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The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit--Revealed?!


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The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit--Revealed?!

The Great Expectation

At this crucial point of transition between the world-cycles of the Piscean and the Aquarian Age, and with all the suffering and pain that humanity is experiencing--the various injustices that tyrants are afflicting the innocent masses, not to mention the descent of negative karma in its myriad of forms as described in Revelations as the "seven last plagues," it is understandable that humanity cry-out for a Saviour to save it from a sensed future destruction. The way greed, separatism, racialism, egoism, corruption, conflict, fanaticism, terrorism, and ignorance are being expressed in politics, religion, business and corporate institutions, and social life, it seems that there can only be one possible outcome in the immediate future and that is the total destruction of the human race, or at least the kind of human civilization that we have come to know. The decadence of morality, the ignorance of the purpose and goal of life, the degeneration of cultural values, the exploitation of natural resources and human beings, ecological imbalances, and the misuse and abuse of technology, all of these have brought mankind to the brink of possible extinction; or to the imaginable return to a primitive condition as a result of a natural or a man-made holocaust--as scientific predictions foretell. It is the same story of Atlantis all over again. The potential destruction of human civilization lies at the end of every evolutionary phase of the world. It is the darkness just before the dawn.

The Vishnu Purana prophesied what would occur at the end of the Kali Yuga, our present world-cycle, or the "Jaman Edan (Insane Age)" of the Indonesian King, Jayabaya, who lived centuries ago :

"Thus in the Kali Yuga shall decay constantly proceed until the human race approaches annihilation. When the close of the Kali Age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists in his own spiritual nature, Kalki Avatara, shall descend upon earth, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. He will establish righteousness upon earth . . . "

And again:

"There will be temporal monarchs, reigning over the earth, kings of churlish spirit, violent temper and addicted to constant falsehood and cruelty. They will inflict death on women and children and they will seize upon the property of their subjects. Their lives will be short, their desires insatiable. People of various countries will intermingle. Wealth will decrease, until the world will be wholly demoralized. Thus in the Kali Age, will decay continue. Then at the end of the Kali Yuga, the Kalki Avatar will descend upon earth. He will establish righteousness."

Whether the destruction of civilization would actually occur rests fully on the shoulders of each and every habitant of this planet. We have the choice of progressing or regressing, evolving or devolving; the choice of obeying or violating Cosmic law and harmony. In order to survive this millennium and to ameliorate our future and the future of our children, our children's children, it is expedient that we improve the quality of our morality, our consciousness, our awareness, our mentality; in fact, our holistic being. Humans, in general, feel weak in dealing with social and political problems and so are on the look-out for some charismatic figure who would solve its problems; and yet, within Man lies uncovered tremendous wisdom, power, and love that could establish goodwill among men, brotherhood, unity, peace, and cooperation. One of our basic problems is that we mistakenly believe that our religion, path, doctrine, teaching, perspective, party, group, etc., to be the only Truth and wish to impose it upon others. Does not Light have various colors? Does not the beauty of a diamond shine because of its many facets?

Beneath this fear and trepidation of a prospect of total annihilation that besets mankind, a ray of hope lives on in the hearts of humanity for the advent of an authoritative spiritual figure to guide mankind away from its follies and to initiate and implement certain changes in a positive and constructive direction leading toward a Golden Age, or an utopian civilization where the rights and freedom of every individual, group, race, creed, and nation are respected and honored; where all suffering and pain are eradicated; where every tear is wiped away by the hand of God; where the streams overflow with milk and honey; where justice, righteousness, and goodwill toward all beings rule in the hearts of every man, woman, and child. The above quotation from the Vishnu Purana mentions this Saviour, the Kalki Avatar, and what he will establish is the long awaited Kingdom of Heaven made manifest on earth--the New Jerusalem, a kingdom that every pious Christian, and almost every being hope to one day be a part of. The Kalki Purana also mentions this Saviour, and his response to the cries of humanity :

"At your request I shall take birth in the abode of Shamballa. I shall again place the two rulers, Maru and Devapi, on earth. I shall create Satya-Yuga and restore the Dharma to its former condition and after destroying the serpent Kali, I shall return to my own abode."

Even Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita declares his appearance at various intervals in the world of form :

"Whenever sacred duty decay and chaos prevails, then, I create myself, Arjuna. To protect men of virtue and destroy men who do evil, to set the standard of sacred duty, I appear in age after age." (Chap. 4, 6-7)

What sort of a person is this Saviour? What are his or her characteristics? What will the Savior's main objective be? How will the Savior function? What cosmic principle would he embody or emphasize in his teachings? What aspect of God would he promulgate? Will he display "supernatural" signs or miracles? Where and when will the Savior appear or re-appear? Is it true that this Saviour is one of the ancient prophets or spiritual leaders come again? Is this Saviour a myth or is he real? Is the Savior an impersonal principle within the higher consciousness of man? How may we recognize the Saviour? What will this Saviour really save us from? And what is Salvation? Who are the two rulers, Maru and Devapi mentioned above? Are they one and the same as the saviors expected by Indonesians--Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit?

Before continuing with our main theme, perhaps we should deal briefly with the subject of salvation. Salvation goes by many names: moksha, enlightenment, perfection, Self-realization, etc. Humanity's biggest enemy is Ignorance, and all world saviours since the beginning of time have sought to awaken humanity from its spiritual slumber. Ignorance is mental darkness, whereas knowledge is light. Salvation is the act of kindling and nourishing a spiritual flame within the heart and soul that it may once again shine brightly and recognize, merge, and unite with its Source. We must emerge out of the limited point of view that there is a "chosen people" who will be saved by a representative of the Supreme Being. The chosen people are those who choose to be saved, and not chosen by some Intelligence. Messiahs and spiritual teachers of the past have outlined a way for us to follow that leads to salvation, but we allow our primitive natures to take control instead. The newly-awakened soul yearns for salvation for various reasons. Below we quote from one of the monthly periodical of the Self-Realization Fellowship the various reasons why we should desire Salvation :

Why Do We Desire to Attain Salvation?

Because we realize that this life of ours is unreal, uncertain and painful.
Because we realize that all worldly pleasure is momentary and mingled with pain.
Because we realize that the senses are never satisfied with indulgence.
Because we will then be greater than the greatest earthly monarch.
Because we will then possess the things really worth having and desire for none else.
Because we will then transcend Maya or delusion.
Because we will then be freed from this life of birth, death and perpetual misery.
Because it is only then that we will realize and attain our real Self.
Because we will then be on the path from which there is no returning.
Because it is only then that we can be of constant service to humanity.
Because we will then have no desires to possess as there will exist nothing else other than ourselves.
Because we will then live eternally in a state of perfect knowledge and everlasting bliss.
Because we will then attain the highest ever attainable.
Because we will then be with God.
Because we will then ourselves be one with God.

But to return from our digression: Almost every religion is on the edge of expectancy. Every religion expects its saviour to arrive on earth's platform to perform his (or her) miracle to reward its followers. Some individuals with fanatic leanings, with a fundamentalistic and an extreme outlook, would also hope for the Saviour's glorification of their religion and its believers, and the destruction of the other religions together with their followers. Such fanatics speak of the freedom of religion--mainly theirs. Should we probe into their hearts, we find that it makes no difference to them should the other religions be suppressed or its followers persecuted. We inquire, could such separatism and sectarianism be tolerated by an enlightened spiritual being? Are not all beings one and the same in the eyes of God? Do not all religions have a single source? In the eyes of any enlightened, intelligent person, SARA1 is absurd and makes no sense. No spiritual being would appear to strengthen the human ego or cause separatism among the sparks of God indwelling in human breasts.

The ways of God are not the ways of men; men look at the form aspect and create disunity, God looks at the spirit within the form and sees only one humanity--all "fragmented" parts of Himself. We, therefore, affirm that it is impossible for God to destroy that which is a part of Himself, for the many forms that exist in the relative worlds are but illusions; in reality, there is only the Absolute, the divine God-Presence, God-Essence and God-Consciousness. All are One. The Quran affirms that God dwells in all men, thus it would seem if we were to attack others in any way, we would in truth be attacking a manifestation of God; if we were to snuff-out the life out of a man, we would be snuffing-out God's representative :

"And certainly We created Man, and We know what his mind suggests to him, and We are nearer to him than his life-vein." (Quran Qaf 50:16)

God being nearer to man than his "life-vein" indicates that God is the very life within us! Religionists and fundamentalists--beware (be-aware)! Acts of terrorism and "jihads" or "holy wars" are the very doctrines violating Truth. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace be unto Him), declares that the real "jihad" takes place in one's being--a war against one's lower self, ignorance and spiritual blindness . . .

Could it be that this mysterious Saviour (no matter in what form) will arrive shortly not on behalf of any religion or creed but for the sake of the whole human race? We respond with a definite "yes" and maintain that should a divine messenger of God, or a Saviour should appear, he or she would not establish any existing religion as the sole religion for humanity or that he would formulate any new religion. We stress that it is not religion that he would teach, but true spirituality, which we understand to be the essence and the living spirit of all the various religions of the world. True spirituality is Truth, naked and unappareled, free from all man-made dogmas that simply cause confusion; and it is this Truth that the Saviour will embody and proclaim, aside from the latest revelation of the Spirit. The representatives or disciples of the Saviour, Ratu Adil (the "Queen of Justice"), and Satria Piningit ("the Hidden Knight") would likewise emulate the Saviour and promulgate this spiritual ideology. The Saviour, Ratu Adil, and Satria Piningit will represent the three aspects of divinity : love/wisdom, will/power, and intelligence/activity, respectively.

