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No Longer Do I . . .


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No longer do I ask what God is for the Spirit unfolds Itself to me everyday in my daily experience.

No longer do I seek sympathy from any being for I AM my own comfort.

No longer do I have to present what I AM not to others, for I know what I AM.

No longer do I have to seek the Kingdom of God for I AM the Kingdom of God.

No longer do I know or fear death, for in truth I AM forever alive and will never die.

No longer do I need to look for pleasure in perishable things, for I AM my own bliss.

No longer do I grow old, for I AM unaware of the rolling of time and living in a timeless state.

No longer do I experience sufering for I AM the Captain of my soul.

No longer do I live in ignorance because I know the Truth and the Laws of God.

No longer do I judge for I know all to be merely temporal appearances hiding perfection.

No longer do I think as a mortal would for I AM one with Divine Reason.

No longer do I live in bewilderment for I see the chain of Cause and Effect.

No longer do I have a troubled mind for I AM simplicity in itself.

No longer do I wander far and wide in search for Truth, for I know that it manifests within me.

No longer do I seek liberation for I realize that fetters are illusory.

No longer do I live in isolation for humanity calls out for my presence

No longer do I fight "evil" for I realize its purpose in the scheme of things.

No longer do I crave for worldliness for I have found a greater prize.

No longer do I wish and hope, for I AM a creator like my Father.

No longer do I seek to be recognized by men, for I AM acknowledged by God as His own.

No longer do I carry a burden, for I have forgiven all and have requested forgiveness from all.

No longer do I have to prove myself to anyone, for my life is my proof.

No longer do I attack others for I know my Self as also being their true identity.

No longer do I look to the future or the past, for I AM ever-present in the now.

No longer do I believe that mere power or knowledge alone may take one to the goal, for I AM there by virtue of simply awakening to Truth.

No longer do I need to boast of knowing or channeling Ascended Masters for I AM an Ascended Master in manifestation even now.

No longer do I have to keep on blowing my trumpet, for souls who are ready have heard my call.

No longer do I see through any filter for my humor has taken them away.

No longer do I care for what is not, for I AM one with what is.

No longer do I see darkness for my soul blazes like a million suns.


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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