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This is the continuing series of the previous six ebooks. The whole collection of ebooks in this series, which would eventually be a whole library, may be ordered in any order and in any amount. Hackers, please make an effort to compensate. These ebooks contains diagrams with a greater resolution and size than the previous ones, hence the sizes of the files are also much larger.

Knowledgepaper 7

This ebook is the continuation of the previous ones of the Knowledgepaper series of amazing magickal powers and spells compiled from Islamic occultism, or Ilmu Al-Hikmah, and the Indonesian shamanic traditons gathered from the teachings of occult lodges and the ancient adepts. In this ebook and in the following two are many rites for conjuring angels and jinns. There are also many spells of general interest. These ebooks, like the ones preceding them, are presented for educational purposes and as literary curios only. No claims are made regarding the efficacy of the occult teachings contain herein. The ebooks may contain elements of the dark side--we personally do not support the misuse or abuse of knowledge.

Just look at the contents of the seventh Knowledgepaper :

Contents :
General Instructions
How to Meet One's Identical Twin
A Chant for Attracting Luck
How to Evoke a Troop of "Tuyuls" and Their King
The Black Dragon Talismanic-Spell
How to Conjure the Angel Anyail
How to Conjure the Angel Manjayail
How to Conjure the Angel Shadqail
Longevity Prayer
Protection While in Haunted Places
The Qubraa Mantra
Exorcism Prayer
The Key-Prayer for Acquiring Occult Powers Quickly
The Repentance Prayer to Deceased Parents
Invulnerability Against All Weapons
3-Word Protection Against Robbery
Silver Talisman for Invisibility

Occult Diagram to Maintain the Integrity of One's Car Engine
How to Calm a Stormy Sea
Enchanted Bills for Earning a Living
The Amazing Talisman for Love and Sympathy
Talisman for Maintaining a Business Partner's Integrity
Busting a Spirit from a Site
Defensive Mantra Against Jinns
Antidote for Black Magick, Psychic Attack, Etc.
Stopping Knife-Wound Bleedings
Healing Burns
Magickal Method for Improving Memory
Prayer for Removing Sins/Karma
How to Meet Someone in the Astral Realm
Detecting Treasures Through Dreams
How to Magickally Acquire a Black Stone
Detecting Treasures with a Divine Name
Prayer for Removing a Foreign Object in an Eye
A Jinn King to Conjure : Syamthunnul Ghulaam

Knowledgepaper 8

More amazing magickal powers in this ebook! We repeat our statement in other pages--some of the spells and magickal rites in these ebooks are rare--even in Indonesia!

Contents :
General Instructions
How to Conjure the Angel Khatyail
How to Conjure the Angel Haqyail
How to Conjure the Angel Hauqaalin Alaihissalam
Physical Vitality Chant
Requesting a Persecutor's Negative Karma to Manifest
How to Destroy an Aggressor with Just a Hand-Gesture
The Power-Voice
How to Acquire Precognitive Powers
How to Acquire the Healing Touch
Prayer for Constant Sufficiency
Mantra for Removing Love-Spells Directed to Oneself
A Prayer and Mantra for Abundance, Luck and Prosperity
A Prayer for Paying Debts Quickly
A Prayer for Blessing One's Job/Company
Mantra for Promotions
Enchanted Petals for Purchasing Goods
Principles for Genie-Conjurations
The Secret of Instantly Busting Noisome Spirits from a Site
40-day Genie King Conjuration
The Magickal Spirit-Account of Endless Cash
Endless-Luck Talisman
How to Acquire a Sign of Blessing from God's Throne
The Magickal Wand Key-Talisman
A Powerful Talisman for Overcoming Arrogant Boasters
Magickal Talisman for Acquiring Property
Magickal Protection While Handling Wild Animals
How to Build a Strong Shield Around the Physical Body
How to Cause One's Enemy to be Restless
Acquire a Magickal Troop of Soldiers for Home-Protection
How to Identify a Thief of a Stolen Object Through a Dream
Prayer for Retrieving Lost Objects
Magickal Protection for a Sea-Vessel While Sailing
Magickal Protection for a Vehicle While Driving
Magickal Verse for Increasing Sales

Knowledgepaper 9

These knowledgepapers contain many interesting spells and powers hardly found in Western occultism! In the ebook below is the amazing money magickal bag that continuously replenishes itself with bills when almost emptied by use!

Contents :
General Instructions
How to Conjure the Angel Lathfayail
How to Conjure the Angel Jar'ayail
How to Conjure the Angel Lahyail Alaihissalam
How to Magickally Learn Martial-Arts
How to Request the Justice of Allah to Befall an Enemy
How to Gain a Power that Causes Others to Sympathize
Simple Chant for Regaining One's Office
Simple Chant for Spiritual/Physical Abundance & Sustenance
How to Succeed in Borrowing Money with an Empowered Handshake
Acquire the Ability to Walk on Water
The Magickal Voice that Creates Reality
How to Cause a Tree to Bear Abundant Fruits
Liberation from Prison with the Aid of a Magickal Figure
A Talisman of Protection
Fire-Invulnerability Talisman
5-Virtues Talisman
Method for Psychologically Weakening a Boastful Foe
Magickal Healing Talisman
The Talisman of Luck
Power Punch Talisman
Another Magickal Method for Overcoming Boasters
The Lembu Sekilan Talisman
An Insanity-Healing Talisman
Conjuration of Genie Kings
Conjuration of a Virtuous Genie
Prayer for Tranquility
Protective-Prayer Against Evil-Spirits
Prayer for a Protective Shield
Distant Power-Strikes Using a Grape-Vine
How to Acquire Directions While Lost in the Wilderness
Overcoming Fatigue During Journeys
Complete Protection Talisman
The Magickal Money Bag
A Preventive Measure Against Illicit Sexual Activities Amongst Female Members of the Family


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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