & consecrated magickal talismans and amulets; occult-powers; self-empowerment ritual-items.
These come with specific instructions!

Pemikat Sukma Talisman
Code: Magick01

For attracting love and affection--even from a specific person. Small and convenient. Simple rituals. Use with care--do not force love.

Sapu Jagad Talisman
Code: Magick02
Possesses more than 20 virtues. Protects one from danger; promotes business; harmony in the home, etc.
Sangkal Jodoh Talisman
Code: Magick04
This item improves the auric radiations of the User. It results in attractiveness and increased personal magnetism. It neutralizes negative energies in one's system and builds-up self-confidence. The talisman would cause others to respond positively and be sympathetic to the User. Carry this talisman for quickly acquiring a soul-mate.
Semar Mesem Keris (Small)
Code: Magick07
Attracts love, romance, affection, a soul-mate. Helps the user to acquire charisma, personal magnetism, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, sexual appeal.
Singgo Barong Mini Keris
Code: Magick08
Carry this for a powerful mien; strike fear in the hearts of enemies; be honored and respected by others; triumph in conflicts; safe from slander; wards-off psychic attack.
Jangkung Nagasasra Mini Keris
Code: Magick09
Small Indonesian athame, like the previous three. Convenient enough to carry in the pocket. Protects User from all harm--fire, thieves, psychic attacks, etc; builds-up sex appeal; attracts affection from others; helps to easily be triumphant in conflicts; also aids one to successfully achieve one's goal.
Majapahit Brawijaya Mini Keris
Code: Magick10
Magical athame helps User to acquire success, position, peace-of-mind, authoritative mien.
Bandung Bondowoso Mini Keris
Code: Magick11
The keris has powerful magickal powers! It builds-up an invisible fortress around User against all forms of psychic attack; it deflects magickal blows from a distance; it provides general protection; helps User to acquire respect from friend and foe; it builds-up powerful charisma in the User.
Maulana Malik Ibrahim Mini Gaman
Code: Magick13

Carried for promoting one's career or rank; helps to attract windfalls; causes enemies to fear User; builds-up a powerful presence in the User.
Zulfiqar Mini Sword
Code: Magick14

Carry this magickal item for courage, protection, strength, power, and blessings.
Ladhuni Ghoib Magickal Power
Code: Magick15

The talisman radiates powerful energies! Its purpose is to awaken the sixth sense (intuition, instinct, etc) in the User. Also helps User to develop clairvoyance and to communicate with spirits and detect culprits of thefts.
Tumbak Kuning Magickal Power
Code: Magick16

Object small and cute. Carried for general protection and for advancing one's career; builds-up attractive powers; attracts luck.
Telor Kuning Magickal Power Talisman
Code: Magick17

Magickal yellow egg. Small and convenient enough to carry in the pocket or purse. Helps couples to have children. Establishes harmony in the home.
Kijing Mas Magickal Power
Code: Magick18
This consecrated object is small and convenient enough to carry in the pocket or purse. Its function is to improve one's auric radiations so as to build-up one's potential for attracting a soul-mate; builds-up charisma; may be carried for general affection from others.
Sacred Stone Ring
Code: Magick19

This sacred stone ring is consecrated with powerful energies! It protects one from mischievous spirits and attacks from enemies; it builds-up charisma and one's attractive powers; helps the User to acquire respect from friend and foe; attracts luck.
Gada Besi Kuning
Code: Magick20

Carry this object to promote business affairs; also for advancing career and getting promotions.
Money Attraction Hizib Oil
Code: Magick21

A very unique oil! Especially appropriate for traders, business and sales persons; attracts customers and clients; helps to bond business partners; attracts luck from the four points of the compass.
Puter Giling Oil
Code: Magick22

Helps to magickally call loved ones to return home; for acquiring affection from others, beauty and youth; builds-up attractiveness and enthusiasm; gets rid of frustration and sloth.
Pagar Segoro Shield Magickal Power  See Article
Code: Magick23

There are more than 10 familiars associated with this 4 piece-talisman! Programmed to guard User's home, office, factory, shop, warehouse, etc. Intruders to the premises will be confused and terrified--spirit familiars will cause them to hallucinate themselves to be in the middle of a storm at sea.
Rogho Sukmo Jalma Talisman
Code: Magick24

When properly used the power in this talisman will give the User the power to strongly influence the minds of others to do whatever is desired. Very powerful stuff! Use with care and for positive purposes only--remember the karmic consequences! May be used positively to collect debts; improve business negotiations, etc. Upgraded Item!
Physical Sports Magickal Power
Code: Magick25

Increases physical strength, stamina, self-confidence, courage, etc.
Kanuragan Lembu Sewo Magickal Power
Code: Magick26

The power builds up an invisible fortress around User for protection against physical attacks and ambushes; calls forth unexpected strength; the power weakens the strength of aggressors; activates the power voice-a single shout causes aggressors to scatter in fear!
Keong Mas Magickal Power
Code: Magick27

Small and convenient enough to carry in one's pocket. For harmony in the home; business success, increase in sales; peace-of-mind and soul; helps to build-up charisma and to acquire sympathy from others.
Jawahirul Hikmah Talisman
Code: Magick28

Protective talisman for plantations, gardens, etc, against pests, plant viruses, human varmints, etc. Increases crop production.
Aji Panglimun Talisman
Code: Magick30

10 spirit familiars associated with this talisman--all programmed to confound the eye-sight of those that seek to do the User harm. User will appear invisible in their eyes!
Martial-Art Talisman
Code: Magick31

The power within this talisman helps the User to learn martial-arts without a physical teacher!
Mahabah Tembus Oil
Code: Magick32

Use this oil to soften the hearts of hard-hearted people; banishes feelings of vengeance; acquire sympathy from others; may be used as a love oil to arouse deep feelings in others; collect debts easily.
Kidang Kencono Magickal Power
Code: Magick33

Talismanic object comes with a powerful spirit familiar. Carried for protection from harm and slander; helps one to appear more attractive and radiate power; builds-up charisma, etc.
Maghrobi Tasbih
Code: Magick34

