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Tolak Gaman Power

If you would like to become invulnerable to sharp weapons and bullets you may conduct this ritual for the desired effect. It is advised, however, that you do not misuse this power and to always live according to a spiritual code of life, otherwise the power will not be forthcoming.

On every Thursday night at midnight, after performing a holy wash and saying a general devotional prayer, recite the prayer verse below 777 x :

"Ta-'azzaztu birobbil 'izzatiwal jabaruut, wa tawakkaltu 'alal hayyil ladzii laa yamuut. syaahatil wujuuh (3 x), wa'amatil abshooru (3x), tawakkaltu 'alal waahidil qohhaar. Wa laa haula wa laa quwwata illaa billaahil 'aliyyil 'azhiim."

Please note that the power would be apparent only if there is a real need. It will not work if you show-off or attempt to exhibit it in front of others.

You may also use the chant above to charge a protective vest designed for that purpose. After every single recitation blow upon the vest visualizing divine energy flowing into it. After 777 recitations lock the energy by making the sign of a cross or any universal symbol upon it and run it through incense smoke. Repeat this consecration session for 3/7 Thursdays.

Facing Wild Animals

If you are ever in a situation where you are face-to-face with a wild animal and wish to save your hide, then recite the following chant:

"Jaddu qithmiir, sallim 'alaihi."

Nabi Yusuf Attraction Prayer

If you would like to increase your sex appeal and appear handsome to your lover or attract women in general, just as Joseph, son of Jacob of biblical times, simply perform this short rite:

Recite the prayer verses below (3 times) in your room consecrated for spiritual work and after the necessary preparatory step of cleansing.

"Idz qaala yuusufu li-abiihi yaa abati innii ra-aitu ahada 'asyara kaukabaw wasy syamsa wal qamara ra-aituhum lii saajidiin."
"Wal alqaitu 'alaika mahabbatam minnii wa litushna'a'alaa 'ainii."

After the recitation blow upon the palms of your hands visualizing energy flowing into it, then rub your face with it being confident that the radiant energy is being transferred to your face and that it would emanate an attractive aura.

Whenever you are about to meet your loved one, say the prayer once.

Subsiding Strong Winds

To cause gales to abate you might want to say the following prayer:

"Allahumma innii as-aluka khaira haadzihir riyaahi wa khaira ma fiihaa wa khaira maa arsalta fiihaa wa a'uudzu bika min syarrihaa wa syari maa fiiha wa syarri maa arsalta fiihaa." 1 x

"Allaahumma sallimnaa." 3 x

The prayer should be accompanied with the appropriate visualization. See and feel the winds calming down. If you are successful in contacting the Sylphs, and with the authority of the divinity within you, the winds shall abate.

Unwanted Guest Remover

If there is a desire to get rid of an unwanted visitor quickly, visitors who have unduly overstayed their welcome, and to do so subtly without having to threaten with a shotgun, simply recite this prayer :

"Wa hiya tadzruuhur riyaah, wa kaanallaahu 'alaa kulli syai-im muqtadiraa. Rabbanaksyif 'annal 'adzaaba innaa mukminuun, yaumaidzin yashdurunnaasu asytaataa, infiruu khifaafauw watsiqaalaa."

Again, like most of the rituals, this should be accompanied by the appropriate visualization. We would like to take the opportunity here to say that there are certain keys that makes rituals work. The seasoned occult student would know of these keys. If you are a novice we would advise you to study in an occult school. Or you might want some extra boost in your rituals with supported power. You might find the magickal items for sale on this site of interest.

Syekh Abdul Qadir Jaelani's Hizib Aurad

The chant below originates from the famous Sufi Saint and "Wali Kutub," Syekh Abdul Qadir Jaelani. Among its virtues or effects are protection against all sorts of catastrophies, and prosperity. The chant should be said 3 times--everyday--and at any hour during the day, but preferably towards dawn.

The chant:

"Allahumma kafi rabbunal kafi, qashadnal kafi, wajadnal kafi, li kullin kafi kafanal kafi, wani'mal kafi, alhamdulillah. Hasbunallahu wani'mal wakil, ni'mal maula wa nikman wakafallahul mukmini nal qital." 3 x

"Amin" 5 x.

"Ya Allah rabbal'alamin." 3 x


If you desire protection from the powers of the universe against physical harm then conduct the rite below

This rite is to be carried-out for three days. Commence on Tuesday and ending on a Thursday. Fast for those three days, neither eating nor drinking from dawn to dusk. On Tuesday and Wednesday night recite the following prayer for 100 x. On Thursday night recite it for 1000 x. And for every succeeding day recite it for 3 x after the obligatory prayers.

The prayer:

"Allahumma ibna 'alwaan yaa sayyidisysyaih muhyiddin abdal qaadiril jiilaani haadlirh laa yamuut laa yamuut laa yamuut illaa bi idznillaahi laa haulaa walaa quwwata illaa billaahil 'aliyyil adhiim."

By carrying-out this rite, if it pleases God, you will be protected from physical harm and become invulnerable to sharp weapons. You will not be hurt unless God wills it--unless Karma decrees it--but there is always the law of grace to neutralize this. Cleanse yourself with the violet flame and the appropriate prayers.

Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.


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