We know that Christianity is waiting for the Christ, that Islam is anticipating Imam Mahdi, that Buddhism expects Maitreya Buddha, that Hinduism awaits Kalki Avatar, and that the Jews are looking for their Messiah. Could these unidentified persons or seemingly known personalities be one and the same? The disciples and initiates of lofty spiritual beings know that this is indeed the case and that the Saviour holds the planetary title within the spiritual government of the world (of which we will explain shortly) as the Cosmic Christ. He formerly held the post of World-Teacher. However, whether the Cosmic Christ or the present World-Teachers will actually appear in person or influence the world directly through the heart of humanity or indirectly through their disciples or all of these, is another matter altogether.

We have often emphasized the necessity of manifesting the Saviour, or the qualities of the Saviour in our own hearts and souls, and acting on behalf of the Saviour, or more specifically, expounding his teachings in world affairs. This is something that every spiritual aspirant should do regardless whether the Saviour would personally and physically appear or not. Though a Saviour may be found without in the external, mundane world, the real Saviour lies within the depth of the soul. Though a Saviour may exist without, let us not waste time by waiting senselessly and irrationally. As Paul said :

". . . behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation." Corinthians 6:2


". . . work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." Philipians 2:12

The danger in seeking external saviours lies in the propensity of men to idolize them, and to set up a cult surrounding their personalities. As soon as one is attached to the Saviour, or Teacher, one loses both the Teacher and the Teaching. Should one focus more on the Teaching, one gains them both. Humanity makes a big mistake by glorifying its spiritual teachers instead of living the precepts and teachings that they convey.

Here in Indonesia we designate our Saviours as Ratu Adil, meaning "Queen of Justice" and Satria Piningit, or "Hidden Knight." Their advent had long been prophesied by Prabu (King) Jayabaya--who lived in the twelfth century--and by other mystics of the Kraton in the following centuries. How are they related to the Cosmic Christ, or are they likewise one and the same? We will attempt to answer these questions in this present work, however, we would caution the reader to realize that the contents of this paper are of our own interpretation and understanding of metaphysics and occultism as a whole, as correlated with the meager information that we possess regarding Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit, and therefore, that it should not be considered as the absolute truth or the final word eventhough we were inspired and directed to write it by superior intelligences. Information concerning the identities of Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit dawned upon us without even our having to seek it. It amazes us that the solution was before our very eyes without realizing it. We will, however, leave it to your own hearts, intuition and reason to appraise the things that we will reveal.

In this paper we will not belabor on how the socio-consciousness of humanity gave rise for the need of saviors, rather we will simply base our revelation on the occult fact that the principles or archetypes of these saviors exists on the higher spiritual levels of  life within the Cosmic Mind of God and only need to determine how they will manifest in the world of form, whether through an individual(s), through a group-consciousness, or through an awakening within the heart of humanity of the characteristics that these archetypal saviors represent.

We know that most people, especially paranormals, scholars, and the followers of Kejawen, have already certain fixed notions and preconceived the nature and characteristics of Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit. For instance, they say (based upon ancient prophecies) that these beings possess certain physical and psychological traits, possess certain pusakas (sacred objects), etc. They might be right so far as it goes, but from our viewpoint, certain things should not be taken too literally; and so, if we were to present a different view-point, it might be rejected in toto without any due personal consideration and reflection by those who have already crystallized their minds. This is certainly a hurdle towards one's approach to truth. Preconceptions and assumptions when held strictly without any flexibility results in fanaticism and separatism. These conditions are not to be condoned for they just add violence to social expressions and prolong the state of human misery. We appeal to men and women everywhere to be open-minded. Why do we make such an appeal? For God, or any enlightened, spiritual being for that matter, usually do not conform to human expectations and beliefs, and hardly care for human opinions; and human notions and preconceptions adamantly held, may prevent us from accepting truth reflecting in its many facets. To illustrate this, let us consider the advent of the Master Jesus two thousand years ago. Before his birth and emergence from society to carry-out his ministry, the Jews expected a militant Messiah-figure that would free them from Roman imperialism and colonization, and establish a new Jerusalem. It turned out that Jesus, the avatar sent to humanity, had ideas and ways not conforming to their concepts and notions of a Messiah and the things that he was supposed to do. The Jews, therefore, rejected the Master Jesus and still await their Messiah to this very day. In a sense, however, they might be right. Jesus may not be the Messiah of the Jews. Who knows, perhaps they will find fulfillment in the so-called parousia, the "second-coming." There have indeed been many claims to Messiahship after Jesus, such as Menahem, son of Judah; and Simon bar Kozeba--both political and military leaders. Nevertheless, none were completely accepted as the Messiah by the whole Jewish community.

What occurred two thousand years ago could well happen nowadays. We expect the Saviour, Ratu Adil, or Satria Piningit to conform to our expectations, and yet, when and if they should appear in a guise unknown to us and with teachings directly conflicting with our pet-beliefs, we would reject them altogether. The possibility is there.

The Mystical Christ and the Anti-Christ

Christ may be interpreted mythically, historically, or mystically. In metaphysics we come to realize that there is a distinction between Jesus the man, and Christ the Saviour. From a mystical viewpoint Christ represents a certain occult principle within the microcosm. It is actually what is called the "Higher Self," "Christ Consciousness," or in psychology, the "superconsciousness." Certain esoteric teachings know Christ to be the Spiritual Triad within man's microcosmic being. Concisely, Christ is a part of the spirit within us. The full consciousness or attainment of the awareness of the superconscious mind is the "second-coming," esoterically interpreted. Did not St. Paul declare that we had to develop the "mind" that was in Christ (Jesus)? And that scriptures say that Christ, the higher mind, knocks at the door of our consciousness and waits for its entry? Those who are unaware of this esoteric precept await for the physical appearance of Christ (the Master Jesus, or Lord Maitreya). However, from a spiritual viewpoint, it is the Christ that awaits our appearance in the higher levels of consciousness where "he" functions. The spiritual attainment of Christhood is facilitated by certain forms of meditation, spiritual disciplines, service to humanity, and metaphysical study. It has naught to do with the unfoldment of psychic or paranormal powers. We mention this for we have seen how many people, especially those who profess to be paranormals deceive themselves into thinking that they are being spiritual and being of great assistance to humanity when in fact they are causing people to go astray with their many misleading "services" and "wares" that do not trigger the evolutionary impulse within the psyche of their patients or clients but simply prolong their state of mortality and spiritual ignorance. Their work offers only temporal relief, nothing more. Like orthodox allopathic medicine, they deal with symptoms but do not go to the heart of the matter. It is the case of the blind leading the blind. We have often been warned of false prophets in scriptures.

According to prophecies, before the advent of the second-coming of Christ, the Anti-Christ would first make his appearance. However, this too should not be taken at face value. That Christ is a spiritual principle to be found within man is also true of his adversary, however, in saying this we do not repudiate the possibility of any individual leader embodying the attributes and spirit of the Anti-Christ. We know that there are many fallen-angels that are presently on earth and are set on corrupting and destroying humanity.

In Islam, the Anti-Christ is referred to as Dajjal. He is the deceiver, the liar, the corrupter. Certain people believe that Dajjal is generally, some person that would shortly make his appearance in world affairs; others interpret the beings navigating UFOs as the cursed Dajjal. As Christ is to be found within man, so is Dajjal, the Anti-Christ to be found within. Dajjal is actually the human ego, or the false ego, the lower self, the beast whose number is 666. This mysterious number that has puzzled Christians for centuries actually has its roots in Kabbalism. In the Arabic alphabet, for instance, every letter has its numerical value. This is called the "Neptu Huruf Hijaiyah" by Islamic occultists in Indonesia. The Greek and Hebrew alphabets likewise have similar numbering systems whereby each letter also represents a value. Certain words in the Greek language meaning or referring to "ego," have letters of which when added-up numerically, give the sum of 666. The beast, or the Anti-Christ, or Dajjal, therefore, is purely symbolic. It represents the human ego in its negative expression. We believe our readers understand the implication of this; hence, we will not dwell on this further, except to inquire: Are we expressing the qualities and nature of Dajjal or Christ in our everyday lives?

From the above illustration regarding the advent of Jesus, the Christ, we can see how important it is to keep an open-mind. It is probably wiser to expect the unexpected rather than to expect something that has no existence aside from being in our own fantasies and beliefs. Even our own interpretations, we admit, are controversial and are susceptible to discussion or debate. We may be wrong in details but not in essence--we know what we speakof.

There is nothing absolute in mortal experience. Even the holy ones may change their approach of assistance to humanity in the solving of karmic problems. Their ways are not wholly predictable, just as the ways of humanity may not totally conform to one's prognostications. There is always the element of free choice that even any individual might not be absolutely certain as to the path he would take when faced with a certain situation where he has to make a decision.

The World-Teacher and Spiritual Directors

It is not known to most people that in the background of the external governments of the world lies a single spiritual government that directs the affairs of planetary evolution. In esoteric teachings, this is the Spiritual Hierarchy of Terra within God's vast kingdom. We may be skeptical as to the existence of this spiritual government/hierarchy, its purpose, and even of the members composing it; nevertheless, many students of the occult have verified their existence through personal experience.

