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Empowering an Agate/Natural Stone

The ritual below is for the purpose of empowering a stone so that its wearer will be protected by the spiritual vibrations that it radiates. Agate/natural stones are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The method is to first prepare onself with an ordinary fast (no eating/drinking from dawn to dusk) and a holy wash before you commence the rite. After the obligatory prayers, while holding the stone, recite the following verse 440 x :

"Allahumma shalli 'ala sayyidina muhammadin
Wa 'alihii wa shahbihi wa sallim
Badanku rasa sejati
Sejati-ne rasa manjing ana ing tengah-tengahing kakbatullah."

After every single recitation of the verse blow upon the stone that you wish to charge, visualizing divine energy flowing and being locked into it. As the chanting of the verse requires 440 x, so the blowing and the charging.

If you wish to give this stone to someone, then first hold his/her navel and pray to God/Goddess for their protection. It is said by Islamic occultists that those who wear the stone will be protected against all sharp weapons and physical dangers.

Developing Clairvoyance

There are many Javanese and Islamic occultic methods of developing clairvoyance and opening the third-eye. Below is just one of the many to be found in the latter tradition.

While in your prayer room after the necessary preparations, recite the following 1000 x :

"Ya Khabiiru
Ya Bathiinu
Ya Fattahu."

Do this for seven consecutive days, and then routinely.

Soul-Mate Attractor Spell

If you are single and wish to attract a soul-mate quickly, then conduct the following ritual at 6 pm in the evening and at 12 midnight, for a total of 49 days :

While in your prayer room and after the necessary preparations (ablutions, obligatory prayers, etc.) and benzoin incense burning, recite 7 x the Javanese chant below :

"Bismillaahir  rahmaanir rahim.
Niat ingsun matak ajiku.
Pulungguno pulungsri
Sun tabuka-ke petiku siwisi.
Gemebyar-gebyar marang dadaku.
Wong sabuwono teka welas, teko sih marang badanku.
Asih welas, welas asih Kersa-ne Allah.
Laa ilaaha illallaah Muhammadur Rasuulullah."

To know Something in Your Dreams

If you would like any information regarding anything at all given to you in dreams then conduct the rite below. Before going to sleep recite this chant 3 x :

"Allaahumma rabba ibraahiima wamuusaa warabba ishaaqa waya'quuba wa'iisaa warabba jibraaiila wamiikaaaiila wa israafiila wa'izraaiila wamunazzilat tauraati wal injiili wazzabuuri walfurqaanil 'azhiimi arinii fii manaamii maa taraa lii fiihil khaira walmasarraati nabba-aniyal 'aliimul khabiir."

Then continue chanting for countless times while drifting-off :

"Yaa 'Aliimu--Yaa Khabiiru."

The Munjiat Shalawat Verse

It is said that whosoever recites the prayer verse below for 1000 x at midnight will have his/her desires, whether mundane or spiritual, manifested or granted to him/her by Allah--faster than lightning! This has been explained by writers such as  Al-Bauni and Imam Jazuli.

"Allaahumma shalli 'alaa sayyidinaa muhammadin shalaatan tunjiinaa bihaa min jamii'il ahwaali wal aafaat. Wataqdhii lanaa bihaa min jamii'il haajaat. Watuthahhirunaa bihaa min jamii'issayyi-aat. Watarfa'unaa bihaa 'indaka a'laddarajaat. Watuballighunaa bihaa aqshal ghaayaat. Minjamii'il khairaat filhayaati waba'dal mamaat. Washalaahu 'alaa khairi khalqihii sayyidinaa muhammadin wa'alaa aalihii washahbihii wasallam.

Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.


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