Virtues of this amazing rosary: for invulnerability to sharp weapons; for increasing one's personal magnetism; magical love power; for improving commerce, trade & business; for evoking psychic energy for any purpose; for influencing others; for peace-of-mind; for attracting luck & prosperity; for helping debts to be paid quickly; for meeting one's soul mate (within 89 days); for binding one's spouse to faithfulness; for increasing one's spiritual intelligence; for building-up a power punch that leaves one's opponent unconscious; for building-up a psychic fence as a protection against all forms of evil; for healing the possessed and those under the influence of black magick, witchcraft, hexes, etc; for sharpening one's psychic senses; for influencing another's mind; for distant healing, mental and physical; to strike a blow to another from a distance; to heal and return the effects of black magick back to the sender; for improving concentration and increasing psychic sensitivity; for easily acquiring omens from the inner planes; for acquiring the ability to see the inner worlds and its inhabitants (the world of the jins); for acquiring the ability to see the familiar or force of an occult object; to stop or remove rain and clouds to a different location!
Asma Mahabbah Akbar Ring
Code: Magick40

This item is a semi-precious gem stone, consecrated for the purpose of general attraction; it builds up personal magnetism; helps to acquire sympathy and affection; attracts one's soul-mate. The power of the stone strengthens and purifies the auric radiance of the User's body--this auric improvement is essential for acquiring a positive response from those we interact in social and business affairs.
Al Karomah Pendent
Code: Magick41

Magickal pendent with stone, consecrated for the purpose of protection against physical harm and attacks of all sorts. Also promotes business affairs.
Sima Samboa Tiger Familiar   See Article
Code: Magick42

Acquire a tiger familiar! May be commanded to do certain things. The spirit will follow you wherever you go, acting as your bodyguard. The familiar increases charisma. Protects one from psychic attack, negative spirits and wild animals. May be programmed to guard one's home or office as a spirit gargoyle! Heals ailments! Stock limited!
Godog Gadang
Code: Magick43

The Godag Gadang power increases the magnitude of one's penis to whatever size you desire through magickal and physical methods! (Obviously for men only).
Pahit Lidah
Code: Magick44

Acquire the power called Sabda Siddhi by the Hindu Yogis--whatever you say comes true! Dangerous in the wrong hands. Be careful not to misuse the power. Dare to increase the power by licking a red-hot iron. This is not a talisman or an empowerment but solely a secret instruction item!
Asmaul Adhom Belt
Code: Magick50

This belt was fashioned from a talismanic cloth. It provides invulnerability to weapons; also worn for successful commerce; the power protects the User from negative entities, especially in the back of the woods and in one's sleep.
Power Leather Bracelet
Code: Magick52

Worn for power punch; builds-up courage, patience, and fortitude; magically weakens aggressors; general protection; invulnerability; confounds the sight of attackers; especially useful to those involved in martial-arts.
Benteng Jagad Power
Code: Magick53

The Benteng Jagad Power builds an invisible fortress around the home. Place the talismans at the corners of your home to protect it from disturbances, intruders, thieves, robbers, and even evil spirit entities.
Penglarisan Power
Code: Magick54

Place this talisman above the door to your store and shop and watch your sales soar! Receive financial blessings from Heaven now!
Fishing Talismanic Power
Code: Magick55

The power in this talisman helps to attract fishes--worn for successful fishing trips--catch the big one! Catch a load of fishes in the shortest time. No longer do you need to "mark" the spot.
Employment Talismanic Power
Code: Magick56

This talisman helps one to acquire a job by instilling the right mind-frame; also helps one to win over business competitors, win tenders, promotes career, builds-up charisma and attractiveness, etc.
Mani Pendent
Code: Magick57

This pendent is to be worn to ward-off negative spirits from one's person.  It is especially suitable for children who display constant crankiness. If you have a child that fears the dark, the bogeyman, and seems to see something that you do not and wish to get rid of the haunting entities then just tie the talisman around the child's neck.
Sunan Ampel Mini Spear-Head
Code: Magick58

Carried for general protection against mishaps; helps to promote one's career and acquire sympathy and affection from others; attracts luck. Also worn for longevity and mental stability.
Sunan Bonang Talisman
Code: Magick59

Brings blessings in trade, business, farming; it banishes negative spirits that disturbs one's home, office, factory, plantation, etc. Prevents children from being unmanageable-helps to lead them to positive ways of life.
Lembu Sekilan Power Stone
Code: Magick61

The famous Lembu Sekilan power now channeled into a stone! With this power, physical blows, and the thrusts and stabs of sharp weapons wielded by aggressors will always miss their target; the stone is also worn for protection against accidents and outnumbered fights.
Bandung Bondowoso Power Stone
Code: Magick62

The legendary Bandung Bondowoso was famous for his physical strength and power punch. This power stone, named after him, adds to the force and weight of one's punches; attacking aggressors are magickally deflected; the power in the stone also gives one the power to punch someone from a distance--one just has to go through the motions and shout the word "Jibril" each time.
Celak Pengasihan
Code: Magick63

Substance for the eye-lids, for attracting the opposite sex; also builds-up charisma; suitable for public figures or preachers.
Silencer Keris (Sukmono Bungkem Mini Keris)
Code: Magick64

Mini athame, small and practical. Silences enemies or opponents in debates and conflicts; wards-off thieves; increases charisma; also worn for additional mental and physical strength. Causes opponents to fear.
Sunan Kalijaga Talisman
Code: Magick65

Helps to collect debts; for successful trading; protection against hold-ups, psychic attack, tyrants, wild animals; invulnerability to attacks; prevents miscarriages.
Rajawali Paku Bumi Tasbih
Code: Magick66

This empowered rosary is intended for the protection of one's boss and associates; it causes fire and riots to subside; it also protects one's business. This item has many virtues for improving and protecting one's business and the running of an office or work place.
Sunan Gresik Talismanic Stone
Code: Magick67

