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Empowered & consecrated magickal talismans and amulets; occult-powers; self-empowerment ritual-items.
These come with specific instructions!

Kalacakra Talisman
Code Magick270

Magickal talisman of Javanese occultism, suitable for hanging/framing : for the protection of one's home against black magick, psychic attack, negative spirits; thieves; intruders. Helps the user to appear charismatic with an authoritative bearing. Just display this object in your guest room or anywhere in your home. Approx. 19.5 cm in diameter. Made of brass/copper.
Tenaga Dalam Rajek Wesi
Code: Magick271
Empowerment item (something to consume) for physical protection against sharp blades, black magick, psychic attacks; courage, strength, and an authoritative bearing; protection against fire and the slander of enemies; power punch, strikes, and kicks; helps lock the movements of opponents and drains their energy; helps one to easily break objects with karate chops; power helps to strengthen the immune system.
Tenaga Dalam Pagar Segoro
Code: Magick272
With 9 special khodams (powers), this item
helps to protect one's home, office, store, warehouse, etc. The powers also protects one from mob attacks. Simple initiation-ritual--there is something to consume and chanting for 10 minutes. When you need to use the power simply recite the mantra and stomp on the ground to be protected.
Super Tenaga Dalam
Code: Magick273
ment item for a shield of protection against all sorts of attacks--black magick, fire and slander; invulnerability against sharp blades; stamina; immobilize aggressors; opponents would falter and weaken without even having to touch them; confers an authoritative bearing, etc.
Chinta Kasih Love-Oil
Code: Magick274
Empowered love-oil from Kalimantan--formulated by the native Dayaks who are famous for their occult love-spells, oils and potions. Anoint yourself with this oil to magickally attract the opposite sex or someone special. Contains natural products of high pheromone content. An aromatic oil has been added to the neutral-scent power-base oil for fragrance. Only a few in stock.
Buluh Perindu Love Oil
Code: Magick275

This is the genuine Buluh Perindu oil-extract processed by Kalimantan (Borneo) natives--this is not a simple tincture of the grass as one of the other products that we carry (Oils10). This item is rare and costly. Anoint yourself with this oil to magickally attract the opposite sex or someone special. High pheromone content. Contents approximately 1cc/vial--add your favorite aromatic oil to it. Only a few in stock. Contents may contain residue and a base-oil of the extraction-process.
Minyak Bintang--Star Oil
Code: Magick276

The Star Oil is one of the most famous legendary oils of the Dayaks of Kalimantan. Its powers of regeneration/resurrection may be read here. We offer this oil here not for its legendary powers of physical immortality but as a healer for serious wounds, cuts, etc.--and as a curio. It is made and formulated with natural products and empowered by a secret magickal process by Dayak shamans. The Minyak Bintang healing prayer is provided in its instruction-paper. This is a rare and costly oil--difficult to acquire.
Only a few in stock.
Mt. Kawi Dewa Daru Wealth Power
Code: Magick277

This magickal item comes straight from the famed sacred site and power spot in East Java--"Gunung Kawi" or "Mt. Kawi." This is the site that devotees congregate on auspicious days to receive magickal power and monetary/prosperity blessings from Heaven through the agency of the angelic presences in the area. This magickal item, among its contents, is a seed (considered as a power- and sacred-object) from the sacred Dewa Daru tree (Equina Uniflora) in front of the gravesites of the eminent 19th century personages buried there--Eyang Djoego, alias Taw Low She and Eyang RM or Iman Soedjono, alias Djie Low She. Many would sit beneath the Dewa Daru tree for hours hoping for the leaves and the fruits to fall on their heads/body so as to acquire blessings--these fallen objects are very carefully preserved for their talismanic value. Now you may receive the Mt. Kawi monetary/prosperity blessing no matter where you reside in the world. Not only is this magickal item an empowerment--the rare Dewa Daru (Shian Tho) seed of this site is also a powerful charm that attracts benevolent forces and intelligences to help the user prosper financially--results may be seen within 90 days or less! Also within the package is a bottle of water taken from the holy springs of Mt. Kawi--this holy water as well as the sacred seed have been ritualistically empowered for added power! The initiation-ritual of this magical item is so simple a child could do it (additional prayers are provided for muslims)--all may benefit from this item regardless of religion, creed, sex, etc. Because of the scarcity of the Dewa Daru fruit (thus, the seed), stock of this magickal item is limited.
This item has been upgraded and is now extra powerful!
Jamus Ruwatan Sengkolo
Code: Magick278

If you feel yourself cursed with heavy, dense, negative electromagnetic energies and forces about you, this self-empowerment item will help you neutralize them. If you find yourself always facing failure in any endeavour, if you find that things always go wrong that it seems almost supernatural, it may be an indication that you have what Javanese call "sengkolo" or cursed (negative) energies. You may neutralize the energies now with the help of this magickal item. Just swallow an empowered talismanic capsule in a simple chanting-ritual.
Susuk Bumi Rahayu
Code: Magick279

This small empowered object when buried in an area (house, garden, field, land, etc) would cause the aura of the site to be blessed. It brings about the following effects all negative spirits in the area would be weakened, neutralized or flee--even the most negative jinn of high status would fear intrusion into the area; the power of the magickal object builds-up a protective holy, divine light aura so that any form of psychic attack and black magick would not penetrate through--even negative black magick implants in the area would be neutralized; all negative energies/radiations from sources such as residual gravesites, noxious gases, massacre sites, haunting energy-impressions of debased emotions--all are neutralized with the power of this item. With the magickal object installed, the people living in the area would prosper and have abundance--harmony and peace would occur as this magickal object emanates a strong, positive force.
Eyang Ushodo Jati Stone
Code: Magick280

Essential healing power! With the help of this empowered stone it would be possible to heal many psychical and physical ailments. The power of this talismanic stone comes from a transmission of a past historical metaphysical practitioner, "Eyang Ushodo Jati." The stone possesses 40 powerful khodam spirit-healers to assist practitioners of alternative medicine of all disciplines and levels--the amateur as well as the professional. With the power-stone practitioners of reflexology, accupressure, accupuncture, etc. would find the points that requires healing as guided by the spirit-intelligences of the stone. A daily spiritual prayer (chanting)-discipline is required to build and maintain the power. Stock is limited.
Arjuna Power
Code: Magick281

A wonderful self-empowerment item for acquiring the "ksatria" powers /virtues of Arjuna. Package contains empowered edible substance--this has to be mixed with rose water and then consumed. There are no restrictions and anyone may use this item regardless of race, creed, religion, etc.--this item is more suitable for men though. The virtues of this item: the user would acquire attractive powers and charisma to a high degree; the user would overcome others easily in battles of will; people would respect and carry-out the desires of the user; the user would appear to be strong, handsome, and macho; the user would acquire physical and spiritual strength and have a healthy, strong defensive/immunity system; the user would automatically possess a magickal shield for protection against physical and psychic attacks--he would be safe from harm, accidents, and catastrophe--by the Grace of Allah; during competitions and work the user would acquire an unexpected boost in strength. As a result of the above powers, other blessings would follow in the natural course of events. The Arjuna Power requires a simple quranic verse to be chanted daily for maintenance and the building-up of the power.
Jeweled-Aura Power
Code: Magick282

This item helps to develop in the user a powerful auric presence--an amazingly strong and high-frequency magnetic-field. The presence of the user would cause others to have respect and acquire their sympathy. One's inner potentials, talents, and creativity would come forth easily with the power of this item. The powers of fascination would also unfold; as a result of the conferment of the power, the user's life would be filled with abundance, prosperity, love, happiness, success, etc. This is a self-empowerment item where ritual-showers and prayers are conducted.
Kujang/Keris Khodam Prabu Siliwangi
Code: Magick283

