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About Us

After operating and maintaining this site since 2001, many of our visitors and customers have inquired about the people behind Indotalisman and have requested that we say something of ourselves. We have often considered the appropriateness of this as we do not want Indotalisman to degrade into a simple personal homepage with the whole barnyard family appearing on the pages. On the other hand, we do realize that some pertinent info does give assurance to our customers and help to build trust. But then again, presenting petty details of one's personality could diminish the importance of the message and purpose of the site by diverting attention to the personality. We prefer to bury our individuality in the shadows rather than have it in the limelight.

Considering the request as a whole, however, we have decided to compromise and say just a weeny bit of ourselves (described in the third person) and Indotalisman :

The person mainly responsible for Indotalisman goes by the name of "Luxamore," whose real name may be found in certain pages of this site. He wears an Eurasian body (of short and slight built) that saw the light of this world in '63. His interest in the occult began as a child and teenager when he had numerous psychic experiences which made him inquire as to the nature of reality. Serious study of the occult, mysticism and metaphysics began at age 18. Throughout the years he studied the teachings of various esoteric, magickal, and mystical schools and colleges; as well as devouring hundreds of books on the subject. From one college he acquired a Master's degree on the "Sacred Science" in the field of esotericism; from another a doctorate on Metaphysics.

He now focuses full-time running this on-line store.

Copyright © 2003 Luxamore


We thank you for the purchases of the items made from our website as the proceeds from these help us to maintain and to continually update it with new informative articles.

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