Worn for a successful outcome in one's plans; attracts luck; wards off psychic attack and banishes evils spirits.
Payung Mustika Keris
Code: Magick68

Indonesian magickal athame used for protecting one's home, shop, building, warehouse, etc., from all disturbances and natural disasters. Many other virtues.
Kalimosodo Talismanic Ring
Code: Magick70

This ring may be worn for longevity, health and luck; for attracting a soul-mate; peace; happiness. This is the consecrated version of "Rings06" in the Jewelry section.
Sunan Giri Badar Besi
Code: Magick71

If it pleases God, this amulet imay be used for banishing-off evil spirits; also used to attract a lover and for assured success in one's undertaking. Many other virtues. This is an interesting looking talismanic object.
Petuk Bamboo Amulet
Code: Magick72

Amulet worn for successful business and sales. Also for attracting an ideal soul-mate; harmony in the home; success in endeavors, etc.
Azamah Aslimi Belt
Code: Magick73

One of the strangest power belts in our collection. If it pleases God, this belt when worn, will leave an illusory replica of one's physical image, in one's home. Used for various purposes. The wearer will always appear radiant and attractive; increases one's charisma; promotes business; confounds enemies; peace at work.
Jalbul Arzaq Belt
Code: Magick74

Specially-empowered belt for calling forth luck. Promotes business; increases sales; especially appropriate for salespersons, mediators, traders, etc.
Ilmu Hikmah Power Belt Level II
Code: Magick75

Virtues of this Power Belt: for attracting luck; sympathy; charisma; "Distant-Punch"-hit someone without actually touching; invulnerability to blades and fire-arms, etc.
Ilmu Hikmah Power Talisman  Details
Code: Magick76

Similar to Ilmu Hikmah Power Belt (Magick46). Small and practical, the talisman may be carried in the pocket for convenience. Invulnerability during street fights (defensive purposes only); promotes business; protection against miscarriage; protection during travels, against wild animals, and malefactors; invisibility in the sight of mobs with evil intentions; promotes healing; charisma; helps tame wild animals; protection against mischievous spirits; easy labor for mothers-to-be; safe from tyranny; wards off psychic attack; causes attackers to be deflected by an invisible force; also used for acquiring sympathy from superiors; helps you to find a soul-mate.
Ilmu Hikmah Power Talisman Level II  Details
Code: Magick77

Same as Magick75, however, in a different form. Small and easy to carry in the pocket. Virtues: for attracting luck; sympathy; charisma; "Distant-Punch"--hit someone without actually touching; invulnerability to blades and fire-arms, etc.
Money Power Leather Wallet
Code: Magick78

This empowered and consecrated magick wallet facilitates the effects of good karma in the form of "luck." It promotes business; helps wearer to be respected and honored by others; also helps to pay off debts quickly.
Lembu Sekilan Power Talisman
Code: Magick84

The Lembu Sekilan has a strange power: strikes from sharp weapons wielded by aggressors will always miss their target. They will miss the physical body by inches. The Lembu Sekilan will also induce courage in the User. It will likewise neutralize negative places or ward-off psychic attacks, returning them to their source of origin.
Kanuragan Temeng Wojo Power Talisman
Code: Magick85

The power of this talisman forms an invisible shield around the physical form. It gives invulnerability against strikes, punches and blows from the aggressor's hand, and the blades of sharp weapons. With the cosmic power within the talisman, the User will also acquire the "Power Punch" and the "Power Voice." A simple shout will leave aggressors shaking with fear. User's physical blows will acquire extra force. When outnumbered, the User will always escape safely. The talisman also protects the User against psychic attacks in all forms.
Brojomusti Power Talisman
Code: Magick86

Acquire a power punch with the occult influence of this talisman. Strikes and blows cause opponents to fall unconsciously. The Brojomusti talisman also builds up the "Power Voice." A single shout is sufficient to cause the opponent to shirk in fear. User will gain a very authoritative mien. Talisman forms invulnerability in the User against punches and sharp weapons. User acquires courage to face negative spirits. Wild animals will respect User.
Bondowoso Power Talisman
Code: Magick87

This talisman magically induces a powerful energy in the physical body. It strengthens the muscles, establishes courage and raises the optimism level of the User. Appropriate for athletes or anyone who requires a morale boost.
Asma'ul Adhom Kubro Power
Code: Magick88

The amazing magickal power of the ancients within your grasp! The Asma'ul Adhom Kubro power, if it pleases God, possesses the following mind-boggling virtues: general protection against harm; assists in bringing about beneficial changes in the user's life; financial success; attracts luck; evokes blessings; helps unfold a powerful authoritative bearing; invisibility; personal magnetism of a high degree; helps to acquire assistance from the invisible planes; invulnerability; overcome problems with ease; helps to manifest desires; protection against mischievous spirits; wards-off all forms of psychic attack; and even more virtues--there is not much space here to mention them all! Magickal object is small, and easy to carry. Practical and convenient!
Al-Hikmah Power Rosary
Code: Magick89

Fashioned from sacred woods such as Stigi and Galih Asem, etc, this rosary is especially made by experts in "al-hikmah" or Islamic occultism with undisputed spiritual powers acquired from the Cosmos through time-consuming rituals and disciplines. The magnetized rosary provides the User with the following virtues: invulnerability; personal protection (general); protection against fire, robberies, oppression, and slander; builds-up attractiveness; charisma; instills fear in the hearts of those with evil intent; healing; wards-off all kinds of psychic attack and negative spirits; establishes harmony in the home; may be used as a counter for one's zikir or chanting discipline; unfolds clairvoyance; attackers are magically thrown off-balance.
Chahaya Mustika Oil
Code: Magick90

Especially made, this magickal oil possesses amazing attractive powers. The opposite sex would be dynamically attracted to the User. The oil helps to build up charisma. Useful for speakers, those involved in PR work, celebrities, etc. The energies of anger and conflicts are discharged with the effluence of the oil. Good for attracting, building, and promoting business relations. Establish harmony in the home by constant use.
Srikandi Gandrung Chakra Oil
Code: Magick94