This empowered miniature "kujang" or "keris" (depending on stock) possesses various powers formulated by local sufic saints of past centuries and transmitted by them to specially chosen disciples. This charm based on Allah's greatness, has several interesting properties or virtues, among which is the ability to attune and acquire the magickal force/power of Prabu Siliwangi (historical king and pendekar/martial artist) or other famous pendekars such as Si Pitung. The user of this item would automatically have 22 spirit-tigers of the Pakuan kingdom and they would protect the user against psychic attacks, black magick, and those that wish to harm the user physically--even disturbing them in their sleep. One would develop charisma by carrying this kujang charm and be overshadowed by the angelic khodam of Prabu Siliwangi thus acquiring the power punch, invulnerability, pencak silat movements, etc. Many blessing would be conferred upon the user and divine attributes would develop within the one in constant physical contact with the charm. All of the virtues and spirit intelligence of this charm derive their power from the Word of the Divine One as written in the Holy Quran--this is a pure al-Hikmah item. Most powers function automatically.
Manggala Shakti Oil
Code: Magick284

One of the most amazing and multi-purpose oil--the Manggala Shakti. This rare and costly formulated oil-blend has been empowered through strenuous rituals and disciplines. Its virtues: when ingested with rain water after being chanted over with a prayer-chant it confers protection, happiness, magickal powers/abilities, a holy aura, and angelic bodyguards--all with the permission and blessings of the Divine One. If you possess any talisman, keris or power-object that seems to have lost its power, just anoint the object with the oil and it will regain its former degree of force. The oil is also a good media for healing as it possesses tremendous pranic energies. Anoint some of the oil to the center of your forehead as you pray or metaphysically create your desire for manifestation--you will find, with Allah's permission,  that your prayers are answered dramatically or your mental creation would manifest successfully. Should you anoint yourself with the oil during exercises related to "Tenaga Dalam," "Chi-Kung," meditation, chanting, breathing, etc. you will find the outcome of these exercises in youself to improve in quality, power, and strength. Apply the oil to your clothings and the members of your body and invulnerability would be conferred upon you. You will be protected against black magick, psychic attacks, bombs, guns, blades, etc. You will possess charisma, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, a powerful aura, attractiveness, etc. Just a drop of the oil in your bathtub or in a bucket of water for a shower would cleanse you of negative energies and "curses." Use this oil to make talismans--they would be extra powerful! Comes in a vial approx. 3 cc.
Toloh Magickal Oil
Code: Magick285

Practically one of the many authentic magickal oils produced by the shaman Dayaks of Kalimantan (Borneo)! They call this "Minyak Toloh"-or "Toloh Oil." This oil, thick in consistency, is used for healing and protection against psychic attacks, black magick, and negative entities. It is especially useful in healing the type of psychic or magickal attacks involving malicious implants--organic/inorganic--transferred magickally by black occultists to their victims (such magickal attacks are called locally, "santet," "tenung" and "teluh."). Such harmful and negative implants may consist of etheric snakes, leeches, worms, maggots, rusty nails, needles, blades, etc. The method of healing is simple--just rub the oil on the affected area where an implant is suspected. This is a scarce and difficult item to acquire and our supply is limited. Comes in a vial 2-3 cc.
Nurul Asror Tasbih
Code: Magick286

A magickal tasbeeh or counter-beads (100 beads) empowered using the special methods of the Islamic saints and sufi adepts--the powers and virtues of this tasbeeh are made available through the Mercy and Grace of Allah. Esoteric prayers and hypermetaphysical forces were employed in the ritualistic empowerment of this item among which are the prayers of "Asmaul Husna," "Asror Al Fatihah Syeifi Khusus," "Jaljalut Khodami," "Sholawat Ismu' A'dhom," "Sirr Nurbuat," "Asma' Suryaniyah," "Asho Musa," "Al Qomar," "Ashabul Kahfi," "Sapu Jagad Mubarrok," and "Aji Sholawat batin Nur Muhammad." This particular magickal tasbeeh has the following virtues by the Grace of God: it adds power to one's prayers (as it heps attune one to spiritual forces); healing; banishment of negative forces; magickal strength/magickal martial-art powers (Tenaga Dalam); empowers one to conjure psychic forces/entities and retrieve magickal objects (pusaka) hidden in nature; magickal powers of opponents would not function in the presence of the one carrying the tasbeeh; charisma and an authoritative bearing; adds psychic energy to the user and self-confidence; immunity to disasters and major ailments; divine assistance to solve one's problems; ease in earning a living--luck, prosperity; improves psychic sensitivity, intuition, and ESP; psychic guidance, warnings, inspiration, etc; enemies of the user of the tasbeeh would feel uneasy or psychologically tortured; personal magnetism and charm; visitations of magickal/spiritual beings; divine protection and that of a thousand angels; magickal protection during the attack of aggressors; divine radiance of Nur Muhammad--the power may be used in conjunction with the key-prayer for various purposes depending on one's intent; magickal knowledge may be psychically transmitted by the khodams of saints to the user. The key-prayer is to be recited after every prayer of the day--it is short and simple
The Great Munajad Power
Code: Magick287

One of the incredible powers transmitted by saints and adepts! Its purpose is to assist the user to overcome life's problems and attain that which is desired or longed for. The user would be empowered with spiritual power and be able to request divine blessings for health; longevity; luck; charisma; popularity with friends; acquire a soul-mate or children; prosperity; protection, etc. This is a self-empowerment item--there is a talismanic capsule to swallow in an initiation-ritual. A certain prayer-ritual is to be conducted to request whatever is desired from the Divine One.
The Solar-Lion Power
Code: Magick288
This is a rare and wonderful power acquired from the beings of the magickal realms! Its purpose is to protect one against the physical attacks of riots, mobs and aggressors attacking in large groups--these may be from 10 to over 100 individuals! The power causes unusual occurences such as causing the aggressors to fight among themselves! The power may also immobilize leaders of aggressors remotely. Use the power wisely and responsibly. The initiation-ritual requires 7 consecutive days of chanting before the power blends with the user. The chanting might require about 1-2 hour's work. This is a self-empowerment item--there is a talismanic capsule to swallow.
Lucky Power-Stone
Code: Magick289

Now reverse your bad luck in games with this Lucky-Power Stone! This empowered item helps you to win games of chance, lotteries, quizzes, contests, races, etc. It neutralizes the negative energies in you and makes you lucky in everything that you do--if Allah be pleased! No difficult rituals or chanting involved--simple instructions that even a layman could follow!
Asmoro Kumbang Love Power
Code: Magick290

One of the outstanding love-spell and power of the Javanese occultists. Good for general and specific attraction--may be used by both sexes to attract a soul-mate. The rituals are simple. This item is more appropriate for non-muslims and those involved in Al-Hikmah. Package consists of an empowered oil (type may differ from package to package) to be used in conjunction with a cloth inscribed with an occult diagram. For attracting a specific person, the subject's photo is to be wrapped with the cloth after a simple magickal operation. Do not abuse this power!
1001 Nights Magickal Power Pearl
Code: Magick291
Processed with powerful and elaborate rituals of the Al-Hikmah tradition as handed-down by muslim saints, this magickal empowered pearl (mother-of-pearl) is a dream come true for shamans, metaphysical practitioners, occultists, and ceremonial magicians. After the 15--30 day initiation-ritual (requires approximately an hour's work per night), the powers and virtues of this pearl may be activated (through chanting-rituals) and applied immediately--the chants are short and simple, and not difficult to do. Instructions are given for muslims and non-muslims! Virtues and powers of this item include acquiring a troop of khodams (spirit-servants) that may be commanded; the power to befriend jinns from all parts of the world; a high degree of clairvoyance; astral projection--transcend time and space; attract wealth and riches; "Ajian Rowo Rontek"--wounds and broken bones heal quickly and miraculously; invulnerability to fire-arms and protection against electrocution; love-fascination; power-hypnotism and telepathic mind-control; walk on water/speed-running; power-purification of bad-luck, curses, negative energies, etc.; Skin-beauty maintenance and healing; prosperity, career-advancement, success in endeavors, etc. This item provides you with the power to transfer magickal virtues to others!
Runaways-Vision Stone
Code: Magick292

This magickal stone helps one to see in dreams/visions the whereabouts and conditions of runaways--children, spouses, relatives, etc. that have run away from home--eventhough they may be in a different country. A day's fasting is required to conduct the ritual--also chanting a short mantra is involved.
Magickal Namru Stone
Code: Magick293