At the head of this Spiritual Hierarchy is the planetary deity, Sanat Kumara. Directly serving under this deity or King of this planet is the Planetary Buddha, presently held by Gautama; and under this officer, the Cosmic Christ. The latter is the director overseeing the three main departments in the Hierarchy: the "Department of Manu," the "Department of the World-Teachers," and the "Department of Civilization," or the office of the Mahachohan. The three departments in turn direct the activities of the guardians of planetary evolution, the Seven Lords of the Rays. The present World-Teachers are Masters Jesus and Kuthumi. It should be understood that the above titles and offices are not always held by the same entities, and that these beings who hold those offices are often well-known historical saints, prophets, avatars, and saviours.

In association with the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Karmic Board, the members and directors of which are called "Lords of Karma." The Karmic Lords regulate and dispense karma to every individual, group and nation on this planet. The Spiritual Hierarchy works in cooperation with the Lords of Karma in their many activities. It should be known that the purpose of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Karmic Board is to assist humanity and all sentient beings to evolve to a higher state of being. What is relevant to our discussion here is that the Cosmic Christ who formerly held the office of World Teacher is the Great Being and Saviour that humanity is waiting for. All of the world's religions have their source in the department of the World-Teacher, and that divine being who presently holds the post of Cosmic Christ. This entity is the Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Christ, Kalki Avatar, and the Buddha Maitreya expected by religious devotees all over the world. He is generally known as Lord Maitreya, however, this in turn is but a title. His real name is not generally known; some say he goes by the name of "Harjas." Regarding his identity, Virochana Khalsa in his book, "Tantra of the Beloved," believes the present holder of the title Lord Maitreya to be none other than the Great Deathless Avatar, Babaji, alias Nagaraj.

Babaji was born some time in the third century AD. As a physical-immortal, he is said to be alive to this very day. One of his gurus is the Rishi Agastya, also said to be deathless, or an immortal. According to history, this Great Seer once visited the Indonesian archipelago. This is the theme of Poerbatjaraka's book "Agastya di Nusantara ("Agastya in the Indonesian Archipelago)." One of the former theosophical leaders here in Indonesia, R. S. Suyatno, already deceased, believed the real identity of Semar, the "dhanyang," "Manu," or guardian of Indonesia to be none other than Rishi Agastya.

Babaji was the one who sent Paramahansa Yogananda to the Occident, earlier this century, to spread the teachings of Kriya Yoga--a yogic science based on certain esoteric teachings to be found in the Bhagavad Gita. This yogic science accelerates soul-evolution by leaps and bounds.

We should mention here that this planet is host to many cosmic visitors of lofty spiritual development. Sathya Sai Baba who resides in India is just one of the many beings who have descended on earth to assist the evolution of humanity. He is one of the Cosmic Avatars and is considered as an incarnation of Vishnu, or even Shiva.

Then what about Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit? They too are members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Karmic Board as these appellations suggests. However, let us first deal with the Christ, Lord Maitreya. We should add before continuing that these beings may or may not possess physical bodies. Most of them work from spiritual levels. These beings are spiritually immortal, meaning basically that they possess a continuity of consciousness encompassing the lowest realms of life to the very Throne of God. Wherever they may be they maintain awareness of their identity, their function, and purpose without ever lapsing into the state of unconsciousness, even should they shift planes or dimensions. They work in many ways and in ancient times, these beings were called, "gods."

Andrew Tomas in his book, "Shamballa: Oasis of Light" narrates of his journey to Tibet and his discussions with certain Lamas. In reply to one of his questions regarding world affairs, one of the senior Lama says: "Maitreya will show the way but it will be up to mankind to tread the road." Tomas then inquired, "How about the advent of Maitreya?" The Lama solemnly replied: "In the last quarter of the twentieth century mankind must prepare for the coming of the Arhats (Saints), even Maitreya himself, at this crucial period of the world's history."

Physically, Maitreya is said to be of Western origin--or at least brought-up in the western culture. Statues depict him sitting as a westerner, in a western pose, with both feet on the floor, instead of the usual "lotus" asana assumed by the many buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Maitreya Buddha, the World Saviour, is associated with the "mythical" land of Shamballa. There are many legends known in Tibet, China, Russia, Ceylon, Burma and many other countries regarding Shamballa. To some Shamballa might represent a city, valley, palace, temple, monastery, or a state of consciousness. James Hilton modeled Shangri-La in his book, "Lost Horizon," after the legend of Shamballa. Many great souls, warriors or knights of the spirit have their training in this mystical place.

According to the Ageless Wisdom Shamballa is the spiritual retreat of the Lord of the World, or the planetary deity, Sanat Kumara, known by Tibetans as Rigden Jyepo. Occult teachings refer to him as the "Youth of Sixteen Summers." Shamballa was established 18 million years ago by Sanat Kumara when he came from Venus with other cosmic beings to take charge of earth's spiritual unfoldment. Shamballa is said to lie over the Gobi desert in the etheric plane; others believe that Shamballa lies physically somewhere in the heart of the Himalayas. Doreal, a student of esotericism, says in his work, "Maitreya, Lord of the World" that Shamballa is believed to cover a vast area, and that it is divided into a Northern and a Southern portion :

"It is divided into two parts. In Southern Shamballa there dwell those beings called masters, adepts, or great Gurus. In Northern Shamballa there dwells the Avatar or new World-Teacher who is to come into the world and that there he has gathered together all of the warriors of Shamballa. That is, all those souls who in past incarnations, have evolved to the place where they are worthy to be the light bearers in the Age (the Aquarian Age) that is to come . . ."

The warriors and knights of Shamballa come armed not with physical swords or armaments, not with physical force; they come with spiritual power in order to conquer the dark forces of the world. Maitreya is said to lead them into Armageddon, the great "Jihad" or spiritual war, riding on his symbolic white steed. The following is a Tibetan prophecy made in 1915 :

"It is predicted that the manifestation of Maitreya shall come after the wars. but the final war shall be for the cause of the true teachings (spirituality, in contradistinction to religious dogmas). But each one rising up against Shamballa shall be stricken in all his works. And the waves shall wash away his dwellings. And even a dog shall not answer to his call. Not clouds but lightning shall he see on the final night. And the fiery messenger shall rise up on pillars of Light. Each warrior of Shamballa shall be named the Invincible. The Lord Himself hastens, and his banner is already above the mountains."

The Historical Christ and His Modern Appearance

Several centuries before the appearance of the Master Jesus and his associate, John, the Baptist--who was the prophet Elijah in a past incarnation--preparations were already underway for the coming of the Cosmic Christ. The Essenes, a mystical brotherhood existing on the western shore of the Dead Sea area during the time of the early Roman empire, was established for the purpose of preparing candidates that would be the earthly parents of the "vehicle" or child that the Christ would overshadow, or function through; and also to prepare the child himself for the vital part that he would play in forming a perfect instrument or channel that would be used by the Christ. The Essenes was a mystical branch of the Great White Brotherhood and they were well known as the "brothers in white," indicating that they were perhaps, the forerunners of Islamic Sufism. The historians Pliney, Josephus, and Philo mentioned them in their writings, and the famed "Dead Sea Scrolls" have gained the contemporary public's attention of their former existence. However, it is notable that this mystical sect was not mentioned in the New Testament, except for the various references regarding the men in white who appeared in Jesus' tomb, and at the time of his Ascension. It is also quite odd that they are not mentioned in Rabbinical literature or in the Talmud.

Being the spiritual guardians and teachers of Jesus (not his original name), the Essenes had a strong influence upon the lad and during his ministry in later years, Jesus taught many of the precepts and tenets of the Essenes. One such teaching is that of angelology or perhaps what Islamic occultists here in Indonesia call "Ilmu Khodam."

Through certain mystical means and signs that even the Magi recognized, the council of the Essenes chose a young virgin to be the Mother and an aged carpenter to be the Father. It is related in the gospels how the mother was informed of her coming pregnancy by Angel Gabriel. Some occult students believe this Gabriel to be one of the senior brothers of the Essenes, or at least the channel for the lofty being. Angel, from the Greek "angelos" simply means "messenger." At this time, however, we will not discuss the problem of the "Immaculate Conception" that has so vexed scholars and laymen alike.

Buddha Maitreya

Jesus was born to be the vehicle of the Cosmic Christ, or Lord Maitreya, and to assist in the initiating of a spiritual awakening in the inception of the Age of Pisces. The Master Jesus and Lord Maitreya, or the entity that presently holds the title of Cosmic Christ are two different beings. The latter was and still is the Guru of the former.

When the Master Jesus commenced his ministry, Lord Maitreya often took over the body of Jesus to establish physical contact with humanity. This mode of operation was also chosen for the second-coming that would have occurred in the early decades of the 20th century, but somehow failed.