This occult oil is a compound of three different types of oil originating from Baghdad. It is magically prepared and consecrated by an expert in occultism. The oil awakens a high degree of charisma and attractiveness. Harmonize family and social relationships. Improve your business affairs!
Inner Strength Power Activator
Code: Magick98

The power consists a Brojo Sewu -power empowered item. You will instantly acquire inner strength without having to do any strenuous work-out, fasting, rituals, etc. No side-effects or risks involved. Does not conflict with other powers. Virtues: Protection against metaphysical and physical forces; invulnerability against fire arms, sharp weapons, poison; wards off black magic, hexes, psychic attacks; if bound and chained, User may easily break free; power punch; distant punch; attackers are overpowered by an invisible force; power voice weakens aggressors; exorcism; love-fascination; attracts luck; increases psychic sensitivity; helps to detect magickal forces; physical/sexual potency; healing water; helps transfer invulnerability to others; improves business; protects personal property; youth; rain remover; those with evil intention against the User becomes paralyzed, dumb or deaf; builds up courage.
Sosro Bhirowo Power
Code: Magick99

Magickal talisman--virtues among others: protection against all physical threats, witchcraft, black magic; invulnerability to fire arms, sharp weapons; charisma; love-facination; power punch; magickal punch; builds an invisible fortress around one's home; improves business; immobilizes enemies.
Hizib Asma' Nashor Magickal Power  Details
Code: Magick101

Contains 8 essential powers:
Asma' Hizib Khodimul Ghoib
Asma' Mahabbahy Syirry
Asma' Hizib Bahr
Asma' Karomah Al'akasah
Asma' Miftahul Arzaq
Asma' Hizib Nawawi
Asma' Nashr Kubro
Asma' Hizib Kubro
Programmable familiar spirit! For all sorts of purposes! Simple rituals to solve the varied problems of life. For those over 18.
Ragajati Magickal Power
Code: Magick102

Possesses seven essential powers. For general protection; power-punch; invulnerability to sharp weapons; the power may be transferred to an object or a person no matter where the person may be; the power may be invoked even from a distance!
Pikat Sukma Magickal Power
Code: Magick103

There are nine spirit familiars associated with this talisman. Use it to attract the opposite sex or one's soul-mate. Do not abuse this power. Not for frivolous use! For those who are 21 years or older.
Pelarisan Magickal Power
Code: Magick104

There are three spirit familiars experts in their field that are associated with this talisman. The purpose of this power is to boost or promote one's business. Suitable for placing in shops, offices, etc. Within 7 days you will see the difference.
Sedulur Papat Magickal Power
Code: Magick105

In Javanese metaphysics, man has 4 spirit brothers called "Sedulur Papat." This magickal power invokes their charismatic force. The User will acquire a powerful overwhelming presence. People would acquiesce to the User's request. The User will instantly feel the energy of the Sedulur Papat. The power may be transferred to an object or to another person-even at a distance.
Hadiran Magickal Power
Code: Magick106

The Hadiran Magickal Power invokes a spirit familiar expert in the field of martial-arts. When the energy of this spirit blends with the User's body, the User would automatically possess defensive capability without any difficult training.
Penembusan Magickal Power
Code: Magick107

Penetrate the spirit realms with the Penembusan Magickal Power. Helps develop clairvoyance. See the hidden forces associated with occult objects and power spots. Easy, fast, and safe.
Susuk Loloh
Code: Magick116

When this empowered item is consumed you will acquire a powerful auric radiance. You will look beautiful and attractive. Be loved by the opposite sex! You will become youthful--wrinkles will disappear. You will also become invulnerable to sharp weapons. Effects are permanent! This item is a different version, but more powerful, of a similar previous product no longer available! Please ask for the price. 3 packets are recommended by the producer.
Money Attractor Khodam
Code: Magick127
Just carry this talisman or place it in a safe place in your home or shop and you will always find yourself financially secure and acquiring a greater amount of sales and improved prosperity. The form of this item may differ from stock to stock.
Sinyong-Nyong Love Oil  See Article
Code: Magick129
One of the most famous and rare love oils of the Indonesian occult community. Not easily acquired. Quite costly. Comes in a vial of approx. 2-3cc.
Aura Srikandhi
Code: Magick134

This power creates a powerful radiance from your face that attracts and enchants men. They will find it hard to forget you. The power also provides one's husband with a reason not to seek pleasures elsewhere.
For women only!
Pagar Loreng   See Article
Code: Magick135

This magical item will occultly protect your home from psychic and physical intrusion--from robbers, thieves, negative entities, etc. The magickal power builds up an invisible fortress. Those invading your home will see a tiger spirit stalking the grounds.
Sedulur Papat
Code: Magick136

Made from special materials, this power will open-up your six-sense and help you meet with your twin brothers or "Sedulur Papat." Acquire inner strength and invulnerability; power shout; psychic protection; luck; healing; charisma; etc. Fasting and lengthy recitation of prayers unnecessary. For followers of all all religions.
Pagar Geni   See Article
Code: Magick137

Protect your home, office, etc., from theft. Intruders will hallucinate and see flames all over the premises! This will scare the living daylights out of them!
Elemental Trap
Code: Magick138

Capture thieving elementals with this magickal trap. Thieving elementals include Tuyul, buto ijo, babi ngepet, eleves, leprechauns, etc. They may be seen and communicated with!
Aji Saefi Brajamusti Power
Code: Magick149

Increase the force of your punches and strikes with this power!
Mustika Kayu Merah Delima
Code: Magick154

Talisman made from the wood of a rare tree--worn for invulnerability against all sharp weapons, fire-arms, and psychic attack. It has other virtues that one may harness as well. When steeped in water causes it to turn red--water may be drunk for its healing virtues.
Batu Kayu Merah Delima
Code: Magick159