A wonderful magickal stone that helps you to foresee lucky numbers (3-days fasting required); conjure regional genies/nature spirits (Javanese mantra); and heal possessed individuals--the stone would have to be immersed in a glass of water and a short Javanese/Islamic mantra chanted. The water should be administered to the patient.
Joyo Kusumo Talisman
Code: Magick294

This item increases your personal magnetism and charisma--anyone looking at you would feel sympathetic and feel attracted. If you place the talisman beneath your pillow as you sleep and chant the name of a subject--s/he would have romantic/sexual dreams related to you. Warning: do not misuse this power--it is only for mature use and with the prior agreement of the subject for conducting telepathic experiments!
Soccer Power-Talisman
Code: Magick295

Now a magickal talisman for soccer and football players! Helps to strengthen your legs and increase the power of your kicks! Helps to increase your running speed and maneuver the ball right into the goal-post! Easy to use--just carry the talisman in the pocket of your shorts or in your socks--no observances or chanting!
Magickal Turban
Code:  Magick296

Empowered cloth with magickal diagrams/verses--for tying into a turban around one's head. This magickal cloth possessess divine and angelic energies. It helps improve one's magickal studies and activities. The main virtue of this item is that it helps the user to absorb (be empowered by) positive metaphysical energies/forces that would be of much benefit to him or her--this item is especialy appropriate for those who are muslims and are treading the al-hikmah path.  The power of the magickal turban may be directed by the user according to his or her will. Among its virtues: magickal protection; luck; spiritual blessings; personal magnetism; fulfilled prayers; helps to tame wild animals; invulnerability; healing, etc.  This item may be passed on to one's children. Magickal diagrams/inscriptions are done by hand. Item should be worn daily especially during prayers, meditation, and magickal operations.
Magickal Love-Attraction Stone
Code:  Magick297
Just by eye-contact (staring) the opposite sex would feel attracted to you. They would go crazy over you and would respond positively to your suggestions--as a result of the power of this magickal stone. Bonus: "Ajian Jaran Goyang Spell"--arouse someone amorously in a remote manner.
Magickal Talisman of Influence
Code:  Magick298
With this magickal item you will have the power to influence others easily so that they would be sympathetic to your cause or to your needs. Influence friends, clients, superiors, followers, etc.
Neutralizer Talisman
Code:  Magick299
Talisman neutralizes and banishes all sorts of negativities in one's life occurring as bad luck, difficulty in acquiring a soul-mate or making friends, distrust of people with oneself, etc. Simple to use--just carry the item.
Totok Kerot Talisman
Code:  Magick300
Magickal item to assist in breaking-off a relationship without any resentments. Helps to sever unnatural relationships as a result of magickal-fascination. Just carry the item with you as you meet the person you wish to end the relationship with. No matter how attached the other party is with you, they will eventually forget you and "fall" out of love.
Goddess of Love Talisman
Code:  Magick301
If your love is rejected or forgotten by someone, s/he will eventualy return to you with love and affection even if they be across the seas. Use only if the relationship has love as a basis and the subject still has certain feelings for you.
Stone of Power
Code: Magick302

This power-stone is for those who fear losing their current status of power in any field of endeavor, politics, business, sports, etc. It helps the user in metaphysical ways to maintain what has already been acquired or attained.
Aqua Janoko Khodam
Code: Magick303

If this bottle of water is drunk, girls would be extremely attracted to the user; works best if the power is directed to a specific subject which calls for interaction--for men only. Powerful!
Spirit-Bodyguard Stone
Code: Magick304

By the Grace of God, carrying/wearing this stone one would be safe from aggressors, molesters, bullies, etc. If they attack, they would be thrown aside by an invisible force as a result of the powerful khodamic energies within this magickal object.
Snake-Bodyguard Stone
Code: Magick305

This stone has been empowered with a magickal intelligence that protects the user/wearer against physical and psychic attacks; should the user be bothered by aggressors or molesters the power of the ring would appear to these trouble-makers in their vision as a menacing giant snake thus scaring them out of their wits and causing them to flee.
This stone may be set into a ring and worn--a unique item empowered by a local shaman.
Tiger-Bodyguard Stone
Code: Magick306

This stone has been empowered with a magickal intelligence that protects the user/wearer against physical and psychic attacks; should the user be bothered by aggressors or molesters the power of the ring would appear to these trouble-makers in their vision as a menacing giant tiger thus scaring them out of their wits and causing them to flee.
This stone may be set into a ring and worn--a unique item empowered by a local shaman.
The Great Oil
Code: Magick307
Aroma and vibrations fascinated by angels and cosmic intelligences! This fully-empowered vial of oil of "master's-level" is a blend of certain ingredients consisting of an extract of special varieties of flowers: jasmine, amber, "1001 flowers," etc. This oil has many virtues--as an example, it helps one to penetrate psychically into the magickal realms! There are no restrictions in regards to sex, religion, etc., and no negative side-effects to this item--just anoint yourself with this oil and allow the power to work for you--simple chanting is required to command the powers. Other virtues includes attracting the opposite sex--just anoint the palms of your hand and touch the subject; invulnerability; improving business/sales in shops; advancing one's career; influence others by contact or remotely; conjure a khodamic-spirit guide/guardian; retrieve hidden occult objects from elementals/Nature; re-charge talismanic/power items; healing, etc.! Transfer powers to others! No fasting required!
Pedot Sih Belt
Code: Magick308

Especially empowered for breaking-up one's spouse with the interfering "third-party," for stopping the illicit affair that causes domestic upheavals. Helps the spouse to realize the error of his/her ways and establish even stronger ties with the family. In the form of a belt, the item may be worn or placed beneath the mattress/bed which one shares with one's spouse--no difficult rituals to conduct.
Tantric Love-Talisman
Code: Magick309

Magickal item to help the user to quickaly acquire a soul-mate--also helps to improve social and financial matters. It increases sales for those involved in businesses and strengthens business-relationships. Acquire sympathy and assistance easily.
Bondan Love-Talisman
Code: Magick310

Empowered talisman that confers to the user enormous attractive powers and personal magnetism appealing to the opposite sex. Those that are indifferent to the user would have a more affectionate and loving response--might cause them to fall madly in love!
Mountain-Princess Talisman
Code: Magick311

Once you acquire this item, you will instantly possess a unique attractiveness; your appearance would fascinate others--they will find you remarkably magnetic--your physical body would exude an incredible magickal magnetism. You will appear differently to others and everyone who look upon your face would be enchanted.
Balak-Sengkala Talisman
Code: Magick312

Remove your bad-energies, vibes, hexes, and curses with this power-talisman. Enrich your life and prosper materially and spiritually with the aid of God's blessings conferred upon this item!
Tarub-Marriage Talisman
Code: Magick313

Acquire your ideal soul-mate with the help of this magickal item! It also helps the user to advance in career, improve business, prosper, etc. The power establishes domestic harmony between husband and wife.
Holy Oil of Love
Code: Magick314

This magickal item has the power of all the love-oils in the world! It aids the user to attract others, especially the opposite sex. Helps the user to be successful in courtship. If the power is directed to a spouse it would prevent illicit affairs and maintain domestic harmony--if an affair is ongoing the spouse would quickly sever the adulterous relationship and return to the waiting arms of the user.
Unifier Dragon Belt
Code: Magick315