In the early years of the last century, the leaders of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant, and C.W. Leadbeater were on the lookout for candidates among the young, who would be the vehicle for Lord Maitreya's second-coming--just as Tibetan Lamas would search for their "tulkus," or incarnations of Dalai Lamas and other spiritual dignitaries. They discovered one exceptional child of Indian origin: Krishnamurti. They eventually took him and his brother under their wing, educated them and trained the young Krishnamurti for the tasks that he would have to face ahead. Almost every night Leadbeater took him by means of astral travel to his personal Master, and to do certain work in the astral planes. Krishnamurti's love for his Master and his teachings were immeasurable. It seemed that Krishnamurti's spiritual preparation was progressing smoothly and only the day was waited in which Lord Maitreya would overshadow Krishnamurti's body. Then an unfortunate incident occurred. Krishnamurti's brother became gravely ill. Krishnamurti sought help from his Master and other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy but without a seeming response. His brother eventually passed away and this had a traumatic effect upon his youthful mind. He eventually rejected anything to do with Theosophy, the Masters, and their teachings. He even rejected his role as the vehicle of the Christ and dissolved the Order that was established for the purpose of presenting Lord Maitreya to the world. Although he eventually became a world-teacher in his own right, the holy ones were ever sadden by Krishnamurti's attitude and actions. They said that Krishnamurti's teachings presents a lofty goal to people, but at the same time he takes away the ladder through which the goal could be reached.

According to further communications from the Hierarchy, though, Krishnamurti's refusal to play his part in Maitreya's emergence had a positive effect. Lord Maitreya decided to appear personally on earth without overshadowing or operating through any single individual.

Ruth Montgomery once wrote an article in the Reader's Digest, and in it she quotes a prediction made by Jeane Dixon concerning a world-saviour who was supposed to have been born on Feb 5, 1962. Dixon says that:

"Mankind will begin to feel the great force of this man about 1980, and his power will grow mightily until 1999, at which time there will be peace on earth to all men of goodwill."

Judging by appearances, it seems that this prediction has not been fulfilled. And a 10-year span seems too short for peace to be established worldwide--knowing human-nature. No person is able to establish peace in the world single-handedly. It takes the collective effort and cooperation of humanity.

Perhaps we should consider the phrasing of this prediction for Dixon may have emphasized that peace will descend on earth only to "all men of goodwill." If the latter is the case then the meaning is clear: that peace in one's heart is only established when one has a goodwill-attitude. This indicates that there are many who are experiencing peace at this very moment--these are those with goodwill.

As can be reasoned, the Peace-bringer would focus more on the masses than those few who are already living in bliss--only the sick need healing. But could this person that Dixon predicted be the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi? People could do nothing but wait in lively anticipation in the ensuing years.

Then came the announcement made by Benjamin Creme in the late seventies and early eighties that Lord Maitreya was already here on earth and living somewhere in London, England, among the Asian community. According to Creme, Maitreya, the Christ descended from his retreat in the Himalayas in July 1977 and took residence in the British Isle, and that he has already met privately with journalists and influential leaders from all fields of human endeavor. In June 11, 1988, Maitreya was said to have appeared miraculously to thousands of people in Nairobi, Kenya, who recognized him as the Christ. Some say that this was a secret institution's first successful experimentation on teleportation and that the whole purpose of presenting this Maitreya is to control the masses. Nevertheless, Creme states that Maitreya comes with a divine mission. We quote from the periodical Emergence the purpose of Maitreya, the World Teacher:

"Concerned primarily about the economic, political and social imbalances in the world today, He (Maitreya) will first launch a call to action to save the millions of people who starve to death every year in a world of plenty. He will then show humanity the way to regenerate itself and to anchor brotherhood and peace in the world by creating a civilization based on sharing, justice and cooperation. His presence is our guarantee that there will be no third World War. Nevertheless, it is humanity itself which must make the required changes and fashion the saner and more just world the Christ will inspire us to create."

Creme also says that Maitreya will reveal himself to the whole world at the earliest possible moment, and this is designated as the "Day of Declaration":

"On the Day of Declaration, the international radio and television networks will be linked together, and Maitreya will be invited to speak to the world. We will see His face on television, but each of us will hear His words telepathically in our own language as Maitreya simultaneously overshadows all humanity. Even those who are not watching Him on television or listening to the radio will have this experience. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place throughout the world. In this way we will know that this man, and only this man, is truly the Christ."

Whether Creme's announcement be true or not it is to be noted that his declaration of Maitreya's emergence is not well received by certain spiritual leaders. For instance, Elizabeth Prophet, one of the foremost spiritual teachers living in the States, and an active "channel" for the Masters and the Hierarchy denounces the claims made by Creme. According to her, Maitreya will not appear in person, but he will indeed overshadow groups and humanity as a whole. Elizabeth Prophet may be right in her assertions, but then, many esotericists of rival schools or even ex-members of her very own claim that she and the organization run by her are not truly sponsored by the Hierarchy and the Spiritual Masters--thus, the information she receives regarding Maitreya may not reflect the truth.

One claimant to the name and title of "Maitreya, the World-Savior" is a man by the name of Mohammad bin Abdulkarim. Born in 1944, and for years up to adulthood was unexposed to spiritual teachings, even unaware and unknowledgeble of the name "Maitreya." It was only later when he was involved with a spiritual organization and its practices was he given the name by his Initiator and discovered its significance. His greatest spiritual achievement is his written work, the book "THOTH," or "The Holiest of The Holies," which presents the key to the unity of religions and humanity's evolution. We can well recommend his teachings as they are of a high spiritual level--certainly a new revelation for humanity but something that esotericists have sensed all along. In essence, "Maitreya" states that there is no one religion greater than the other, but all provides a key to spiritual development. They are like pieces of a picture-puzzle that presents the whole single, major Revelation of God to humanity. Unless one embraces the essence of all religions as well as practicing their own minor, unique revelations in one's daily life, it would be impossible to establish peace on earth and to evolve. We have often heard of spiritual teachers claiming that all religions are essentially the same--they all lead to God. In his teachings, Maitreya asserts that all religions have something unique that requires incorporation within the path of spirituality.

His life circumstances also seem to fulfill the Tibetan prophecies and those to be found in all scriptures. Whether truly the Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Christ, or the Kalki Avatar, only time will tell--or one's spiritual heart at this very moment. Those interested in studying his teachings may visit his website : http://www.maitreya.org/.

Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim,
alias Maitreya

So what do we make of all that has been revealed thus far? What do they all mean or portend? Whatever their signification, one thing is certain: we should maintain an open mind and resort to our Inner-Self  for answers.

The Orders of Chivalry

Before we discuss "Satria Piningit" (the Hidden Knight), or knights in general, it is essential that we know and comprehend certain things regarding knighthood and chivalry. We will therefore deal briefly on this subject.

Chivalry was an established feudal military institution of the nobility of Europe. It defined the code of behavior of the Knight while in society, during times of war, while in combat, while in the presence of royalty, etc. The ideals that were once associated with chivalry are now deemed as the proper behavior of gentlemen in our contemporary times. For instance, courage, gallantry, generosity, and honor were all chivalric ideals that characterized a knight.

Chivalry originated through the influences of military customs, religious ideals, and the "love" concept as popularized by the wandering Troubadours. The knight, though a warrior, had to unfold the finer side of his character so as to earn his "nobility."

It seems that knighthood was first established in France but was later followed by the other European countries. Knights became the elite of the military forces. Under the rules of knighthood, the aspirant passed through two stages before becoming a perfect knight which was conferred upon him in festive occasions should he be entitled to it; this entitlement to knighthood occurred usually after the aspirant had done some heroic deed. The two stages preceding the status of knighthood are the ranks of the Page, and the Ecuyer or Squire. Esoterically speaking, these stages together with the status of knighthood represent certain major planetary initiations that each human soul undergoes as it evolves. At each stage the aspirant had to learn certain things regarding knighthood and chivalry, such as the ideals that he should embody. The knight had to inspire all those around him the many noble qualities of the soul. In essence, he had to be an exemplar.

There have been many Orders of knighthood established in the past and the present, however not all of them were fully militant Orders. Some were semi-monastic, or fraternal Orders. Among the famous Orders of Knighthood were the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the Knights of Malta, the Order of the Teutonic Knights, Knights of Pythias and the most controversial of them all--the Order of the Knights of the Temple, or the Knights Templar, for short.

It is not our intention to deal at length here concerning chivalry. The above is sufficient for our purpose. The reason why we had to discuss briefly regarding chivalry is that the entity known as Satria Piningit was the founder, inspirer, sponsor and even director of many Orders of Knighthood, Esoteric Fraternities, and Mystical Orders in both the Occident and in the Orient--not solely in his latest incarnation but in his past lives as well. For instance, in the "Age of Chivalry," the time of King Arthur, Satria Piningit was then embodied as Merlin, the Druid sage and magician. He was the guardian and also the preceptor of young Arthur, and taught the lad many subjects in Druidism and Celtic lore. The sword Excaliber is a well-known sacred object associated with the Authurian legend.

When Arthur became king, Merlin inspired him to found the Order of the Knights of the Round Table. The purpose of the Order is not clearly given in literature; however, it may have something to do with the quest for the Holy Grail. This Grail is supposed to be the cup that Jesus drank from during the Last Supper. From one aspect, students of esotericism know the Holy Grail to be none other than the Christ-Mind. The Order of the Knights of the Round Table, therefore, was a mystical school teaching the secrets of Christian mysticism.

In recent times it is believed that Satria Piningit established the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, through the agency of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. This fraternity teaches the student-member how to become a knight in the truest sense of the word. The disciples of this mystical school are often brought to the spiritual retreats of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the etheric planes during the night. This is done through soul-projection. Students visit the retreats of their Masters for study, instruction, initiation and empowerment. Satria Piningit holds the title of "Knight Commander" in this august fraternity. He is a commander not seen with the physical sight of the student-member; in this sense, he is hidden (Piningit).

