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Hizib Asma' Nashor Magickal Power
Code: Magick101


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Hizib Asma' Nashor Magickal Power
Code: Magick101

This item consist of an empowered talisman, some coins, and a bottle of oil to anoint the talisman once a year. The power and intelligence of the talisman helps you to solve the various problems of life. The mantra/prayers to activate the powers are in English and some taken from the Quran. Most powers work automatically. Overall they are very simple to do. This item may be passed on to your next of kin.

The powers :

Asma' Khodimul Ghaib
The power may be evoked in times of urgencies for various problems such as assistance in the request of the return of loans owed to you; cause enemies to fear; the invocation of auto-martial-art ability (pencak silat setrum), etc.

Asma' Mahabbah Syirry
The power of the talisman may be used to influence others so that they would be attracted to you, be affectionate and even fall in love with you.

Asma' Hizib Bahr
The power of the talisman also protects one against the attacks of enemies, black magick, negative and malicious entities, psychic attack, etc. All psychic attacks will be returned to their sender in a greater magnitude. The power operates automatically if the talisman were carried on one's person. Aside from non-physical attacks, it also protects one against physical attacks of robbers, aggressors, etc.

Asma' Karomatul Akasah
One of the magickal virtues of this talisman is that it unfolds in the user charisma and a powerful personality. People will respect the bearer of the talisman. As the talisman's master, you will also find that people seem to want to follow your suggestions and commands. These virtues works automatically just be carrying the talisman with you. The correct place to put the talisman is the front of one's chest, hence the shirt pocket would be appropriate.

Asma' Miftahul Arzaq
The magickal power of the Hizib Asma' Nashor talisman attracts luck and removes the obstacles that hinders one from prospering and gaining wealth.

Asma' Hizib Nawawi
To speed-up the process of fulfilling your dreams and wishes, contact the khodamic intelligence of your Hizib Asma Nashor talisman.

Asma' Nashr
The talismanic power allows you to heal others suffering from possession or the effects of psychic attack.

Asma' Hizib Kubro
To maintain your possessions and resources that you may be protected from being a spendthrift, all you have to do is simply to carry the talisman with you; the power will cause you to be less inclined to live a wasteful or glamorous life. The power of the talisman will indeed ensure this.

Evoking the Powers of the Talisman
All of the powers of the talisman may be evoked from a distance if it so happens that you do not have it with you; as after carrying it for some time, the khodamic intelligence would be well acquainted with you and be attuned with your thoughts and desires. All you have to do is to visualize your desire, call upon the khodamic spirit to act and have a strong conviction that it is done according to your will.


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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