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Debus--Pagelaran Seni
Code: audvid01

Debus--the practice of mayhem! One of the cultural practices among the martial artists of Banten, Indonesia
--as handed down to the modern practitioners by the pendekars or master martial-artists of yore. See invulnerability in action! Witness amazing feats! Though some of these attractions we suspect are done through trickery, the show itself represents selected powers of what a few practitioners may truly possess. This show is not for the faint-hearted! Original VCD.

Cost: US$45 includes shipping.

Degung Perkawinan
Code: audvid02

Sundanese instrumental music often played during local weddings. Delightful and relaxing. May be used in conjunction with magickal ritual work or meditation. Contains 10 tracks: Bulan Dagoan, Mojang Priangan, Es Lilin, Kedah Kasaha, etc. Original CD.

Cost: US$50 includes shipping.

Kacapi Suling
Code: audvid03

Sundanese instrumental music. Wonderful flute playing--puts one in a trance! Suitable for relaxation, meditation and magickal ritual work. Contains 10 tracks: Cinta, Kalangkang, Sorban Palid, Aduh Manis, Bajing Luncat, etc. Original CD.

Cost: US$50 includes shipping.

Code: audvid04

Sundanese instrumental music especially composed for Pencak Silat dancing. Contains 10 tracks: Tepak Tilu, Tepak Dua, Tepak Rincik, Pareredan, etc. Original CD.

Cost: US$50 includes shipping.

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