Local psychics claim that Satria Piningit will prove his identity by revealing certain sacred objects in his possessions, called by Javanese, "pusakas" such as kerises, whips, spear heads, etc. This should not be taken too literally, however. These objects are symbolic of divine virtues or powers. This should be evident to those who have made an in-depth study of the esotericism of the keris and other sacred metallic objects (tosan aji). In its fabrication, such pusakas are often consecrated with a certain power by the empu (blacksmith-mystic); this might be a positive or a negative quality. What we would like to stress here is that in Western esotericism, the armour-parts and weapons of a knight are likewise symbolic of the qualities that lies inherent within a true knight of the spirit and is considered sacred. For instance, the helmet, breastplate, shield, lance, sword, gauntlet, spurs, brassard, épaulière, etc, all signifies noble, chilvaric qualities, such as courage, gentleness, vigilance, purity, faith, etc. As we can see from this, Satria Piningit possesses many divine qualities in active expression. Here we should mention that the spiritual status of the Knight-exemplar, Satria Piningit, far exceeds that of a Saint, a Master, or a perfect human being. He is now a "god" living in the Kingdom of God. The Knight-Commander is an ascended being, a "Chohan," or a Lord--the significance of which will be explained presently.

We anticipate criticisms by our Indonesian readers who might say that what we are presenting in this paper is sectarian in nature, that it is based on western concepts, and has naught to do with the situation in Indonesia and notions regarding Satria Piningit. Sectarian it is not, though the concepts may well be alien to the traditional-mind of the Javanese. In our view, "western" ideas or knowledge may offer the solution to the problem of the existence of Satria Piningit, and other matters that the eastern-mind has not yet solved. The same principle applies to the Occident as well. East and West are both complementary. They both have something to offer each other. There is much "western" metaphysical and occult knowledge that are not known to Indonesians, and vice versa. We Indonesians take pride in our occult knowledge, our "gudang ilmu," or "storehouse of occult wisdom," and yet, if we do not conduct any research into western mysticism, metaphysics and occultism how shall we know the extent of western occult wisdom as compared to ours? Therefore we appeal to our Indonesian readers to investigate and study before judging, and also to maintain humility.

If we were starving we would not care who gives us food, it could come from the hand of a Westerner or an Easterner, it makes no difference to us; we would be grateful all the same. Food is food; likewise, knowledge is knowledge. Therefore, do not put any limitations upon the mind.

The Knight Commander maintains universal perspectives. He is not bound or limited to any creed, sect, religion, order, or mystical school, and certainly not to any country or nation. This applies likewise to the Christ, and Ratu Adil. The Knight Commander's metaphysical influence is worldwide, his activities surround the globe. At present, he has an intense interest in Australasia. Wherever and whenever freedom and justice are called for on a national scale, there will his presence and influence be felt. He inspires, motivates, and strengthens those individuals who are his instruments to carry-out their tasks on behalf of God, humanity, the Hierarchy, and all sentient beings. Needless to say that Indonesians waiting for the emergence of Satria Piningit shall not be disappointed; for he is already here--though not in the way expected. The same goes for Ratu Adil. Their influence may be seen in the many events that have occurred and are occurring in Indonesia and also globally--such as the demands and movement for political reformation, justice, peace, and freedom.

Nevertheless, we recognize that what some people seem to desire is a flesh-and-blood character to be Satria Piningit to sit and rule the people as President. This is not in accord with Cosmic law or karmic decree. The leaders of the Spiritual Hierarchy are somewhat restrained: they are not allowed to be directly involved in world affairs in a personal and direct way except through special dispensations given by the Karmic Board. They may only work through their willing instruments. Their assistance is also dependent upon the prayers, invocations and calls given by humanity. The more prayers we offer to God, the more karmic boundaries are removed from them that they may have more leeway to aid us. The people of any country acquire the sort of national leadership that corresponds to the state of their collective consciousness. If the majority is pure in mind, body and soul, their leaders will likewise be pure. If their consciousness are filled with impurities, so will their leaders. Like begets like. An apple tree does not bear pineapples, it bears apples.

From another point of view, one must realize that we are all evolving, as individuals, and as groups. Sometimes we have to experience hardship under tyranny in order to evolve; perhaps it is because we will not learn in any other way. For instance, we may tell children that fire burns and results in pain. Some children may believe and stay away from fire and respect its nature; others, not believing will learn the hard way through personal experience. This principle applies to our society. We may have not respected goodness, justice, and freedom in the past, and so they were taken away from us. If we had respected those principles we would have fought for them and defended them no matter what. Many of us were afraid and did not desire to get involved. Now we have learnt the effects in politics of our negligence and ignorance such as the widespread practice of corruption, collusion, and nepotism. However, we did all cry-out for help in our hearts, and our call was heard by God and the spiritual government of the world, the Spiritual Hierarchy--and they have responded. The initial stage of the reformation-process in our (Indonesian) government is proof of that, however, there is still much to be done. It appears that we are now indeed ready for the kind of leadership that will assist us to be lifted onto a higher plane of consciousness. Our spiritual realization will give birth to the kind of leadership that befits us.

No matter who assumes the post of presidency or leadership in any nation, in our opinion that individual will receive influences and inspirations from Satria Piningit and Ratu Adil--however, how the chosen leader will respond to that influence remains to be seen. Let us hope that leaders of all nations cooperate with the Spiritual Hierarchy, otherwise Nature will rebel and succeed where human reformers and freedom-fighters have failed. But in the meantime, we have to realize that our own personal efforts are required to make the spiritual reformations in our governments a reality and a total success without requiring the help and radical action of Nature in the form of cataclysms.

Though the Knight-Commander may not appear in the flesh or in person, he has many representatives, and not all of them work in the field of politics. Some are economists, reporters, writers, artists, social leaders, etc. They all possess many qualities of the Knight Commander to a lesser degree, and they all work, whether consciously or unconsciously, under the direction of Satria Piningit and Ratu Adil--the latter being the goddess or principle of Justice.

In one of his incarnations as Francis Bacon, Satria Piningit was the Imperator, or President-Director of the Rosicrucian Order. This mystical brotherhood teaches mysticism, and occultism. According to its tradition, it had its inception in ancient Egypt. Many scientists, philosophers, and famous personalities in history were members of the Rosicrucian Order. This fraternity is associated with a chivalric Order called Militia Crucifera Evangelica.

Francis Bacon was the illegitimate child of Queen Elizabeth I, and also the real author of the Shakespearean plays. There are many secret codes and cryptograms to be found in the Shakespearean works revealing the identity of the true author.

Students of esotericism also know the Knight Commander, or Satria Piningit to be the spiritual, and invisible leader of Esoteric Freemasonry--the outer organization of which some have called "evil" and related to the "Illuminati." Certainly there are corrupted members and leaders in every organization and religion--Freemasonry is no different.

The Knight Commander, or Satria Piningit, is also presently active giving messages to humanity at this time through the many channels (mediums) attuned to his mind.

Like the West, in Indonesia there are many mystical Orders and martial-arts group. It is no coincidence that some of these brotherhoods of Ilmu Hikmah/Tenaga Dalam and Pencak Silat are Orders of knighthood as their ideals or name suggest; for instance, Satria Kemuliaan, Satria Nusantara, etc. We detect here the handiwork of the Knight Commander.

Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit

Indonesia long awaits the saviors, Satria Piningit and Ratu Adil to show-up on the political stage to usher-in the Golden Age; and she secretly expects the saviors to "glorify" her before the other nations, just as other groups or some other nations egotistically long for the same thing. We would like to emphasize here that emissaries from God do not appear for the progress of a single group, sect, nation, etc.; the "angels" of God march on behalf of the spiritual unfoldment of humanity and the manifestation of God's Will on Earth.

In this chapter we will discuss this subject of Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit in greater detail that has only been touched upon previously.

Ratu Adil

Ratu Adil, is the "Queen of Justice " as translated into English. An improved rendering would be "Goddess of Justice." The goddess is also called Satrio Wirang by some mystics. Many centuries ago her advent and influence was prophesied by Jayabaya, or those appropriating his name, such as Pangeran Wijil who wrote the book, "Jangka Jayabaya" in 1741.

Ever since the prediction was made there have been speculations as to the probable nature or even identity of the goddess, and also her associate, Satria Piningit. There are those that believe that when the time is ripe Ratu Adil would incarnate and live in the physical world as a human being and establish justice in a chaotic and anarchic world.

R. Ng Ranggawarsita, a poet of the "Kraton Surakarta" once wrote that a king would be born in Mecca with symbolic signs appearing such as the "Tujung Putih, Pudak Sinumpet," or "White Lotus Flower, Hidden Bud." The White Lotus Flower supposedly refers to Ratu Adil, whereas the Hidden Bud refers to Satria Piningit.

Portia, the Goddess of Justice--"Ratu Adil."

White lotus flowers have always signified spirituality or divinity to the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, and other cultures. The symbolic signs above could well mean that though she is unveiled, she is yet hidden; or in other words, her influence would be active in the physical world of men but she herself will remain unseen, the reason being that she resides in a different dimension. When mystics mention Mecca, what they are actually referring to is the Kabah, or House of God. In esoteric language, the Kabah symbolizes a high state of consciousness, or a lofty spiritual estate. Considering then, Mecca in conjunction with the other symbols we may reason Ratu Adil to be a divine, spiritual being, a goddess, functioning in a higher world unseen by the physical senses, but active in directing her representatives to work on behalf of Truth, Freedom and Justice.