Power item to unite family members in harmonious and loving relationships--even in hopeless conditions and situations!
Ilmu Kontak--Student's Level
Code: Magick316
One of the famed metaphysical power applied in Pencak Silat or the martial-arts of Indonesia. The Ilmu Kontak power deflects any charging attacker/s--especially when they are fully emotional with just a hand motion of the user. Several attackers may also be deflected with a twist of the body/movement of the arms. This is a self-empowerment item-there are some items to swallow. In this student's package the power is for the user only and not transmittable to others
Magickal Love-Fish
Code: Magick318
This is a magickal object traditionally used for attracting the opposite sex! Many Indonesian natives consider this as the "king" of love objects. The item is a certain fish from the South Java Sea; it lives about 600 meters deep. This fish live in darkness and never rises to the surface to be exposed to sunlight. Its eyes blinks like humans. It is said that whosoever carries this fish, the person acquires a magickal power--anyone he or she touches or call, that person will approach or turn to the user with interest, sympathy, love and desire. The fish comes in a dried, thin form in a pouch. It does not smell.
Mambang Hitam Mambang Putih Love Oil
Code: Magick319
This magickal love-oil can attract a subject without the need of touching him or her as required in most Indonesian love-oils.Whosoever you desire, the natural instincts of the subject will be aroused with this magickal oil so that you will be able to easily attract, sway and influence the subject.
Magickal Anti-Adultery Power I
Code: Magick320
Husbands who are concern that their wives might commit adultery or taken advantage of by other men may use this power to prevent unwanted situations. With this power the third party will magickally not be able to locate the genital of one's wife.
Magickal Anti-Adultery Power II
Code: Magick321
Wives who are concern that their husbands might commit adultery or taken advantage of by other women may use this power to prevent unwanted situations. With this power the third party will have no satisfaction as the genital of one's husband will not be able to function.
Magickal Shell
Code: Magick322
This is a unique, un-hollowed shell--it moves easily without friction on a glassy surface smeared with lime juice. It's magickal power lies in improving business and finances. It has been metaphysically empowered to enhance its innate virtues. So long as you carry this object with you, if Allah wills it, your business will improve without any obstacles and problems.
Magickal Coin
Code: Magick323
Magickal coin with a high spirit-intelligence that may inspire and guide the user in regards to improving finances through dreams, hunches, feeling, etc. Those who are psychic enough may also communicate directly with the spirit-intelligence. Improve your luck within days of carrying this magickal item. This coin is believed to be unique in that if it is lost unintentionally it will magickally return to the owner by itself. A Javanese magickal item.
Magickal Projection of Image
Code: Magick324
Acquire the ability to project your physical image to others no matter where they may be. The subject will suddenly see you as though you were really in his/her presence, physically speaking. Depending on your purpose this power may instill longing in lovers, spouse or cause people to freak out. A Javanese magickal item
Projection of Dreams
Code: Magick325
Acquire the ability to send sensual dreams to the opposite sex whenever you want. The subject will dream of being amorous with you which in waking reality, will result in the subject longing for your presence. A Javanese magickal item.
Magickal Debt-Payment Solution
Code: Magick326
This magikal item is especially empowered to help you pay-off your debts. Even large amounts can be cleared in a matter of days/weeks. Our solution differs from other magickal solutions such as making pacts with dark entities. Our method requires no unusual sacrifice and carries no risk. A Javanese magickal item.
Setan Kober Magickal Love Power
Code: Magick327
This is a powerful Javanese love empowerment and spell. After chainting a mantra 100x for attunement and energy-generation, chant the mantra for a further 7x with the name of the subject, and the subject will be in sympathy with you; chant 21x and the subject will be attracted to you; chant 41x and the subject will fall in love with you--during chanting the subject will feel uneasy and may have trouble sleeping. If the mantra is chanted 99x for three consecutive days, the subject will not desire anyone else but you. This spell must not be misused as the consequences are karmically severe. Play with fire and you will end-up being burnt.
Kuntul Tulung Stone
Code: Magick328
Magickal stone with 2 khodams or spirit-servants that may be commanded for various purposes such as attracting customers for your business, call runaways, heal or protect people, influence others, attract the opposite sex, etc.
Julfior Ilham Stone
Code: Magick329
This enchanted stone has a khodamic-spirit that can help you to acquire any information that you require and reveal them to you in your dreams.
Pepper Orgasm Power
Code: Magick330
You only need to focus on a female subject while playing with an enchanted pepper-seed and chanting a certain spell--not long after she will get sexually aroused and this can lead to her having an orgasm. Tease your lover. The pepper seed may be used repeatedly until it crumbles--several provided.
Hypnotizing Love-Power
Code: Magick331
This empowerment item is a combination of a love-spell with a hypnotizing power. A single touch will cause a positive reaction in the subject. The subject will be overwhelmed by your presence--s/he will do whatever is requested.
Stone of Magickal Offence
Code: Magick332
This stone is empowered with the power to cause pain in enemies, trouble-makers, negative and tyrannical characters, etc. If the stone is rubbed while the subject is visualized, the latter will feel some pain in his body. If the stone is brought close to a fire, the subject will feel unbearable heat; if the stone is turned in circles the subject will be in a state of mental confusion and might get dizzy. Many other methods can be used to strike the offender. This empowered stone is scarce and sought for by many psychics, shamans, and occult practitioners! Beware--misusing this stone might have dire karmic consequences! We offer this item as a curio only. Under certain situations it may be permissible to use it for the greater good.
Magickal Soul-Call
Code: Magick333
You just need to close your eyes and chant the mantra and you will be able to evoke the soul of a subject living in a remote area, and you will be able to communicate and influence the subject--this can be done when the subject is sound asleep. In the waking state the subject will follow your suggestions. Power may be used to acquire information, heal the subject, correct disorders, etc.
Cloth of Clairvoyance
Code: Magick334
Just tie the cloth over your eyes and chant the 2-word mantra and you will awaken the ability to scry--not only will you be able to see the astral worlds but also observe distant locations in the physical realm. This item is most helpful to those who are not able to conduct strenuous psychic disciplines. This item is empowered with the secret formula taught in an ancient manuscript and is made in a limited amount.
The Khodams/Genies of the 7 Letters
Code: Magick335
The alphabet of the Hijaiyah consists of 28 letters; each one contains deep secrets as mentioned by spiritual teachers among whom, Imam Khawarazmi Rahimahullahu Taala. Certain seven letters or characters of the Arabic alphabet are referred to as "sawaaqithul faatihah," cause they do not appear in the Al-Fatihah verse. Each one of these characters has its own special khodam/genie and spiritual practice/sadhana--conjure these genies for their assistance. The secrets of the seven letters are revealed. This item is a manuscript of 7-genie formulas.
Big Guy Magickal Power
Code: Magick336
Let your lover "feel" your male organ to be whatever size you desire.  The change is metaphysically felt as "real." No therapy or application of herbal formulas required. Use the power right away just as soon as you undergo the initiation-ritual. This is a Javanese item and is similar to Magick43.
Sewu Jinn Business & Career Success
Code: Magick337
Once you receive and apply this item the jinn-khodam will exert his best effort 24 hours a day in helping you to manifest your desire to be successful with your job, advance your career, attain prestige, or promote your business to gain wealth and acquire riches. No unusual sacrifices or risks involved--there is but one obligation: to help others as you have been helped--also to donate to the poor annually. This powerful item is only for those who desire to be successful and wealthy in a relatively short period of time. This item has been sought for by many business people!
Singo Barong Magickal Stone
Code: Magick338
This stone has powerful magickal energies. Suitable for those who spend their time with games, speculation and gambling. The khodam-spirit of the stone aids you to confuse the mind of your opponent and cause them to become nervous. The spirit-intelligence helps to strengthen your thoughts and mental creativity so that you may easily be a winner in whatever game you play.
Khodam-Spirit Power-Companion
Code: Magick339       Photos of Genies
With this empowered item/s you can request whatever help you require from your magickal companion. You will be accompanied by a khodam-spirit wherever you go and no matter where you may be. A Javanese magickal item.
Fascination-Dispeller Power
Code: Magick340
This item breaks-up outworn and unwanted love-relationships without any pain for both parties. It also neutralizes malicious love-magick cast on oneself. Easy to use--the one that is involved in the relationship has to personally use this item--this is not a magickal spell to break up a couple.
Love-Photo Magick
Code: Magick341
Love-spell using a subject's photo! Just anoint the subject's photo with the empowered oil while chanting her name, etc.--the full ritual is simple to do. Use this ritual to restore a broken love or one that has gone sour as a result of interfering third-parties.
Magickal Khodam of Nini Blorong
Code: Magick342       Photos of Genies
This magickal power will aid you to be prosperous, acquire financial security, wealth and abundance. The khodam/genie of Nini Blorong (a Naga queen) will do its work quietly without harming the user, his family, or anyone else in any way. It is simple to use. This is a Javanese-occult item (an effigy of Nini Blorong) to be installed in the home/office/shop.
Mermaid Amulet
Code: Magick343
This magickal item is especially designed for women who have trouble attracting men. The power-item makes you appear pretty, magnetic and desirable. Men would express their admiration for you. When they lay their eyes on you they would be charmed magickally and go crazy over you. This is a Javanese-occult item.
Health-Restoration Amulet
Code: Magick344
If it pleases God, this empowered amulet would help heal all sorts of ailments/illnesses permanently. The power of this amulet is permanent. No chanting required--simple to use.
Semar Gandrung Talisman
Code: Magick345
This is a powerful talisman for enchanting others and making them fascinated with you. Whosoever possesses this talisman and power would be able to influence the heart of any person. With this item you will appear attractive, charismatic and full of personal magnetism. If you have been humiliated in your attempts in seeking a mate, this talisman and power may be your answer--even ex-lovers may return to you.
Arjuna Magickal Intimacy Power
Code: Magick346
This talisman is especially designed for men who desire to appear attractive, handsome, macho,  and self-confident as the legendary Arjuna. Be amazed by any woman! If you were jilted, betrayed and humiliated, your ex-lover may return to you with this power. This talisman, if it pleases Allah, is a powerful force in helping the user to conquer the hearts of women. Whoever she may be, she will submit herself willingly to you because this talisman contains high enchantment powers. She will feel uncomfortable even if she does not see you for a day.
Jaran Sembrani Love Power
Code: Magick347
Whosoever possesses this magickal object will attract a lover/soul-mate quickly as it is very potent in love-romantic affairs. Women offering escort services will acquire lots of clients. Anyone meeting you for the first time may want to be with you indefinitely and s/he will not leave you unless you desire it to be so--you will be constantly in the person's heart and s/he will love you deeply. The item may be used magickally to influence your heart's desire to come to you even if the subject be living at a distance. However, you should not play around with people's hearts--use this item only if you are serious in making a commitment in marriage--do not become arrogant as a result of possessing this power. This is a Javanese occult item.
Junjung Derajat Magickal Talisman
Code: Magick348
The Junjung Derajat Magickal Talisman is for those who wish to be successful and quickly advance in his/her career and receive promotions. It helps those in any competitive field of human endeavor. It helps you to be respected by your superiors, peers and competitors--it confers upon you a commanding presence. The talisman also establishes domestic harmony and wards-off magickal influences that seek to destroy your marriage. The item is simple to use and care for.
Rajek Wesi Talisman
Code: Magick349
Be protected against all malevolent entities and malicious human beings! Whosoever places a destructive magickal spell on you will be destroyed by his/her own offensive weapons. All magickal strikes will be deflected back! Simple to use--the magickal object may be carried wherever you go or installed in your home! Get two and be fully protected!
Puter Giling Magickal Power
Code: Magick350
With this magickal power you may influence your runaway spouse/lover to return you in the shortest time possible. If it pleases Allah, the subject will return swiftly to you to stay permanently. This is a Javanese occult item.
The True Sacred Empowerment
Code: Magick351
A consumable empowered with 99 spiritual forces and magickal energies! Once swallowed the power will blend with your being--with your blood, flesh, bones, etc. Wonderful virtues: invulnerability against sharp weapons, fire, black-magick, psychic attacks, poison, physical attacks, etc. Aggressors rushing to attack you will automatically be deflected by an invisible force and fall unconscious or cough-up blood. Whosoever harms you will be harmed himself. Possess a strong inner-force (Chi/Tenaga Dalam)--fill others with this force making them invulnerable! Empower objects--create healing-water! Immobilize aggressors by simply blowing in their direction! Acquire the power-punch! Have the power to conjure the spirit-intelligences of kerises, talismans, magickal objects, mustikas, etc. Master wild animals; remove rain-clouds; acquire the 6th sense; increase your IQ, attract luck your way; charisma, romance, etc. Acquire treasures from the magickal realms! This is a Javanese occult item.
