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Kerises for "Sale"

Anyone interested in these sacred items are welcome to contact us: luxamore@indotalisman.com

Keris Naga Cacing Kamil

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Dapur: Naga Cacing Kamil
Pamor: Uler Lulut
Tangguh: Mataram Kingdom, Java
Period: Circa.16th--18th century
Number of Luk: 7
Empu: N/A
Virtues: Luck; prosperity; personal magnetism; helps its Keeper to influence others easily.
Khodam/Tuah: Yes
"Mas Kawin"/"Dowry": US$1000
Remarks: Scarce.

Keris PB Putri Kinurung

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Dapur: Brojol
Pamor: Putri Kinurung
Tangguh: Surakarta, Java
Period: Circa 18th--19th century
Number of Luk: --
Empu: N/A
Virtues: Helps maintain wealth and savings; ease of child-birth; luck; protection.
Khodam/Tuah: Yes
"Mas Kawin"/"Dowry": US$2000
Remarks: Scarce keris-blade type--bulges on both sides; previous owner was a keris-collector of royal descent; the blade has strong energies.

Keris Page 1 Keris Page 2 Keris Page 3 Keris Page 4 Keris Page 5

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