Some believe that the coming of Ratu Adil simply means that at a future date justice would rule over our hearts and souls, and that our governments would implement Justice and Truth as the voice of their respective nation's conscience. We concur with this belief; however, it might surprise some people to know that the Goddess of Justice, or Ratu Adil, does actually exist as a personal being and known to some students of esotericism. She is a cosmic entity far more advanced than any "perfect" human being, hence the title of "Goddess." She is known among the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their unascended disciples as "Portia (Por-shia), the Goddess of Justice."

According to notions here in Indonesia, Ratu Adil is somehow associated with Satria Piningit. Western occultism supports this concept. Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit are actually what is called "Twin-Flames," or "Twin-Spirits." To explain briefly what Twin-Souls are according to western occultism: the true identity of man is the Spirit, the divine spark of God within the microcosm. Theosophical students call this the "Monad". When the main Divine Spark first emerged from the parent-flame, or God, it consisted of two polarities, one masculine and the other feminine. These two polarities later separated into lesser Sparks, or Spirits. Each human being is that evolving Spirit of a certain polarity of one of those billions of Divine Sparks, and each of us has a Twin-Spirit somewhere in the universe. Though most of us are presently separated from our Twin, we will unite with our "alter ego" when we have evolved to a certain stage and fulfilled certain spiritual tasks. Related to the principle of Twin-Flames are the Soul-mate and Karmic-mate concepts; however, they are irrelevant in this paper.

Portia, or Ratu Adil is one of the directors of the Karmic Board, and as such she is known as a "Lord of Karma." The Karmic Board plays an important role in the evolution of humanity. The Board may be considered as the "higher law," or God's channel for executing divine justice, in contradistinction to the justice of mortal man who gleefully say that "justice is blind."

We quote below from a glossary of the Summit Lighthouse the purpose of the Board of Karma and its members :

"The Lords of Karma dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy, and judgment on behalf of every lifestream. All souls must pass before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth, receiving their assignment and karmic allotment for each lifetime beforehand and the review of their performance at its conclusion. Through the 'Keeper of the Scrolls' and the 'Recording Angels,' the Lords of Karma have access to the complete records of every lifestream's incarnations on earth. They determine who shall embody, as well as when and where. They assign souls to families and communities, measuring out the weights of karma that must be balanced as the 'jot and tittle' of the law. The Karmic Board, acting in consonance with the individual I AM Presence and Christ Self, determines when the soul has earned the right to be free from the wheel of karma and the round of rebirth . . ."

There are presently eight members in the Karmic Board, each one representing a Spiritual Ray or power emanating from the spiritual counterpart of the Sun. All of them are lofty cosmic beings. To explain what these Spiritual Rays are is beyond the scope of this work. The Lords of Karma are :

First Ray Great Divine Director
Second Ray Goddess of Liberty
Third Ray Lady Master Nada
Fourth Ray Elohim Cyclopea
Fifth Ray Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth
Sixth Ray Portia, Goddess of Justice
Seventh Ray Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy

And recently a new member was installed representing the five secret rays--Vairochana--one of the Dhyani Buddhas.

Satria Piningit

As we said before, Christ, Ratu Adil, and Satria Piningit are members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and/or the Karmic Board. Satria Piningit is one of the "Lords of the Flame." These Lords are called Chohans, meaning "Lord," or "Master" in Tibetan. There are seven Lords functioning under the direction of the three departments of the spiritual government. Each of the Chohan represents and directs the Christ-Consciousness of a certain Divine Ray emanating from the Spiritual Sun; they also represent the qualities associated with that Ray. They assist the evolution of humanity in that field, or Ray-aspect with which they represent. The Lord of the Seventh Ray is a spiritual entity called Saint Germain; the name is a title, it means, "Holy Brother." Saint Germain is Satria Piningit, the Knight Commander whose advent was predicted by Jayabaya. Saint Germain and Portia (Satria Piningit and Ratu Adil) are Devapi and Maru as mentioned in the Kalki Purana. "Devapi" literally means "God of Fire," or in other words, "Lord of the Flame." Aside from being a Chohan of the Seventh Ray, Saint Germain also holds the title of "God of Freedom." This is the reason why whenever freedom is called for, the Knight Commander responds. In the past, St.Germain played an important role in the American Revolution. It is our belief that he was active in the fight for freedom in Indonesia several decades ago as well, and also why his presence may be felt even now by our local "sensitives." Economy, Organization, and Ceremony come under the direction of the office of the Lord of the Seventh Ray. Satria Piningit is also the great economist; and under his direction monetary and economic crisis may be solved but under certain strict conditions. St.Germain is likewise the "Initiator of Souls" in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame of the Holy Spirit. Below we give the name of the Lords of the Rays, together with the colour Ray that they rule and their associated field of expertise :






El Morya




Lord Lanto




Paul the Venetian




Serapis Bey








Lady Master Nada

Purple & Gold



Saint Germain



According to Jayabaya, Satria Piningit will "appear" in an Age to come. Since Jayabaya made this prediction in the Age of Pisces, the "Age to come" refers to the Aquarian Age. It is not known exactly when the Aquarian Age would commence. Some give the date 2002 AD. to be the start of the New Age. The consensus among Indonesian psychics, several years ago, is that Satria Piningit would appear at the end of 1998. If they were referring to a physical presence and a public appearance then they may be mistaken, as so far, to this very day, there is no indication whatsoever to that effect--at least not in Indonesia.

Why was the advent of St.Germain said to be in the coming Age? According to certain sources, aside from being the Lord of the Seventh Ray, St. Germain, alias, Satria Piningit is also the Hierarch or the President-Director for the Aquarian Age. He rules the New Age as Hierarch together with his twin-flame Portia, the Goddess of Justice.

Another reason why the influence of Saint Germain is now growing in world affairs is that because now there is a great influx of the Violet Ray beaming upon our planet. Each of the Seven Rays has its cycle of influence in world affairs. Each cycle may run for centuries. The Violet Ray is now the predominant ray influencing humanity, with Satria Piningit as its Lord. It would be interesting to note that the symbol of St.Germain is the violet Maltese cross.

Knowing that the Knight Commander is the Lord of the Violet Ray it came to no surprise to us when we read in a local paranormal magazine ("Misteri" issue no.220) dealing with the supernatural, concerning Satria Piningit and the Violet Ray, as mentioned by "Eyang Prawiro." According to Prawiro, the signs of the emergence of Satria Piningit are indicated by hailstorms--and from the South; after the abeyance of the storm, a certain refined violet light like a rainbow will shine upon a hill. And it is there that the one who is in spiritual retreat will be consecrated with the violet light that is called the "spirit of Satria Piningit."

We would like to state here that there is an esoteric interpretation to the above description. Hills or mountains often symbolize the peak of consciousness while in intense meditation. They do not refer to a physical place. The one meditating may be any individual seeking for enlightenment. Hailstorms symbolizes psychological turmoil. In a spiritual-state during meditation, one may indeed contact the Knight Commander and be empowered by his Violet Ray and come under his spiritual influence should certain basic requirements be fulfilled. The above description, therefore, does not refer to any particular individual at all, but all those who align themselves with the ideals and principles embodied by St.Germain.

From the same source as the above, Eyang Prawiro says that Satria Piningit is not a human spirit. This substantiates our concept that the Knight Commander is a very evolved being, a god--using the term to mean a highly evolved entity that has transcended the human state of being. Below we quote Prawiro:

"Untuk Satrio Piningit, tokoh adil, kharismatik dan superpintar itu, dalam kontemplasi saya adalah roh yang supersuci dan bukan dari manusia, tapi dari roh halus, roh Malaikat pembantu Allah yang dipilih untuk menitis dalam bentuk wujud nyata manusia di dunia dan melakukan tindakan keadilan melawan kejahatan yang merajalela di Bumi."
("Regarding the Hidden Knight, a righteous, charismatic, and super-intelligent individual--in my contemplation is a very evolved spirit and not a human being, but a higher dimensional entity, a Guardian Angel of God that has been chosen to incarnate in this world in a human physical form and perform acts of justice against evil that is violently overpowering this world.")

The "Guardian Angel of God" that Prawiro refers to is in accord with the teachings of western occultism that the Knight Commander is a Lord of the Flame, one of those high entities appointed to rule over a Spiritual Ray; however, it is not known whether Saint Germain actually is embodied, physically speaking. Many occult students believe that he is.

Prawiro also goes on to say that there are many Satria Piningits, and they will all appear to bring peace to the planet wherever and whenever they are needed. It should be evident from what we have revealed thus far, that Saint Germain has his representatives all over the planet, all of them being directed and inspired to work and act on behalf of Freedom, Justice, and Truth. Saint Germain contacts his knights telepathically and spiritually.

Saint Germain--the Knight Commander

Prawiro also believes that one particular representative of Saint Germain will be chosen to be the leader of this nation, and that this said representative is still unknown. This could well be a possibility, but we would like to emphasize that there will be many who will represent the Knight Commander, and not just a single individual. They may not all be politicians.

Regarding the representative of St. Germain, or Indonesia's future leader, Prawiro says that this individual chosen will be a Muslim, a follower of Islam, and not a devotee of one of the other religions. This may or may not be true, depending upon our perspective. The word Islam means, "surrender,"--surrender to God and to Cosmic law. It is also the surrender of the false ego, that the greater will of God may be implemented. In this sense all those who surrender themselves, no matter what religion they follow, may be considered as devotees of Islam, disregarding the "Syariat" aspect of the religion.

