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Our Talismans and Amulets page :
The magickal talismans and amulets on this page may be empowered using the techniques and prayers as found in our articles and ebooks. If you are interested in ready-made empowered items and occult powers, go to the Magickal Items section.

Sudarno's Selendang Talisman

Same as above but with a different design. Beautiful talismanic cloth worn around or over the shoulders. For protection during rituals of evocation; power; charisma; personal magnetism, etc.
Bulu Perindu Dayak Asli   (See Article)
Code: Talismans33
One of the wierdest thing in our collection. The grass moves when placed on the palm of your hand; or soak it in water for just a few seconds and place it somewhere to see it wriggle. The Dayaks of Kalimantan (Borneo) use these grass as an ingredient for their love oils. Just steep them in your favourite perfume to fortify it with attractive powers. Comes in pairs. Instructions and mantra included.

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