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Collector's Items

The Magickal Rp.10,000 Bank Note
Code: Collector1


Proclamator of independence and first president of Indonesia, Sukarno was known to be well-versed in mysticism and is highly regarded as a practitioner of the occult arts. He is belived to have possessed bi-location powers and claiorvoyance. On one visit to America in the early sixties he met with the young Bill Clinton in the White House and foretold that he would return to it someday.

Even today the many monuments, relics and souvenirs of Sukarno are said to be focuses of tremendous power. The bank notes, shown above and below, are magickal as they are cryptic. While these 1964 issues are rare, what makes them magickal is their physical constitution and their talismanic value. Local occult practitioners apply these objects as a means of retreiving buried treasure--among other magickal uses. One of the characteristics of these bills is that they roll-up on their own accord when placed on the palm of the hand. They are evidently heat-sensitive.

Although when seen at a glance they appear as ordinary bank notes . . . These bills, however, have communistic watermarks--the hammer and sickle--at the four corners and one on the "pechi," or national hat of Sukarno. That is not all! This is all that can be seen with the naked eye--put the bills underneath ultraviolet light and something else surfaces. At the four corners and on the pechi of Sukarno, where the communistic signs are, the word "Allah" or "God" in Arabic calligraphy can be seen! And somewhere in the center at the top there is a mystical Islamic verse, also in Arabic script. Although the verse in the Rp.1,000 and Rp.10,000 are different I was informed by those having seen it before that one of the verses spells out "Koon Faya Koon," meaning "Let there be, and so it is."

As said before these bank notes are rare and I am offering these to occult collectors, online and worldwide, for the first time, I believe. Inquiries welcome.

The Magickal Rp.1,000 Bank Note
Code: Colelctor2

Code: Collector5

Replica incense burner of the great Chinese temples. Although a replica, it is rare. Item is made out of brass. Approximately 31cm in height from foot to the top of the little dragon's body. Ask for the price.

Code: Collector6

This sabre was originally kept in the old Chinese temple in Banten, West Java. It has a dragon and other engravings upon it. The sabre is believed to be the home of the spirit or khodam of General Kwan Kong when he is not roaming about the heavens and earth. There certainly is a powerful aura surrounding this object. Apart from the sabre there are two weapons, spears (not shown), which are said to be the home of two of his disciples or leutenants. These magickal weapons surround the place where it is a kept with a powerful magickal fortress of protection. Those with the occult knowledge will know how to tap the power of these rare, one-of-a-kind weapons. Trance mediums and psychics are able to communicate and verify that these objects are magickally powerful. Because of its rarity, this objet d'art/collector's item is quite costly. Inquiries are welcome.

More pics of the sabre and spears :

Dragon motif at tip of blade

Spears with Stand

Spear-head 1

Spear-head 2

Semar Statuetts
Code: Collector8

These antique statuetts are carved from "stone"--as far as we can tell. They represent "Semar Kuncung"--Semar with the pointed head or the flame of the crown chakra to indicate enlightened wisdom. One version is flat--we have 3 of these. Another, is more 3-dimensional--of which only one is available. These objects are black in color. Price: US$120/each. N/A


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