Prawiro goes on to say that the leader will be a man and not a woman. Does this refer to the physical body or to psychological traits? If it refers to psychological traits even entities in female bodies may be considered "male." In reality, the soul is neither male nor female.

There is also a current belief that Satria Piningit or his representative is a Javanese. We would like to stress here that Saint Germain is not a Javanese, though his representatives are of many races; however, this is irrelevant. It is not the outer form that is important, but the inner quality of the soul. Nevertheless, we may interpret the word "Java-nese" to mean a "man of God." In the Hebrew language, the Tetragramaton--the four-letter word, represents the name of God. The four letters are "Yod-He-Vau-He." The real pronunciation of the word is known only to a few. The Tetragramaton is said to possess miraculous powers when enunciated correctly. Scholars and mystics of the past variably pronounce the Divine Name as, Jevo, Jao, Javo, Jave, Javeh, Jehovah, Jehva, Jahu, Yahweh, Java, etc. From this our readers may well understand how we infer "Javanese" to mean "Man of God." Some may object that the Hebrew and Javanese languages have nothing in common; it should be known, however, that many languages do share a common root.

Many sources claim that St.Germain had many vital incarnations. He was, for instance, embodied as Samuel the Prophet (circa 1100 B.C.); as Joseph, the husband and protector of Mary and their child Jesus; as Proclus, Greek philosopher of the 5th century; as Merlin the Magician; as St.Alban who lived in the 8th century; as Roger Bacon (circa 1214-1294)--English philosopher and experimental scientist; as Christopher Columbus; as Francis Bacon (Shakespeare), Lord Chancellor of England--statesman, essayist, the "father of inductive science"; and as Prince Rakoczy--the Comte de Saint Germain, the "Wonderman of Europe"--he who was referred to by Voltaire in a letter to Frederick II as the "man who never dies." As a "physical immortal" in that incarnation his worldly activities have been documented for more than a century (1710-1822). He was said to be still alive in the 20th century with many eye-witnesses, one being Charles Leadbeater, an eminent theosophical member.

Saint Germain as Francis Bacon engineered his own mock death and subsequently moved to Rakoczy Mansion in the Carpathian foothills of Translavania where he "ascended." The Ascension is one of the advanced initiations offered to man; its spiritual level is much higher than Sainthood, or Masterhood.

Below are extracts from the literature of the Summit Lighthouse concerning the incarnation of Satria Piningit as the Comte de Saint Germain :

"Upon his ascension from the Rakoczy Mansion in 1684, Ascended Master Saint Germain entered the Great Silence (nirvana) where his beloved twin flame Portia, the Goddess of Justice--whose name he had inscribed in The Merchant of Venice--had long been waiting his return. Not long thereafter, the beloved Sanctus Germanus was given the dispensation by the Lords of Karma to function in the world of form as an ascended being having the appearance of an unascended being.

"The archives of France contain evidence that English, Dutch, and Prussian statesmen of his (St.Germain's) time regarded the Count as an authority in many fields. He was hated by some while loved and held in awe by others. As one of his friends said, `He was, perhaps, one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived . . . His heart was concerned only with the happiness of others.' The master alchemist (St.Germain) spoke French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian so fluently that he was accepted as a native wherever he went. According to a contemporary account, `the learned and the oriental scholars have proved the knowledge of the Count St.Germain. The former found him more apt in the languages of Homer and Virgil than themselves; with the latter he spoke Sanskrit, Chinese, and Arabic in such a manner as to show them that he had made some lengthy stay in Asia.' (Compare this to local ideas that the Knight wanders often as an austerity--"Lelono broto") The Comte de Saint Germain composed, improvised, accompanied on piano without music `not only every song but also the most difficult concerti, played on various instruments,' and played the violin `like an orchestra.' His compositions remain today in the British Museum and the library of the castle of Raudnitz in Bohemia. He painted in oils with colours of gemlike brilliance, a `secret' which he himself discovered. It is said that from 1737 to 1742, Saint Germain was at the Court of the Shah in Persia, there exhibiting his extraordinary knowledge of precipitating and perfecting precious stones, particularly diamonds. According to the memoirs of Madame du Hausset, Saint Germain once removed a flaw from a large diamond, which belonged to King Louis XV. In his alchemical laboratory at the Royal Chateau at Chambord, Saint Germain was attended by a group of learned and noble students. The Count is described by Graf Cobenzl in a letter dated 1763: `Possessing great wealth, he lives in the greatest simplicity; he knows everything, and shows an uprightness, a goodness of soul, worthy of admiration. Among a number of his accomplishments, he made, under my own eyes, some experiments, of which the most important were the transmutation of iron into a metal as beautiful as gold.' The Comte de Saint Germain thoroughly understood the use of herbs and plants and discovered medicines and elixirs to prolong life and maintain health. Many of his demonstrations of mastery are described in the diaries of Mme.d'Adhemar, who knew him for at least half a century. She records Saint Germain's visits to herself and to the courts of Louis XV and Louis XVI, noting in his glowing face the appearance of a man in his early forties throughout the period. She mentions a personal conversation with the Count in 1789 in which he appeared `with the same countenance as in 1760.' In the same conversation he predicted the Revolution of 1789, the fall of the House of Bourbon, and the course of modern French history . . ."

We believe that this paper offers enough vital information to scholars and mystics to assist in correlating the information found herein with the information to be found in Javanese literature concerning Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit, or to the impressions that they have received psychically. It is of our opinion that what we have revealed here will be further substantiated through their efforts. We must also caution our readers that some individuals might commercialize the knowledge that we have revealed here for their own egoistic purposes, perhaps claiming themselves to be a representative of Satria Piningit. Please do not be fooled by this. The real knight is silent on such matters.

Messages from St. Germain

The following are messages from St. Germain, the Knight Commander, or Satria Piningit--they are extracts from the Pearls of Wisdom, published by the Summit Lighthouse :

"I am come to find my freedom fighters, those who stand for freedom and do not budge from that stance when freedoms are compromised . . . See to it that you are not the victims of tyrants, that you do not shy away from their confrontations, that you do not become cowards and say, `Well, what of it? I can do without this or that privilege or freedom or right.'

"Well, beloved ones, you cannot do without your rights. For freedom is the very core of the victory. It is the very core of life. It is the very core of the soul rising in the flame of liberation . . . let us consider championing the right of the individual to know the unadulterated truth of the Path and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

"I say, beloved, speak gently and tenderly and lovingly with an open heart, a loving heart, a compassionate heart--the heart of kindness that is the signet of Lord Maitreya--and speak on those subjects in which you find agreement with another. But come to the place where you are also willing to take a stand as freedom fighters, even as the wondrous saints have gone forth to fight the battles of this century and many past centuries and have laid down their lives for the honor, the freedom and the defense of their nations and their causes.

"We have won this victory (of freedom) in the United States. We must maintain that victory. And we must win it and maintain it in all nations, for freedom of religion and every one of the four sacred freedoms must be guarded.

"Blessed hearts, this is an hour to champion the cause of non-discrimination in politics and religion in America and in every nation upon earth. For there are tyrants in every nation; and where governments have not guaranteed the sacred freedoms, these tyrants have gotten away with torturing and imprisoning their own citizens for challenging them and their regimes.

"Freedom fighters all, I say to you: Fight for your own wisdom! Fight for your own education! Fight for your own desire to champion the millions and not only the few . . . Mine is the urgent message that absolute God-freedom must cover the globe, beloved.

"This is the calling, beloved. It is the calling to affirm the right of every soul to practice the religion of his choice `with malice toward none, with charity for all.' In this spirit, affirm to those you contact, `You have a right to believe what you believe.' And if it is known that some do not believe as you do and you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to show them another way, the Ascended Masters' way, then do it gently. Suggest but do not compel. Teach by example and always with compassion.

"We are opening the door of the Aquarian Age! And we desire to open that door to a golden age!

"Let us accomplish our tasks. Let us slay the dragons! Let us go forth in boldness. If we must give all of our life-essence to champion the cause of freedom of a single person or of the millions, then we must be willing to do it . . . we will say, `I will not stand still before this injustice!' (Spoken like a true knight).

"When you say that, my beloved Portia (the Goddess of Justice, Ratu Adil) will come to you and champion you. Blessed hearts, if you would be worthy of Portia, if you would have her as your living Guru, do not allow a single injustice to pass that you do not challenge; for then you will have her as your mighty supporter. And her support is ultimate, beloved.

"Do not slacken your pace, for I am moving across the earth in all the nations of the world . . . And I come to scourge the earth! And I come to drive out those who are not of the Truth, those who are not speakers of the Truth, but out of their mouths come `unclean spirits like frogs.' And many of those who speak not the Truth occupy the top leadership positions of their nations.

"We are determined, beloved. You must have greater determination than you have ever had. It is God who reaches out to man. You must reach out to God with equal and greater fervor, for you have the greater need.

" . . . I stand as the Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius and my burdens are great in the earth and for the earth, I take on few chelas (disciples) directly, on a one-on-one basis.

"You can raise yourself up. That is a truth. You can do it in God. You can transcend mortality as I did. You can taste your immortality even while in the flesh. But you must work at it. You must focus on it. You must get out of the grave of buried problems. You must get out of the self-made grave of your dark vision of self and others . . . See Christ. Know his glory."

