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Announcement: It has come to our notice that quite a number of purchasers of our ebooks have violated the terms and agreement listed in the license of the knowledgepapers. For this reason we are no longer offering these ebooks as downloads or offered individually. These ebooks are now sold as a whole set of 12 for US$110. These will be sent in a CDROM to the purchaser upon receiving payment.

Please be aware that there are many sites that are selling or offering for free our knowledge-papers (ebooks). The owners of these sites have not been authorized to do so and are doing us a disservice; they infringe copyright laws. As a result, many more knowledge-papers we had planned for production have been canceled. Purchasing or downloading from these sites is illegal and does not come with the traditional "Ijazah" or authorization/blessing/empowerment to practice the knowledge-papers from the Guru and/or producer of the ebooks. This Ijazah is actually one of the keys required to getting good results from the practice of the knowledge-papers.

Knowledgepaper 1

A compilation of magickal occult knowledge of the Islamic occult, or Ilmu Al-Hikmah, and the Indonesian shamanic traditions gathered from the teachings of occult lodges and the ancient adepts. Some of these teachings are rare. These ebooks are especially valuable to the seasoned magickal practitioner. This e-volume and others of this series are presented for educational purposes and as literary curios only. No claims are made regarding the efficacy of the occult teachings contain herein. The ebooks may contain elements of the dark side. We personally do not support the misuse or abuse of knowledge. This is the first ebook in the Knowledgepaper series.

Contents :
General Instructions
Develop the Power Punch of Moses
Opening the Third Eye
Occult Healing of Afflictions
Magickal Shield #1
Magickal Shield #2
Hizbul Autaad
Develop the Occult Ability to Detect Treasures
Magickal Assistance from Three Spirits
Increasing Psychic Sensitivity
Protection of One's Home with the Throne Verse
Acquiring Occult Knowledge
Invulnerability to Fire
Making Angelic Contacts
To Communciate with the Power Inherent Within an Occult Object
Removing the Power of Psychic and Physical Implants of those Having Difficulty Dying
Acquiring Occult Objects Through Magickal Means
Removing the Effects of Psychic Attack or Black Magick
Kulhu Geni Mantra
Kulhu Durdah Mantra
Kulhu Sungsang Mantra
Kulhu Sepuh Kulhu Balik Mantra
Love-Mantra Disenchanter
To Instill Harmony in the Family
To Force a Thief to Return Stolen Goods
Acquiring Psychic Energy
Invulnerability to Bullets
General Invulnerability Against Sharp Weapons
To Shapeshift
To Understand the Language of Animals
To Open Locks Without Keys
Acquisition of Wealth
Cleansing Oneself from Karmic Stains (Sins)
Ilmu Aji Kawibawa--Develop a Powerful Presence

Knowledgepaper 2

This is the second ebook containing incredible information of interest to the occult practitioner. Lots of important knowledge of spells and mantras for various purposes. The information in these e-books are priceless! Most of these teachings are only now being made available to Western practitioners! Like the previous ebook, this volume may contain elements of the dark side. These are presented for study purposes only.

Contents :
General Instructions
Consecration of Physical Objects for Various Purposes
The Power of Asma' Nabi Musa
Mantra to Put-off Sleep
Love Spell Using Salt
Love Spell Using Pebbles
Footsteps Attraction Spell
Food Attraction Spell
Earth Contact Spell to Cause Another to Fall Under Your Influence
Al-Fatehah Love Spell
The Power of Asma' Jaljalut Kubro
Spiritual Communication with a Wali/Saint/Adept
The 7000 Angelic Spirits Escort
To Evoke Someone to Appear in a Dream
The Invocation of the Angel Ruqya'il
Hand-Shake Attraction Power
The Wings of the Angel Israil
Mantra to Increase Psychic Sensitivity and Power
Invocation of the Guardian Spirit of a Region
Power Punch
The Mantra of Transfixion
Create an Illusory Body of Self
Siker Cekutha Cekuthi Mantra
Panikah Batin Mantra
Asma' Gabah
Assistance from a Spirit
Magickal Shield
Banishing Jinns
Magickal Diagram
Ilmu Aji Sapu Angin--Run Like the Wind!
Mantra to Silence Opponents
Personal Protection Against Negative Entities
Mantra to Tame Poisonous Snakes
Mantra to Tame Wild Animals
Mantra to Protect One Against Lightnings

Knowledgepaper 3

Continuing along the same lines as the previous two ebooks in this series, this volume presents a collection of spells, rituals, rites, mantras, prayers, and exercises for assorted purposes. Some of these teachings are rare--even in their place of origin.

Contents :
General Instructions
The Generation of MagickalPower
Acquiring Treasures Magickally with a Spirit's Aid
Secret Ritual for Attracting Luck I
Secret Ritual for Attracting Luck II
Secret Ritual for Attracting Luck III
Asma' Air Mawar for Blessing Someone with Invulnerabilty and Strength
Magickal Solution for Opening the Third Eye
Recitations to Unfold the Third Eye
Cleansing Haunted Places
Aji Selulup--Spell For Long Periods Underwater
Transferring Malicious Psychic Implants to Eggs
Talisman for an Authoritative Presence
Protection of the Home with an Illusory Ocean
Gendam Smorondono--The Deadly Handshake for Attraction
The Generation of Magickal Power II
Nyepi Gaman--Unfolding the Hidden Remains of a Historical Site
Wirid Tolak Bala--Prayer to Avoid Dangerous Situations
Aji Serowondo--The Power to Improve Sharp-Shooting Skills
Spell for Getting Dressed--To Acquire Sympathy from Others
Spell for Powdering--To Appear Attractive to Others
Ritual For Getting Good Dreams
Evoking a Jinn King
Evoking a Jinn Servant
To Know What Lies in a Person's Heart
Acquiring Occult Information from a Khodam Spirit
The Fastest Way to Acquiring Occult Powers
Magickal Sandals for Distant Flights
Developing One's Spiritual Senses
Removing Major Obstacles and Problems
The Rod of Moses Prayer
Protection Against Temptations
Healing with Consecrated Food
How to Make Love Oils
Removing Jinns from Trees and in Certain Areas


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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