Similar to Mustika Merah Delima (magick154) but with increased/additional powers due to an intense consecration process. No fasting or difficult rituals on the part of the user! Among its virtues : Invulnerability against all sharp weapons and fire-arms; power punch; anti-black magick; anti-hypnotism; psychic protection; magickal body-guard; attracts luck and blessings; influence the mind of others; psychic detection; cause eggs to turn to stone; change the taste of cigarettes; fills objects with power; increase psychic sensitivity; maintain youth--regeneration; improves appearances; charismatic powers; make the "powder of youth"; transfer illnesses to eggs; heal ailments; psychic cleansing; attraction; improves intuitive powers; indwelling familiar spirit--communicate with it; remove bad-luck; peace of mind; etc.
Waja Tolak Mandul Talisman
Code: Magick160

For those who are barren and infertile, this talisman will help increase the odds of having children--perhaps within 3 months. Children would be born beautiful and strong.
Jaga Totok Kerot Talisman
Code: Magick161

This excellent magickal item, basically, provides psychic protection for one's home, office, car, etc. , against thieves, intruders, and mischievous individuals with criminal tendencies. With this magickal item in place your worldly possessions are safe and you may cease to worry and sleep in peace.
Balung Sugih Talisman
Code: Magick162

This talisman helps to neutralize the negative energies surrounding oneself that results in bad-luck, ill-health, hardship, fruitless efforts, etc. With the power of this talisman, your hardship, bad-luck, and negative energies would be neutralized and change for the better-luck will come your way uninterruptedly.
Pupur Ken Dedes
Code: Magick163

Transform your ordinary face into a beauty queen! Powder contains powerful energies. Suitable for women in show-biz or for any woman who would want to attract men. The powder is made from rare ingredients and the formula has been kept secret since the time of the Majapahit kingdom--additionally, it has been empowered with high-vibrational metaphysical energies. The power of the Ken Dedes powder gives your face a magickal, attractive radiance. You will look youthful and refreshing--and stunning to men. People would be sympathetic to you.
Nur Qudrat Semesta  Details
Code: Magick165
Just carry the talismanic object and you will attract riches and prosperity; improve business, trade, commerce; talisman originally developed by the walis (Saints).
Gembong Wulung
Code: Magick166

Develop charm and an authoritative mien; just one look at the User and foes/aggressors would back-down; there is a talismanic capsule to be swallowed--with the power you will automatically acquire a tiger-familiar to act as body-guard. The power helps you make friends among the jinns. Rare power.
Sajadah Makrifat
Code: Magick167

Magick carpet for prayers, meditation, and angelic invocation. Consecrated power develops the chakras, and unfolds psychic powers; etc.
Getah Banyu Urip
Code: Magick168

The magick potion when drunk develops invulnerability against sharp weapons, black magick; develops a youthful appearance; charm; physical health; sexual prowess; anti-hypnotism; six-sense, etc. 7 phials recommended by the producer. Approx. 2cc/phial.
Getah Kesambi
Code: Magick169

For protection against black-magick, psychic attacks; power voice; familiar bodyguard; malicious psychic implants are automatically removed. This is another potion--a more advanced version of Getah Banyu Urip or Magick168. It makes one invulnerable to bullets. 7 phials recommended by the producer. Approx. 2cc/phial.
Tasbih Khodam
Code: Magick170

Power similar to Sajadah Makrifat (magick167) but in the form of a rosary--for prayers, meditation, and angelic invocation. Consecrated power develops the chakras, and unfolds psychic powers; etc.
Sokhibul Ghoib Talisman
Code: Magick172

Magickal power to see and communicate with spirit beings; increase psychic sensitivity, evocation; astral projection; precognition, and to see the past; etc.
Ajian Candolokano
Code: Magick173

Magickal power helps you to see a thief in a vessel of water, piece of paper, or thumbnail.
Ajian Penyedoting Bondo Bandu
Code: Magick174

This item provides a magickal power to retrieve or acquire treasure, gold, money, antiques, or relics through occult or ordinary means. Either the secret mantra of King Solomon (Nabi Sulaiman) or the Queen of Sheba (Ratu Bulqis) may be used according to need. The package contains empowered oil to increase psychic energy level and mystical force!
Pengasihan Permata Roh Tunggal
Code: Magick184

The power of this magickal item prevents one's spouse from having affairs with others. It may be used to handle difficult children; it helps cause difficult partners to realize their errors in the relationship.
Magickal Fishing Power
Code: Magick190

With this item you would be able to call fishes to your fishing spot! Use this for your next fishing contest! Appropriate for fishermen and those that enjoy the sport.
Similar in purpose to item Magick55.
Fertility Power
Code: Magick192

Item for those who are barren or infertile. Helps you to acquire children. Just place the item underneath your pillow or mattress before intercourse. To be done on certain days with a certain short prayer.
Mustika Jabal Syifa'
Code: Magick193

Syech Abdul Qodir Jaelani's amulet for healing chronic illnesses or cases given up by medical doctors.
Mustika Asihan, Perbawa, Tenaga Dalam
Code: Magick194

Contains the Hizib of Rohman Abdul Jabbar, the prince of inner strength. Especially consecrated for the distant punch, powers of attraction from the sun, healing, etc.
Stone of the Angelic Khodams
Code: Magick195

Consecrated for the duration of 999 days, this stone has the power of hundreds of angelic khodam for protection, healing, attraction, luck, etc. A very powerful and rare item.
Khodam may be commanded.
The Sapujagad Angel
Code: Magick196

A very rare occult power related to an angelic khodam heretofore kept secret by the walis or saints. Used in the martial arts, healing and other of life's problems. Power transferable to others. The angelic khodam king is unique and differ from the others.
With the transference of an angelic khodam king to you by the grace of Allah, may you be empowered to solve the various problems of life and be able to magickally develop marvelous martial-art abilities. With the empowerment you would acquire protection; martial-arts defensive powers; prosperity; charisma; attractiveness; personal magnetism; the ability to ward-ff negative energies, black magick, psychic attack; the ability to heal; the power to improve business. Magickally, you will be bestowed with rare and legendary occult powers formerly known only to the saints and the spiritual elders. The attainment of these powers were kept secret in the old days as it was believed to be the source of all angelic powers and knowledge and not to be abused for frivolous purposes.
Rajah Semar Kuncung  Details  
Code: Magick197

