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This is the continuing series of the previous three ebooks. The knowledgepapers may be requested in any order and in any amount. Hackers, please make an effort to compensate.

Knowledgepaper 4

Knowledge Paper IV is the continuation of the amazing magickal powers and spells compiled from Islamic occultism, or Ilmu Al-Hikmah, and the Indonesian shamanic traditons gathered from the teachings of occult lodges and the ancient adepts. Many of these powers and spells have been kept secret for ages--only now are they revealed to a wider audience. Those involved with the occult will certainly find the knowledge within this and other ebooks of this series interesting. We state here again that these ebooks are presented for educational purposes and as literary curios only. No claims are made regarding the efficacy of the occult teachings contain herein. The ebooks may contain elements of the dark side--we personally do not support the misuse or abuse of knowledge. This is the fourth ebook in the series.

Contents :
General Instructions
Acquire Gold and Money Magickally
How to Conjure a Jinn by the name of Raihan
How to Conjure a Jinn by the name of Maimun
How to Cause a Jinn to Molest One's Enemy
How to Cause a Child to See a Vision of a Thief (Muslim Version)
How to Cause a Child to See a Vision of a Thief (Javanese Version)
Ajian Lembu Sekilan--The Power Protection
Khijib Ibnu Alwan
Ajian Lanang Jaya Pirosa
Ajian Halimunan--the Invisibility Spell
Ajian Sambatan Macan Putih
Acquire a Powerful Presence
How to Magickally Neutralize/Immobilize an Aggressor
Protection While Travelling
Sari Wulan--the Moon Essence Love Spell
Ajian Bala Sewu--The Thousand Friends Spell
The Mighty Ajian Samber Nyawa
Ghoibul Ibrohim
Jaran Goyang--the "Swaying Horse" Love Spell I
Jaran Goyang--the "Swaying Horse" Love Spell II
Acquire Money Magickally with the Help of Abdul Wahid--the Khodam of Surat Al-Ikhlas
How to be Shielded Against Catastrophes
Aji Angkat Junjung--How to Increase Physical Strength I
Aji Angkat Junjung--How to Increase Physical Strength II
Aji Sapu Jagat--How to Move Like the Wind
Invisibility Talisman
Aji Braja Musti I
Aji Braja Musti II
The Massage Healing-Prayer
Talisman to Silence Negative People
Magickal Power to Impair Metallic Blades
A Talisman to Have Stolen Objects Returned to You
How to Know the Secrets of the Earth
How to Calm Down Strong Breezes

Knowledgepaper 5

More amazing magickal powers in this ebook!

Contents :
General Instructions
How to Conjure a Jinn that Appears in the Form of a Snake
How to Conjure a Female Jinn Called Syamsul Qirmid
The Arjuna Telor Love Spell
Ajian Bandung Bandawasa
A Method to Protect Oneself Against Malicious Jinns and Men
A Magickal Method for Fertilizing the Ground
Magickal Nutrients for Plants
How to Identify the Thief of Stolen Goods
How to Stop Children from Constantly Crying
How to Stop a Married Woman from Having an Affair
How to Stop a Married Man from Having an Affair
A Magickal Contraceptive Method
A Talisman to Help a Woman to Conceive
How to Acquire Healing Powers
Healing with a Talisman
Magickal Talisman to Heal a Victim of Malicious Witchcraft
How to Relieve Oneself from Hunger Without Having to Eat
How to Locate Treasures with the Help of 'Atyail and Da 'Qayil
How to Teleport, Fly and Acquire a Magickal Stone from a Khodam
How to Magickally Transform Paper into Money
How to Cause Jinns to Move-Out
How to Increase Your Stamina During Long-Distance Trekking
How to Cause Someone Insomnia
An Occult Call to One's House-Maid to Return and Resume Her Duties
The Prayer of Nabi Isa (Jesus Christ)--Used to Resurrect the Dead
How to Acquire Luck, Wealth, and Prosperity
How to Empower Food or Money That They Magickally Return
How to Stop Persecution and Tyranny
Prayer Invocation for Divine Justice and Intervention
The Occult Method of Getting Rid of Stalking Tigers
A Prayer to Go Undetected by Wild Animals
Protection from Snakes
A Subtle Way of Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests
How to Empower Rice to Attract Prosperity

Knowledgepaper 6

Yet another ebook of wonderful spells and powers! Some "occultists" in Indonesia and in neighbouring countries are selling each one spell for US$5--US$20--here you get them in these ebooks for just US$10 each!

Contents :
General Instructions
How to Conjure a Jinn by the name of Syamthuunin
How to Acquire Assistance from a Genie
Power Attraction of 4 Prophets
The Incredible Aji Braja Musti Invulnerability & Power Punch
How to Acquire the Strength of 20 Men
How to Immobilize Aggressors from a Distance
How to Acquire the Deadly Power-Gaze
How to Detect Sources of Water and Minerals
The Magickal Carbuncle "Merah Delima"--A Gift From a Khodam
A Method for Acquiring Jinn Assistance
A Magickal Method for Acquiring the Ability to Fly like a Bird
Acquire the Ability to Learn What Lies in Another's Heart
Be Healed of All Ailments
Mystical Recitation for Acquiring a High Office
A Method for Effacing Sins & Their Effects
The Basmalah Talisman
Acquire the Authority of a Lion
One Version of the Aji Bandung Bondowoso Power
The Aji Bandung Bondowoso Talisman
The Mantra of Invisibility
Invulnerability to All Forms of Black Magick
Acquire Precognitive Abilities
To Know Something Occult
Magickal Dust for Confounding Enemies on Your Trail
How to Create "Uang Balik"--An Enchanted Bill that Returns as You Spend It
The Manuscript of the Divine Light Regarding Magickal Pills
To Stop Bleeding or Heal Wounds
How to Neutralize the Power of a Sorcerer
How to Acquire Sympathy from Your Listeners
Mantra Against Lightning Strikes
To Disentangle Oneself from Slander/Calumny
To Protect Oneself from the Deception of the Satanic


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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