The Divine Blessing Empowerment
Code: Magick352
By swallowing the empowered magickal consumables you will possess the following: you will be protected against all harm and attack; invulnerability against all sharp weapons; physical strength; self-confidence; courage;  you will acquire inner-strength that allows you to suck the energies of aggressors/opponents; you will be able to deflect charging aggressors at a range of 100 meters; you will acquire the ability to absorb the magickal powers of opponents with a touch; you will be protected against black magick, psychic attacks, malicious implants and poison; you will have the ability to heal others--be able to create healing aqua vitae; you will possess the powers of creation--whatever you visualize can come to pass; the empowerment builds your personal magnetism and charisma; you will have the power to remove energies of curses/hexes; you will improve your psychic faculties, intuition and ESP powers--you will acquire clairvoyance and clairaudience--you will be cognizant of a still, small voice that will guide and teach you in your daily life--you will be led to Truth and Salvation. This is a Javanese occult item.
The Secret Magickal Home Protection
Code: Magick353
Protect your home with this magickal item--makes nocturnal intruders and robbers fall into a state of traumatic confusion. They will not be able to enter your home but will remain stuck in the premises as though trapped by an invisible force. The item also wards-off magickal sleep-hypnosis cast by robbers (who are versed in the occult) upon all those in your home.
The Blossom of Youth Empowerment
Code: Magick354
Just swallow the empowered item for physical regeneration. Regain a youthful appearance; acquire a radiant facial aura--amaze everyone around you! Helps build personal magnetism! This is a Javanese occult item.
Durga Balik Power
Code: Magick355
Protect your home and family against all forms of black magick and psychic attacks! The power of this item especially offers protection against the malicious sending and materializations of hard objects and live creatures (in the Javanese sorcery called "Santet" and "Teluh") in the victim's body by the sorceror, bokor, bomoh, dukun, etc. These attacks if untreated can cause intense pain and suffering and often lead to death. These intended implants will be returned to their sender!
Dayak Magickal Oil Amulet
Code: Magick356
This occult oil is a blend of over 50 different herbal substances held secret by a Dayak shaman and his family for generations. Collecting the items required for the oil-blend takes years of searching in the jungles for the scarce plants and roots. These herbs are considered magickal and filled with mystical powers. The oil may be used to heal wounds, bruises, and skin-related problems. It may also be applied in cases of possessions and to ward-off and neutralize the effects of black magick, psychic attacks, malicious implants, voodoo, the attacks of negative entities, etc. The vial of the oil may be carried as an amulet--as a magickal protection and also for prosperity, luck, abundance. This is a rare item and not easily acquired in and outside the community of the Dayaks. The item is easy to use without any fasting or chanting. Each vial contains approximately 3cc of the oil.
Magickal Fossilized Snake-Oil
Code: Magick357
Deep in the jungle of Kalimantan/Borneo may be found a huge snake species that has a long life span said to reach up to 100 years. Certain of these snakes when they feel that it is time for them to die they plunge their tail to the ground; a strange event occurs when the snakes do this--the oil from their body flows towards the bottom of their tail in the ground where a natural vessel is formed to collect the oil. The bodies of the snakes then ossifies. The Dayak shamans regard this oil highly for its magickal virtues, said to increase personal magnetism, a commanding presence, charisma, courage, self-confidence and strength.; the oil also attracts luck, prosperity, good fortune, windfalls and averts the evil-eye, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious implants. This oil is rare even among the Dayaks themselves--it is formulated with the oil from a one-eyed green coconut valued for its many occult and healing properties. Each vial contains approximately 3cc of the oil.
Magickal  Snake Fossil
Code: Magick358
This magickal snake-fossil piece comes from the depths of the Kalimantan/Borneo jungle. This rare item is carried and worn by the Dayaks as an amulet of power. It is said that oil exudes from this snake-fossil--this oil is available as Magick357. The virtues of this amulet is similar to the oil--it increases
personal magnetism, a commanding presence, charisma, courage, self-confidence and strength.; it also attracts luck, prosperity, good fortune, windfalls and averts the evil-eye, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious implants. This item is easy to use, no chanting or fasting required. Supply is limited--only a few in stock.
Javanese Soul-Call
Code: Magick359
This is a self-empowerment item--something empowered to swallow
. The power of this item helps you to psychically call persons to you in a remote manner. Runaways, such as children and spouses may be influenced to return; friends and buddies may be influenced to contact you again--practically anyone, so long as you know them well; you may fill the thoughts of the person you desire to feel passion for you and to contact you; with the power within you it is possible to cause confusion in the minds of thieves though they be far way, even to return to the scene of the crime--this can be done by chanting over their foot-prints/tracks; you can also gain sympathy from your boss, superiors or peers by using the power or gain support/agreement from someone essential to your progress whether this be in business or in other aspects of your life. The power is simple to use.
Nibung Sayutoh Amulet
Code: Magick360
This is a piece of wood from the rare and magickal "Nibung Sayutoh" tree. Its natural virtues neutralizes negative energies and wards-off psychic attacks, black magick, obnoxious entities, etc. It offers protection during traveling and long journeys. The metaphysical emanations of the wood attract benevolent, psychic forces that bless the user with luck, prosperity, charm, attractiveness, a commanding presence, etc. The wood of the Nibung Sayutoh is traditionally used for healing internal dysfunctions of the organs, and externally for healing skin problems. The item has been metaphysically empowered with cosmic energies to bless the user in all aspects of life. The item is easy to use and functions almost automatically--may be worn as a pendant.
Magickal Shaman Stone
Code: Magick361
The natural energies of the stone-amulet protect the user of negative entities, psychic attacks, black magic, obnoxious entities, etc. It especially protects the user during astral work and shamanic journeys. The energies of the stone increases psychic awareness and unfold the intuition. The stone is a powerful tool for those engaged in spiritual work and metaphysical practices; it helps develop spiritual discernment in the practitioner and attracts guidance from the spiritual realms; it facilitates communication with subtle beings. The Magickal Shaman Stone is a healer of the soul and helps clear the traumas of the past that obstructs soul-development; it balances chaotic forces and unbalanced elements in the lower aspects of the microcosm and removes innate fears that cause psychological problems. The stone has been empowered with the energies of various power-spots and sacred-sites in Bali-Indonesia, including the blessings of their guardian spirits, some of whom are Spiritual Masters. These blessings from sacred sites such as Tanah Lot, Goa Gajah, Kintamani, Gunung Kawi, Ulu Watu, Tirta Empul, Yeh Pulu, etc, would affect and improve every aspect of the User's life which is inclusive of the spiritual and mundane. Carry this magickal stone no matter what your background, race, religion, creed, or sex. Stock is limited.
Domestic Bliss Stone
Code: Magick362
The power of this stone establishes domestic bliss; it can help prevent adultery and neutralize psychic influences having the objective of destroying one's marriage. The power may be used to cause impotency or frigidity on the part of one's spouse when they are engaged in extra-marital affairs--marital relations with one's spouse will not be affected and functions as normal.
Solomon's Magickal Stone
Code: Magick363
A magickal stone that builds-up attractiveness, charm and a commanding presence. Protects the User against psychic attacks and black magick; safety during journeys. Helps the user to gain sympathy from superiors and peers. The stone may be used to heal tooth-ache, stomach pains, and bites of venomous creatures.
Shamanic Stone of Protection
Code: Magick364
Complete protection against psychic attacks, black magick, negative implants, and obnoxious entities--all metaphysical attacks will return to their sender. The stone also protects a site, whether this be a house, a shop, an office, a factory, a store room, etc., of thieves, intruders, and thieving fairies. The stone may be installed at the site to be protected or set onto a ring and worn.
Magickal Amulet of Progress
Code: Magick365
Especially empowered for attracting luck from unknown sources; helps the User to progress financially, to prosper, and to acquire abundance; also for advancements in career and for promotions. The power causes others to respect and honor the User. On the metaphysical side, it increases psychic sensitivity and calms the mind. The item is small and may be kept in one's wallet, purse, or carried in a pouch in a pocket.
The Key Magickal Development Empowerment
Code: Magick366
This special empowerment optimizes the magickal powers and all of the Javanese "Ilmu" that you already possess. It helps you to absorb Cosmic power and opens and activates the psychic centers of your energy-body. This is the power-key to accelerate your magickal development and unfold your occult potentials. Acquire a khodam (spirit-helper) and psychic abilities with this power. Rare and powerful item.
The Sacred Khodamic Power
Code: Magick367
Talisman with powerful magickal virtues, empowered with the spiritual essence of Ilmu Hikmah and Koranic prayers. Among its occult benefits: power to attract others and gain sympathy; helps the user to be influential and acquire a commanding presence; success in endeavors; prosperity; business/financial improvement; safety during journeys on land, sea, and air; attracts blessings to the home, office, shop, etc.; inner-strength/chi; protection against molesters whether these be man, jinn or demon; protection against natural and man-made disasters/catastrophes; physical vitality, youth and health; invulnerability against sharp weapons; power-punch; invisible when in danger of pursuit of negative attackers; gargantuan strength; lightness of body (agility); auto self-defense ability during emergencies; successful business negotiations, helps to charm one's superiors and weaken oppositions/enemies; helps people to believe in you; self-confidence, charisma; wards-off negative astrological influences, psychic attacks, hexes, entities, etc.; luck, abundance, ease in earning a living; helps to improve one's intuition, psychic sensitivity; an angelic khodam would be your companion to protect you; banishes negative entities from a site. Simple daily chanting of prayer-verses required for optimal effects.
The Stone of the Prophet Khidir & Sunan Kalijaga
Code: Magick368
Magickal Stone embued with the powers of the famed Prophet Khidir and Kalijaga, the Javanese Muslim Saint. The user of this magickal item would be protected by thousands of angelic beings against any form of danger; the user would possess charisma and a commanding presence--will be respected by everyone. Opponents possessing whatever magickal power or force would weaken in the user's presence so long as the user is on the side of righteousness and Truth. Aggressors, enemies and molesters would be filled with anguish and pain--they will cease their attacks on the user. The user would possess invulnerability against all weapons in dire situations--user's body would emit sparks during the strikes of sharp weapons. The user would possess the magickal power of "Panchasona"--if killed in a fight, he would resurrect if it is not a righteous death. The power of the stone may be used for healing, for acquiring the power-punch, and for many other purposes. The blessings and aid of the Prophet Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga may also be invoked.
The Great Power
Code: Magick369
Special power for improving your life and to neutralize the effects of the negative influences of stars. Attain success and manifest desires; realize the fulfillment of ambitions and aspirations easily and astoundingly. Whatever your desire you may submit your appeal to the Cosmic Intelligence through a simple prayer-ritual done nightly. This self-empowerment item (something to consume) helps you to possess magickal energies and to attune yourself with the Universal Cosmic Intelligence making your prayers much more effective. The power remains permanent within you so long as you maintain it by regular prayers of devotion.
The Golden Prosperity Amulet
Code: Magick370
This magickal item helps to improve your luck; neutralize bad energies that attract unwanted conditions and situations in your life; it aids you in your endeavours, business and in your financial affairs. Its power can help you get promotions and advance your career; it increases your popularity, your charisma and make you well-known and liked. The energies of this item establish domestic harmony. By possessing this magickal item you will not experience pain, suffering and poverty--so long as you cooperate in improving your life through personal efforts.
The Ring of Luna
Code: Magick371
Wear this ring for magickal protection and safety. It increases your commanding presence and makes you well-respected--it protects you of attacks and
vengeance by envious, jealous and misguided individuals. Its energies strengthen your body and increases the power of your punch--your punches will leave black marks on aggressors. It neutralizes the magickal powers of opponents during physical combat.
Blessings of the Trimurti
Code: Magick372