Talisman consecrated with 7 kejawen powers, 8 "hizib" and 60 special "Nadhom Jaljalat." Item for attracting wealth, invulnerability, magnetic personality, and ease in solving problems.
Magickal Banten Belt
Code: Magick199

This is a rare belt with extraordinary powers-it comes from the province of Banten, Java, Indonesia. The powers of this belt are palpable. Embedded within the belt is a powerful talisman. It gives charismatic powers to the user, including invulnerability against all sorts of weapons, punches, kicks, etc. It also protects one from a thousand catastrophes--figuratively speaking; protection is also provided against black magick, psychic attacks, negative entities, etc. The power of the belt helps you to attract luck; it advances your career, your punches will have more power. The belt comes with a khodamic spirit from koranic verses. The longer the belt is worn/used, the greater you and the khodamic spirit will attune to one another-the effects will be much stronger as a result. While using it and suddenly confronted with aggressors-strange things might occur that would fill you with wonder!
Selendang Rosul
Code: Magick203

This exquisite talismanic cloth is excellent for drivers, pilots, etc. It protects their vehicles and themselves against mishaps. Lots of other virtues for luck, protection, prosperity, charisma, taming animals, healing, etc.
Asma Wahid Kanuragan
Code: Magick204

Talisman for giving one an extra advantage in sports competitions and tournaments, such as martial-arts, and other hand-to-hand combat. It helps one attain victory.
Keris Sakti Klewer
Code: Magick205

Small talismanic keris for attracting the opposite sex. It mellows and warms the person with an aloof attitude.
Keris Klewer Urat Mas
Code: Magick206

This keris with golden veins has powerful attractive virtues--it has the power to prevent one's partner from being tempted by others, aside from other virtues dealing with the heart.
Syech Siti Jenar Magickal Pendent
Code: Magick207

This pendant has more than 15 virtues that would assist solving the problems in one's life.
Magickal Snake Talisman
Code: Magick208

Place this magickal mustika or talisman in your home for protection against evil entities of the human and non-humankind.
Magickal Queen Talisman
Code: Magick209
Place this magickal talisman at your dressing table. It would cause your husband or your lover to constantly be affectionate towards you. The object also empowers your aura.
Door Replica of the Ka'bah  
Code: Magick210

Small and unique, this talisman may be made into a pendent or carried in your bag or wallet. The door of the Ka'bah is believed to possess extraordinary magickal powers. This talisman has been consecrated to protect the user from sharp weapons, attract luck, and establish harmony in the home.
Men's Baduy Sarong
Code: Magick211M

This is a Unique sarong from the Baduy tribe of Banten, Indonesia. Rare and scarce. Consecrated and empowered by the Baduy chieftian and the elders for general blessings, power, prosperity, health, etc. Many local occult practitioners consider the Baduy tribe to be the most magickally powerful in the whole of Indonesia! Possessing an item of the Baduy tribe is indeed something to be treasured. The sarong also helps the practitioner in rites of evocation, invocation and conjurations as it raises the vibration of the body and activates the chakras. Users of the sarong have even found themselves developing clairvoyance! Stock is limited.
Women's Baduy Sarong
Code: Magick211W

Same as above but for women. This sarong is much longer. Outside of the Baduy community, the sarongs may actually be regarded as unisex.
Kleleng Oil
Code: Magick214

This oil has been empowered with energies that would help the User to attract the opposite sex. It enhances the quality and strength of the aura increasing the User's personal magnetism. This is an improvement of the Kleng-Kleng oil (magick125) which is no longer available.
Jawara Langit Pitu
Code: Magick215

The deadly magickal powers of the muslim Pendekar! Overcome the powers of your opponent--complete invulnerability; the powers of the "Hizib Tapak Langit prayer;" "Rawa Rontek Putih;" "Tenaga Dalam." Virtues Includes the power of attraction; clairvoyance; angelic healing; retrieval of hidden treasures and objects and more!
Ketabiban Prana Syurga
Code: Magick216

This essential hyper-metaphysical power turns you into a healer of alternative medicine. Heal major and minor health problems metaphysically! Rare occult power.
Karomah Ka'bah
Code: Magick217

This is a rare power used by the adepts for self-defence! Neutralize and overcome the powers of enemies/opponents/aggressors; invulnerability against all weapons, even arrows and grenades/bombs (range 10m)--and more powers!
Batu Wangsit Petitis
Code: Magick218

Just place this occult stone underneath your pillow and you will know in dreams or hear magickal whisperings of the thief and location of stolen or lost objects; the cure for illnesses; see clairvoyantly whatever you wish, etc.
Ajian Sapta Wasesa with Tasbih
Code: Magick219

Rare occult power from the saints and adepts! Recite mantric verses 3, 5, or more rounds of the tasbih/rosary to instantly acquire some of the powers. Helps to induce clairvoyance; meet the saints (spirit teachers) metaphysically and study under them; meet khodams, and visit their magickal realms; attraction; luck; etc.
Aji Panembahan Kusuma Jati
Code: Magick220
Amazing ancient powers for invulnerability (body emits sparks during attempted strikes of sharp weapons); attraction; making friends with khodams/spirits; amazing physical regeneration of wounds--even lethal wounds; lightness of body; clairvoyance, retrieving treasures/sacred objects; authoritative bearing of the lion; fire-punch; wind-punch; invisibility; physical-body duplication; shape-shifting; extracting the magickal powers of opponents; healing; the power of one's words to manifest; manifesting Javanese shamanistic powers, etc.
Nur Pamungkas Yusuf Mantis
Code: Magick221
Attraction and rare love power of Javanese magick; the crown of charisma; attract a soul-mate or companions; influence your superiors, personal magnetism, etc.
Kunci Wachid Ghoib Pribadi
Code: Magick222

The key to successful acquisition of magickal powers! If you have tried acquiring occult/magickal powers and failed, conduct first the ritual and transfer of power of this item.
Khowash Ghoib Marifatullah
Code: Magick223