How to Become a Knight

After reading thus far, the question might arise: "How may I work on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the World-Teachers, Lord Maitreya, Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit? And how may I earn my spiritual knighthood?" Working for spiritual forces entails aligning oneself with the Light and all that is Good. Intense preparation is necessary. One has to purify one's being, physically, emotionally, and mentally of all dross and toxins--all subconscious patterns of hate, malice, avarice, envy, intolerance, selfishness and other negative qualities; one has to master the false ego. One has to discipline one's passions, appetites, and desires, and express the higher spiritual aspect of Self. One has to acquire a spiritual consciousness through constant meditation and awareness of one's true identity, and by doing so build a bridge of communication between oneself and superior intelligences in order to receive their directions, inspirations, and counsel.

One has to be able to attune himself with his Higher Self, with his Master, with his spiritual group, with the Lord of his Ray, with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and with Shamballa and other focus points on earth of Cosmic beings. The level of one's intelligence has to be raised, and the frequency of one's holistic being accelerated. There is a saying that many are called but few are chosen. Those that are chosen are actually the individuals that choose themselves to be chosen. We have mentioned this principle before. The "chosen" volunteer selflessly for the work.

It is a vital matter to realize that nobility is not a matter of flesh and blood. We do not inherit nobility from our forefathers. Nobility is a quality that the soul has to unfold within itself. We are noble not by being born in any caste, but by simply becoming or being one's True Self.

To earn one's knighthood one has to learn the meaning of self-sacrifice, service and selflessness. The spiritual qualities that characterizes a knight one has to embody--qualities such as loyalty, harmlessness, devotion, honesty, courage, sincerity, purity, goodwill, inclusiveness, serenity, gratitude, contentment, creativity, etc. One must possess the degree of purity with which Sir Galahad embodied, and echo his words by saying: "My strength is the strength of ten because I am pure."

Endurance, humility, patience, and moral strength are also virtues that should adorn and protect every knight. All of the virtues are the knight's strength and power--the knight's weapons of offence and defense, however, underlying all of these virtues lies the knight's greatest power: Love. Without embodying Divine Love a knight is lifeless and worthless.

True spiritual knights do not care for rewards, and often prefer to work silently in the background. They never attract attention to themselves and do not care for the opinions of men. They are not attached to the world, and they seldom complain. They are psychologically centered and are the same whether rich or poor, in pain or in health--they always maintain a joyful, calm mien. Simplicity and sweetness characterizes knights of the Light. Knights are noble and express beauty in their behavior, speech, movement, gait, and thoughts. Knights are likewise sensitive to beauty in all of its forms. They are well-attuned with Nature and often differ from the ordinary person when it comes to understanding life. This particular trait makes others perceive them as quaint, strange or even irrational. Spiritual knights all have the qualities of Satria Piningit on a lesser scale; however, they still tower far above the average person in spiritual dignity.

Aside from developing a chivalric nature, it is necessary for the knight-in-becoming to study the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, the teachings of the Masters, the Cosmic laws of the universe, and follow a path of spiritual training. The sacred scriptures of both East and West, like the Bhagavad Gita, for instance, are training manuals for the Aquarian knights.

Though a knight may possess power, he is to learn to wield it with wisdom, intelligence and love. He serves all those that require his services should the need be in accord with Cosmic law, and he ever seeks to improve his skills and abilities. He is always obedient to the still, small, voice within. It goes without saying that knights must have a growing sense of responsibility.

By training and disciplining one's threefold instrument--the physical body, the emotions, and the mind--by exercising one's will, one gradually grows aware of a higher presence living in one's heart. This is the birth of the spirit of the Christ, the inner warrior, priest, healer, teacher, and king in one's consciousness. This Christ-Consciousness will have to be nourished through selfless work. In the course of time one's threefold-flame burning in the heart will grow so beautifully and one's aura will shine so brightly that it will attract the attention of spirit beings everywhere, and they will recognize, honor, and tremble in one's presence. They will know one as a light-bearer, a keeper of the flame, a knight of the light, a son or daughter of God.

How and where does a knight work? A knight works for truth, freedom, and justice no matter in what social field or human endeavor he (or she) may find himself, no matter in what office or position. The spiritual knight no longer fights with a physical sword. He fights with a fiery tongue, and with a pen whose ink never runs dry. He knows the truth of the saying that "the pen is mightier than the sword." When he speaks all are silent. His words are few, but they carry the weight of the Cosmos. His words remain etched in the minds of his listeners forever. The knight never compels, but suggests and appeals. He is not a man of words, but a man of action. He is more of an exemplar than a preacher. Seldom will a knight justify his actions or defend himself in any way, though he will fight till death on behalf of others. Like the rest of the world, Indonesia has produced many beautiful knights, both men and women, who fought on behalf of Truth, Justice and Freedom.

The knight is forever in search of the Holy Grail, the philosopher's stone, or Cintamani--the precious jewel of Shamballa. Cintamani is the love jewel, the doctrine of the heart, or compassion, and is related to the heart-chakra. It is this divine quality that the knight seeks to unfold within his being. The true knight knows that selfishness and self-centeredness--the ways of Atlantis is over--that the Piscean way of life of greed and ill-will should no longer be sustained.

The following points are important for the would-be knight to consider:

· Recognition of the Divine Presence living in oneself and in others.
· Vigilance in guarding the senses from recording unworthy impressions.
· Obedience to cosmic laws and evolutionary principles.
· Recognition of the rights of others.
· Developing a protective attitude on behalf of Truth.
· A closer approach, attunement and obedience to one's Higher Self.
· A self-sacrificial attitude.
· Being an example to others.
· Doing one's dharma (responsibility and duty).
· Developing the joy of cooperation.
· Encouraging others to align themselves with all that is good and true.
· Understanding the past and present in the correct perspective.

The qualities that we have referred to above are rarely found in a single individual. For this reason true knights of the Spirit are rare. Knights are not easily known and recognized; and it is not an easy matter to meet one of them unless our motives are pure or karmic law decrees it. Knights tread the path leading towards human perfection. Islam calls this state, "Insan Kamil," while yogis refer to it as Sthitaprajna. Theosophy calls it "Masterhood." In some ancient traditions, warrior-priests who are on the path are referred to as "Titans" and they make "war" against the false gods.

As we can see from the above, training oneself to be a knight is not an easy matter, but is a worthwhile task. The Knight Commander, or Satria Piningit will only overshadow with his electronic presence those who are spiritually prepared and are aligned to the ideals that he represents. The world needs warriors of the spirit who recognizes the enemy--they are not of flesh and blood. They are forces, powers, and principalities that cause humanity to go astray. Our fight is for freedom and justice--freedom from ignorance, and justice for all. Let us, therefore, commence our work without delay, for the battle and war of Armageddon has already begun in the mental and emotional planes. I hear Satria Piningit shout with a loud voice:

"My knights are vigilant and keen on battle. Observe your energy; watch your thoughts, speech and action. Never let negativity into your hearts and be imprinted into your subconscious mind. Remember, the great war is within you."

We should manifest a better planet and civilization for our children and grandchildren. It is ignorance to declare that it makes no difference to us what the future would be, that even if it degenerates that it does not affect us personally, for we would be long gone, living somewhere else in one of God's many mansions. Understand this--we would eventually reincarnate as our grandchildren! Thus the very sort of world that we leave to our progeny is the very type of world that we will inherit when we return to continue our soul-evolution through the means of reincarnation. Therefore, be concern, and attempt to play an important role in society to assist its spiritual transformation, for what you give is also that which you will receive. Do not sit in the back-seat in complacency, just watching others struggling for your rights, freedom and continued existence. There is no more time for twiddling thumbs. Get up and save the world and yourself through direct involvement in world affairs or through your financial and moral support. Below we quote again the Lama from "Shamballa: Oasis of Light":

"The people of earth must understand that the time of crucifixion and gentle prophets preaching to raving crowds is ended. This time the Arhats (Saints) will speak with lightning, thunder and star showers!"

Finally, below we offer a fiat composed by St. Germain and extracted from the literature of the Summit Lighthouse. It is hoped that every disciple of freedom would recite this aloud daily to program his or her subconscious mind the determination to be spiritually free.

The Flame of Freedom Speaks

A Fiat by Saint Germain

The flame of freedom speaks--the flame of freedom within each heart. The flame of freedom saith unto all: Come apart now and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto God-men who have chosen their election well, who have determined to cast their lot in with the immortals. These are they who have set their teeth with determination, who have said :

I will never give up
I will never turn back
I will never submit
I will bear the flame of freedom unto my victory
I will bear this flame in honor
I will sustain the glory of life within my nation
I will sustain the glory of life within my being
I will win my ascension
I will forsake all idols and
I will forsake the idol of my outer self
I will have the glory of my immaculate divinely conceived Self manifesting within me
I AM freedom and
I AM determined to be freedom
I AM the flame of freedom and
I AM determined to bear it to all
I AM God's freedom and he is indeed free
I AM freed by his power and his power is supreme
I AM fulfilling the purposes of God's kingdom

Notes :

1 SARA is the Indonesian acronym for "Suku--Agama--Ras--Antar-Golongan," or "Ethnic--Religion--Race--Group Relations." It refers to the factions and socio-political conflicts within each one.


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