This item helps to awaken one's spiritual nature and the three-fold aspects of the divinity slumbering within. It confers upon the user the grace and blessings of the Trimurti Lords: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva--corresponding to the Trinity of Christianity and the Triune Spiritual Lights of Islam--Nur Insani, Nur Muhammad and Nur Allah. When applied and practiced this magickal item connects the user to the higher consciousness of his/her inner-being and strengthens his/her spiritual relationship with the personal Solar Guardian Angel. As a result of this empowerment, talisman, practice and discipline, the user would accelerate his/her spirituality; the basic personal frequency would increase, certain psychic obstructions are neutralized and the blessings of God would flow freely into one's life. The nature and power of this item is not associated solely with a single religious or spiritual tradition (though it has Hindu leanings) but rather as a blend of their essences that transcends all dogmas and superficial differences. Most appropriate for New Age practitioners/devotees.
Mahalakshmi Prosperity Pearl
Code: Magick373

Carry this consecrated and empowered magickal pearl of the goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, wealth, treasures, financial improvement, luck, windfalls, advancement in career, promotions, business success, abundance and general blessings. This pearl comes from a coconut--the latter is associated with the goddess Lakhsmi who is the Divine Mother of Abundance, Wealth and Riches. The pearl was formed in the interior of the coconut through Nature's alchemical process. The pearl carries an abundant degree of prana or cosmic-energy. It has been empowered with mystical energies/forces through a secret tantric sadhana-ritual (with its mantras) associated with Lakshmi and consecrated with the blessings given by the goddess. This makes the pearl a powerful item for those that require monetary and financial assistance of a divine nature. This is a tantric Hindu item.
Serpentine Stone of the 5 Elements
Code: Magick374
Be empowered with the power of the 5 quintessential cosmic principles/forces imbued upon a snake-stone. When carried, the stone will emanate these 5 cosmic energies through your aura making it powerful, magnetic, attractive, vital, and positive. Your thoughts and words are made potent and creative. The basic energies of the snake-stone and the penta-cosmic forces will protect you against mishaps, negative forces/entities, psychic attacks, black magick, molesters, trouble-makers, etc. The power builds-up your power to influence others and gain popularity. It increases your luck and improves every aspect of your life. When carried or worn during magickal operation and rituals it helps you to overcome chaotic forces, command spirit entities and to add to the effectiveness of your occult spells. The stone is produced from a snake and is called a "mustika" among local shamans in Indonesia. It has various magickal virtues that can benefit its Keeper. It attracts luck and spiritual forces/intelligences that will bless its Keeper. It helps to build positive power in your presence and empowers your aura with personal magnetism making it easy for you to gain popularity and to acquire sympathy/influence over others. Its natural energies wards-off negative forces and entities, psychic attacks and black magick-to this the stone has additionally been empowered with the cosmic essence of the 5 elements to further reinforce its protective virtue in both the physical and non-physical realms. This empowerment also animates and vitalizes the stone's innate fairy-intelligence and will offer you intuitive warnings should there be any impending danger. The protective power of the 5 elements can have unusual effects upon the subconscious minds of those that intend to do you harm compelling them to back-down and withdraw from their intended negative act.
The Ancient Power of the Pendekars
Code: Magick375
The power of magickal defence! This is an empowerment for Pendekars--master martial artists! Add a magickal dimension of ancient power to your moves, strikes, blows and to your very presence. The power long kept secret by local Javanese occult Pencak Silat practitioners. You may use the power for various mundane purposes such as magickally protecting someone or a site against harm; increasing luck; healing; purification, etc. This is a Javanese occult item.
Saraswati Intelligence-Creativity Pearl
Code: Magick376