The magickal powers of the ancient saints and adepts of Java! This magickal item confers divine Tenaga Dalam (Inner Strength) for various purposes: neutralize enemies; attraction; manifest martial-arts ability automatically; acquisition of knowledge through psychic means; transfer whatever powers to others; etc. This item is not available anywhere else!
Ijazah Ilmu Sastra Berdaya
Code: Magick224

The initiation of the hidden magickal secrets of the ancient occultists! Magickal purification of curses; instant genie-aid; invulnerability of the gods; charisma; personal magnetism; authoritative bearing; attractive-powers; clairvoyance; generating hypermetaphysical energy; love-philter; invulnerability; power-punch; implants (Ilmu Susuk); the pouch of Aladdin.
Gembolo Geni Whip
Code: Magick225

This is a unique whip made out of the wood of trees possessing magickal powers! Occultly empowered with "Khizib Barqi," "Khizib Akbar," "Khizib Khofi," "Khizib Al-Jabbar," "Khizib Jibril," "Ayat Kursi," and other prayers totalling up to 313! Virtues: general protection of mind, body, and soul; invulnerability; wards-off negative entities; invisibility; aggressors when hit by the whip causes them to burn, cough-up blood, or faint; attracts luck; healing,
Paku Kabegjan Joyo Jati
Code: Magick226
Talismanic nail for attracting luck and blessings from all points of the compass; for attracting clients/customers; for increasing prosperity; ward-off negative energies/bad vibes and malevolent entities. Just hammer the empowered nail somewhere at your place of business.
Ilmu Pusaka Cemeti Ammarosuli
Code: Magick227
The power of this talismanic capsule awakens your inner strength (Tenaga Dalam/Chi) equivalent to 4--6 years of training. Application of the powers includes invulnerability; invisibility; etheric twin; charisma; fiery-punch; distant-punch; gives you the power to psychically protect a certain place, etc.
Gemerlap Ratu Bayu
Code: Magick228
The power of this talismanic capsule when swallowed produces a youthful mien and countenance. You will exude charm and inner beauty. Onlookers will be amazed at your beauty and auric radiance. This item is for women only. Most suitable for celebrities, performers, hostesses, models, etc.
Wahyu Jayaningrat
Code: Magick229
A versatile power transmitted to you through a talismanic capsule! Induces clairvoyance; gives the ability to magickally retrieve treasures; helps you to neutralize the magickal power of your opponents. The power protects you on land, air and sea; buids-up invulnerability against sharp weapons and fiery arms. Also attract those whom you desire! Produce healing water; awaken and contact the spirit beings associated with you since your birth: your "Qareen," Holy Guardian Angel, your "sedulur papat" (4 spirit brothers) by just chanting 2 words.
Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati
Code: Magick230
The source of all magickal powers--the power of your Higher Being--the True Teacher! With this item you will learn how to tap the powers of your Higher Self and the psychic aspect of your being--a talismanic capsule awakens your ability to do so. Some virtues of the powers that will be made available to you : you will know things hidden; you will be assisted by spirit beings even without asking them for help; your words would be creative and manifest in physical reality; masters and saints would visit you in dreams and visions to teach you; healing powers would be yours to exercise. These are just a few of the many powers that you will come to possess.
The Great Magickal Recitation
Code: Magick232
This magickal item is basically a secret instruction of a great magickal recitation as handed down to us by the saints and adepts of Islamic occultism. It is greatly effective in bringing about results. It is greater than mantras and powers that solely rely on spirit-familiars, as this magickal method relies directly upon the divine aid of our Source. This Great Magickal Recitation holds the secret prayers for acquiring or attaining wealth, prosperity and fulfillment; also helps one to have children, have loans returned and cause those of tyrannical natures to repent; it even helps one to acquire a job, a lover, and to win tenders, etc.--anything at all.
The Magickal Power of Sunan Kalijaga
Code: Magick233
Sunan (Saint) Kalijaga was an Islamic saint and a Javanese occult adept with spiritual powers acquired from the metaphysical and shamanic practices that he did in retreats. He was deemed wise by his peers and the people around him. Not only was Sunan Kalijaga blessed with spiritual-gifts from God-he also attained various powers as a result of his practice of Kejawen or Javanese occultism/mysticism. This magickal item contains the high secret empowerment of Sunan Kalijaga as given to Syekh Jangkung (Saridin), and through the latter to many other selected students. The empowerment confers the "Ilmu Haq" and "Ilmu Jati Pinutur " of Sunan Kalijaga which includes invulnerability to fire, sharp weapons, poison, grenade blasts (10m range); it also confers charisma and an authoritative bearing; other powers include healing, the fulfillment of prayers, invisibility, lightness of body, retrieval of buried treasures and sacred objects, etc. This magickal item also contains the Ilmu Pantulan power of Sunan Kalijaga that helps a person to attain enlightenment, to intuitively acquire hidden knowledge, to become psychically sensitive and eventually become a spiritually wise individual. You will have the power and the knowledge to solve the 1001 problems of life.
Minyak Air Mata Duyung
Code: Magick234
A vial of the tears of the Dugong used in magickal spells of attraction--about 2cc/vial. Contains pheromone--an essential ingredient in sexual arousal. May be used as it is or mixed with other aromatic love-oils. For more information please refer to the article: Magickal Oils. Only a few bottles available--this item is not easy to acquire.
Al-Karomah Oil   Details
Code: Magick235
Magickal oil empowered for protection; prosperity; domestic harmony; healing (coughs, skin-diseases, fevers, poisons, stings, asthma, abdominal pains, etc); easy child-labor; helps to remove pests; exorcism; increase the catch during fishing, etc.
Bidadari Halwat Talisman
Code: Magick236

Especially empowered for women! The magickal power of this talisman makes the User appear young and attractive, and acquire self-confidence; it imbues the User with positive energies thus increasing personal magnetism; as a result of the metaphysical power within the talisman, the User's husband would not commit infidelity and domestic harmony would be established
. The talisman functions automatically. All that is needed is to carry it with you in your pocket, purse, etc.
Kamasutra Talisman
Code: Magick237

This talisman is empowered for sexual potency; for the prevention of premature-ejaculation; helps the User to reach orgasm. Just tie it around the arm or waist.
Aji Singo Kamanungsan
Code: Magick238

This item consist of a talisman and some empowered ball-bearings (or some other item) to be swallowed. The power of this item imbues the User with high charisma, personal magnetism, and an authoritative bearing like a lion king. The power helps the User to be respected by friend and foe. Enemies, opponents, and those that envy or dislike the User would tremble in his/her presence. Power works automatically--no long mantras/prayers to recite.
Rogo Sukmo
Code: Magick244

This item (a talismanic head-band and its methodology) assists and trains one to astral project--to travel in spirit. It is similar to an item formerly offered but was discontinued--this item comes from a different adept-producer. No fasting required. This item is semi-charged with power. An initial 7-day ritual of simple chanting is required to fully empower this talismanic head-band, after which the item may be used any time required.
Tarik Sukmo
Code: Magick245

This empowerment  item of the Javanese Shamanistic Tradition helps the User to acquire mediumistic powers. It requires no fasting or long rituals. After the initiation and some training you will have the power to invoke or conjure spirits/khodams/entities or the spirits of living human beings to communicate, influence or do some healing upon them. This item is not to be misused or abused as it could result in negative consequences.
Clairvoyance Training-Ritual
Code: Magick246
Those having trouble unfolding the clairvoyant-faculty may practice this safe and sure method. As a result of the training, one's psychic powers would improve and one would find it easy to see, contact, and communicate with the beings of the higher dimensions as well as detecting the energy in an object or site. The higher worlds would unveil for one's investigation and exploration. The kit contains a bottle of empowered oil to be applied to the eyelids/eyebrows. This training-ritual begins with a 11-day preparation in which certain short prayers are recited for 11x each. After the 11-days, a period of a mandatory 41-day practice/training (consisting of intensive chanting of simple prayers) is required; this is followed by a 3-day fasting.
Badui Banten Keris
Code: Magick247    

These kerises are heirlooms of the 3 current chieftians ("poohoon") of the Baduis that have been passed down for several generations--these were once owned by the Chieftians "Pana Nagarudin (Pun-ah Na-ga-roo-deen)" and "Panca warna (Pun-cha wahr-nah)."

These kerises are possessed with the virtues of protection and blessing--protection against negative forces in whatever form. The energies within them, as psychically detected, are amazingly powerful. The khodamic-spirits of these kerises are representatives of the 2 chieftians and were once their "bodyguards." We have several of these kerises in stock each of which have the same power.

The warangka and hulu or scabbard and hilt, are contemporary, but the blades are old. They are new acquisitions and were given-out by special dispensation--in the special month of Maulud (Islamic calendar).

Family heirlooms of the Poohoons are hardly ever given to anyone not of their community--especially to foreigners. Thus, it is a rare privilege and opportunity to possess these magickal blades or weapons.

These blades have either 11 or 13 luks (curves on the blades). All of these kerises are able to stand on the tip of its blade (on a rough surface).

Psychic-Perception Empowerment
Code: Magick248
Metaphysical empowerment for acquiring psychic-perception. Penetrate the invisible realms; detect thieves and lost objects; perceive spirits, jinns, elementals, goblins, spooks, ghosts, etc--even those associated with certain objects. Talisman to be carried and tiny, empowered items to be swallowed for power-transference.
Khodamic Money Talisman
Code: Magick249
Magickal talismanic item that helps the user to prosper, attract luck, improve finances and business, acquire lots of clients/customers, increase sales, etc. You just need to memorize one short mantric prayer to conjure the khodamic-spirit to assist you. The talisman is to be carried in one's pocket, purse, or stored safely in any appropriate place.
Haekal Tujuh Oil
Code: Magick253
This is a magickal money oil for promoting businesses and improving financial affairs. It also helps the user to achieve and to attaint that which is desired and to quickly advance his/her career or acquire promotion in rank. The divine power bestowed upon the oil, if it pleases God, protects the user from the attacks of human, animal and spirit agencies. It helps to ensure save traveling by land, sea, or air.
Batu Badar Besi
Code: Magick255
This magickal stone is especially useful to soldiers and martial artists. It protects the fighter in battle, in competition, in ambushes and attacks of aggressors. The user would be protected against sharp weapons, fire-arms and even mortar. The power of the stone even protects the user while journeying through jungles/forests--he or she would be safe from wild beasts. The magickal power also helps build self-confidence and bravery.
Tenaga Dalam Hizib Nashor
Code: Magick265
Empowerment item (something to consume) for physical protection against aggressors, accidents, psychic attack, black magick, etc.; power-punch; prosperity; fulfillment of goals, etc. Most of the powers function automatically.
Tenaga Dalam Senggoro Macan
Code: Magick266
Empowerment item (something to consume) for
physical protection against aggressors, accidents, psychic attack, black magick, etc.; a strong will; courage; power-shout; authoritative bearing; power of influence; Tenaga Dalam Senggoro Macan practice; invoking the Tenaga Dalam Senggor Macan self-defence power. There are no observances and restrictions.
Tenaga Dalam Ladhuni Ghaib
Code: Magick267
The Tenaga Dalam Ladhuni Ghaib is an empowerment item (something to consume) for a powerful aura/presence; psychic sensitivity; communicative ability with spirits; ESP, etc. A method for spirit/khodam contact is included.
Attraction and Beauty Empowerment
Code: Magick268
This empowerment item is for acquiring beauty; good-appearance; attractiveness; the power to acquire sympathy; business prosperity; helps to acquire a soul-mate; youth, etc. May be used by anyone regardless of sex, age, race, religion, etc. There are no side-effects.
Invulnerability Empowerment
Code: Magick269

Empowerment item for physical protection; invulnerability against sharp weapons; an authoritative bearing; courage; self-reliance; protection against black magick, psychic attack, etc.

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