This magickal item develops persuasive speech and gives power to one's spoken word; it assists the user in his/her academic, artistic, spiritual, musical and creative endeavors. This empowered item that holds the blessings of the goddess Saraswati assists adults/children to do well in school. It helps to increase the native intelligence and the mental capacity to retain impressions, to learn and memorize facts. It assists the mind to be receptive to spiritual teachings and unfold understanding and wisdom. This pearl comes from honey--the latter is associated with the goddess Saraswati who is the Divine Mother of Speech, Creativity, and Intelligence. The pearl was formed in a bee-hive through Nature's alchemical process. The pearl carries an abundant degree of prana or cosmic-energy. It has been empowered with mystical energies/forces through a secret tantric sadhana-ritual (with its mantras) associated with Saraswati and consecrated with the blessings given by the goddess. This makes the pearl a powerful item for those that require an upgrade of his/her intelligence and creativity through the assistance of a divine nature. This is a tantric Hindu item.
Hanuman 's Victory Bell
Code: Magick377
The story of Hanuman is told in the Hindu epic, "Ramayana." He was the loyal servant of Lord Rama and instrumental in the defeat of the dark forces represented by Ravana. This magickal item empowered with the energies/virtues of Hanuman and his divine blessings assists its Keeper to be victorious in all affairs that require interaction with opponents and afflicting/opposing forces. It helps the Keeper to be successful in endeavors, missions, work, court-trials, etc. This item offers mystical protection and builds-up self-confidence, self-reliance, self-assurance, leadership, a commanding presence, charisma, etc. Hanuman's Victory Bell is small and can be carried in the pocket--a simple ritual-chanting is required. Though a Hindu trantric item, it may be carried and used by those of any religion, creed, sex, etc., keeping in mind that Hanuman is a personification, a representation and an embodiment of certain attributes of the Almighty God.
Powers of the Magickal Crystal-Cave
Code: Magick378

Magickal powers of the ancient wizards! Have the hidden mysteries of the magickal worlds unveiled unto you and acquire mystical abilities with the empowerment and practice of the secret prayers/chants of this item--have the powers and forces of the cosmos working for you! Magickally and miraculously invite the forces of luck and abundance into your life. Acquire a troop of khodamic forces to aid you in your occult work as a metaphysical practitioner. This magickal empowerment will help you to attain a higher degree of perfection in your spiritual work. Possess the powers of clairvoyance, invulnerability, hypnotism, etc. To have creditors postpone the collection of the payment of debts or to collect from debtors easily. Remove negative energies/forces from someone's force-field/energy-body that attracts unwanted circumstances and conditions into the person's life! Empower others with all sorts of powers!
Burglar Ocean-Snare
Code: Magick379

With this magickal item installed in your home, shop, office, factory, car, etc., burglars, intruders and those of evil intentions
would be psychically hypnotized to view their surroundings as a vast, endless ocean. They would be confused and be in a state of fear as they grapple and struggle their way searching for safety or an exit. They would move around and about the premises until awakened from their hallucination by the owner. This item also establishes domestic harmony and protects the place where it is installed against black magick and negative entities.
Magickal Sales Booster
Code: Magick380
Need a magickal boost on the sales of your goods and commodities? If you have a shop this is the item that you have been looking for! The power of this item attracts customers to your place of business and they will have the urge to purchase whatever is offered. Your sales will soar!
Power of Advancement
Code: Magick381
A special talisman that aids in various ways to improve the user's life. It's virtues: helps to attrack luck; popularity; attraction of the opposite sex; invulnerability; helps in business negotiations, interviews, public speaking, social interaction; protection against accidents, calamities, black magick, psychic attacks, evil entities, robbery, molestation; advancement in office, career--worldly success.
Talismanic Luck Attractor
Code: Magick382

Especially empowered item to bring blessings and increase one's luck-potential. The talisman helps to remove bad energies/forces in and around the user. It opens the door to opportunities at all points of the compass even should the user be currently down, jobless or without income. The power of this item is divine and comes from the one Source-there are no side effects.
Talisman of Power
Code: Magick383

Here is your chance to become a person of power, someone with a commanding presence and possessing the power of the spoken word (directed to aggressors; unrighteous, evil, and tyrannical persons) to help avoid fights and unwanted circumstances. Your words and voice would cause them to tremble. When the item is installed in the home it protects the inhabitants against black magick, psychic attacks, negative implants and other metaphysical influences that are destructive in nature. When carried it makes the user invulnerable against sharp and magickal weapons and punches. It causes robbers, aggressors, and molesters to fail in their intent of harm.
Powers of the Magickal Amethyst-Cave
Code: Magick384

More powers and secrets of the ancient wizards and Islamic mystics to possess! Do amazing things with the aid of the empowerment of this magickal item. Acquire unusual occult abilities with the discipline and practices of the hidden spiritual teachers! In this package you will learn how to acquire the following abilities and powers: the power-punch; the distant-punch; reflex self-defense; enhanced psychic-sensitivity, various forms of ESP; the ability to neutralize and ward-off black magick and psychic attacks back to their sender; the power to open the doors of luck; improve the I.Q.; attract and bind a lover; influence others remotely; manifest hidden/buried treasures magickally; locate or have lost objects returned to you; "pencak stroom"-manifest any martial-arts style; astral travel; the power to retrieve magickal objects from Nature, from the etheric worlds or that which is hidden physically; manifest wealth, prosperity, financial improvement; the power to make "seed-money" that replenishes and multiplies magickally by itself; learn how to transfer "virtue" to others; spiritual purification and life-regeneration; gain hypnotic/telepathic powers; improve sales/business.
Invocation of the Cimande-Lineage Masters
Code: Magick385
This item is a magickally-empowered piece of special incense. It helps the Pencak-Silat practitioner to attune and to come into psychic/spiritual contact with the lineage-masters of the Cimande Pencak Silat and cause them to watch over your activities and training. This item welcomes the Cimande-lineage masters into your life! Practice the invocation-ritual before your actual Pencak-Silat work-out to enhance and speed-up your progress. When burnt in one's home, it also causes a spirit-tiger to watch over the premises. Supply is limited.
Embah Kahir's Hikmah Oil
Code: Magick386
Improve your Cimande Pencak-Silat martial-arts training with the power of this magickal Hikmah Oil! Invoke the style, movements and power of Embah Kahir (the founder of Cimande Silat) with the secret invocation and Hikmah Oil said to have been empowered by the great man himself. This is not a "Cimande" oil--it is regarded as the latter's precursor and much more powerful. Possess the magickal forces and powers of Embah Kahir (sometimes spelled "Khair")--he who is said to be a physical immorttal. This magickal Hikmah Oil was acquired in a cave from a mysterious old man! Stock is limited--once gone this rare oil will no longer be available again. Approx. 100cc/bottle.
Magickal Talismanic Handkerchief
Code: Magick387
This magickal item though created/empowered for general blessings is focused primarily on physical and psychic protection. Its virtues includes: financial improvement; business success; charisma; healing; safety in accidents; invulnerability; attraction; neutralizes or wards-off negative energies/black magick/psychic attacks/obnoxious entities; auto-martial-arts movements; auto-invisibility from the sight of enemies; power-punch; helps to absorb the inner-strength of opponents; power-transference to others, etc. It is convenient to carry in one's pocket. Design and color of item may differ from package to package.
Magickal Steel Bracelet
Code: Magick388
A magickal steel bracelet with engraved inscription empowered to confer upon the user the following virtues: protection from enemies/aggressors/molesters; power-punch; weakens opponents in fights; protection against black magick, psychic attacks, negative implants; charisma, courage and a commanding presence; protection/invulnerability against sharp weapons; healing. May be worn or carried in the pocket.
Magickal Sale-Power
Code: Magick389
This magickal empowered item helps you to sell properties, houses, cars, etc. easily. Potential customers would be affected by the power and become passionate over that which you are selling. The item is easy to use--simply place it at the property or car that you have for sale. May be used over and over.
Talisman of Sexual Power
Code: Magick390
A wonderful magickal talisman to aid you to have an improved sexual-life--strengthens your sexual prowess and prolongs the sexual experience. This item is easy to use--no chanting or rituals required.
The Power of the Scarlet Dugong
Code: Magick391

A self-empowerment item in capsule form; helps the user to heal all sorts of illnesses and ailments, both medical and non-medical such as psychic attacks and black magick. The item builds-up charisma and personal magnetism--it causes others to be enchanted with the user. The empowerment confers upon the user the power to be highly attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. The power conferred also attracts luck and fortunate circumstances to the user. It helps improve all aspects of the user's life including social and business. It protects the user against accidents, mishaps, catastrophes, etc. The rare ingredient of this magickal item comes from the interior of a dugong bone, a creature well-known in shamanic circles for its magickal virtues. This material has been processed metaphysically and is empowered with a magickal force through a secret ancient ritual known only to a few.
The Sapujagad Tasbih
Code: Magick392

The power of this islamic rosary helps the user in the following matters: it protects the user against slander and thefts; it protects the user against black magick, psychic attacks and negative implants; it establishes domestic harmony; it improves sales/trade/business negotiations; it builds-up charisma and a commanding presence; it protects the user against tyrannical/negative/obnoxious characters; it confers the power-punch when used as a weapon against an aggressor--the latter would fall unconscious instantly. The item also helps to cure poisonous bites and may be used for general healing. The tasbih may be used as a counter for chanting purposes--it helps to empower your prayers and recitations and bring you closer to God.
Mind Enhancement Empowerment
Code: Magick393

This empowered consumable helps the user to overcome mental indolence, improve memory/recollection, increase the IQ and the comprehension of studies. A simple to use item--suitable for young and adult students including gray-haired professors.
The Magickal Tasbih
Code: Magick394

When held and used in the hands, this tasbih emanates cool vibes and energies. With the divine power that permeates the beads, the tasbih helps its user to be free of debts and struggles in life. It removes sadness and negative thinking and attracts luck and abundance that assists the user to prosper and become wealthy. It attracts windfalls and unexpected monetary aid from all points of the compass. What might seem impossible could happen or manifest in an unusual manner! The power of the tasbih inspires its user with magickal knowledge, understanding and creativity. It can be used to heal others suffering from problems of a medical and a non-medical cause. Its amazing power builds-up a force-filed that protects its user against psychic attacks, black magick, negative implants, etc. The powers of this magickal item function according to the user's desires, faith and intent.
Magickal Male Potency
Code: Magick395

Empowered with magickal forces using the rituals and secret mantras as transmitted by ancient occultists and mystics to a few selected practitioners, this talismanic consumable has proven itself time and time again to help the user solve domestic matters related to sex. With the grace of God, by being empowered with this item you will acquire sexual potency and be able to bring joy to your wife and fulfill her biological needs. This item helps you overcome premature ejaculation and impotency. Comes with a bonus section of secret methods for stregthening and increasing penis-size.
The Saint's Blessing-Nail
Code: Magick396

A magickal nail that protects a house, building, site, etc. from obnoxious spirits while simultaneously blessing the area with positive vibes that improves the lives of those within its field of influence. It helps to save those afflicted with illnesses, poverty, debts, tyranny, threats from enemies, physical intruders/attackers, burglars, deceivers, psychic attacks, black magick, and obnoxious entities. It helps those living under its influence to gain sympathy from others. Those of evil intent that seek to break into the premises will hallucinate and see the area as a vast forest and would get lost or flee. It protects the area where it is installed from the outbreaks of fire.
Ring of Solomon
Code: Magick397

Empowered ring with talismanic inscriptions for invulnerability against sharp weapons wielded by aggressors; the power builds up courage, charisma, a commanding presence and self-confidence; it confers the power-punch that causes opponents to faint or tremble in fear; it protects the user in accidents and physical threats; it blesses merchants and traders with prosperity. There is a slit at the bottom of the ring that may be extended to fit large sized fingers.
Magickal Mesmerism Power
Code: Magick398

With the help of this magickally-charged stone and empowered consumables you will acquire and master mesmeric or hypnotic powers. Just by gazing and tapping on subjects they would be under your power and you would be able to influence and command them easily just as masters of hypnotism demonstrate on television and shows. The power may be applied in daily life to influence others or used for entertaining people. We caution you not to misuse this power for egoic purposes or to harm another as the negativity that you put out will surely recoil back to you with a stronger force. A certain exercise is given in conjunction with a mantra to enhance your hypnotic-gaze.
Magickal Power of Cupid
Code: Magick399

With this magickal empowerment you will quickly master the various traditional love-spells (called "pelet") of ancient Javanese shamanism. Some of these power chants require fasting. The love-spells includes enchanting the opposite sex through whistling, through touching,, through scent, through gazing, through the voice, through potions, through cigarette smoke, through the facial expression, through calling the subject's name out aloud, etc. Famous love-spells of fascination are revealed and explained such as "Kinjeng Mas," "Kencana Wungu," "Jaran Goyang," "Madu Selasih," etc. The love-spells although requiring a reasonable amount of effort in their application, they are powerful and well worth the trouble. Please do not abuse the privilege of wielding the power--use it with the intent of marriage.

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