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The Need for a Guru

In the spiritual, metaphysical path, various disciplines and exercises are conducted to aid the awakening and the unfoldment of the faculties and virtues of the divinity within. To attune with the Higher Self, one is required to undergo the process of purification and to carry-out meditative exercises. Meditation, concentration, visualizations, chanting, esoteric rituals, and other spiritual disciplines are utilized as aids on the path of spiritual and metaphysical development. In order to tread the metaphysical path a spiritual teacher or Guru is indispensable as a way-shower. The Guru or Adept having been on the spiritual path for many years, or for the greater part of his/her life, or even for several lifetimes is qualified to guide the enthusiastic aspirant. Treading the spiritual path alone without outside assistance and guidance is a difficult task. Only a few great souls are able to do this. However, it should be noted that according to tradition and occult revelation, even great souls like Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad had Guru-Chela relationships with Spiritual Masters, both physical and non-physical. External spiritual preceptors are here to "push" or motivate the aspirant, just as the inner divine Master is present within our beings to "pull" us inwards, to help us gravitate towards the Inner Light.

Learning from books has its disadvantages; firstly, one is unable to bask in the presence of a Guru. A genuine Guru radiates powerful energies that stimulate slumbering souls in his immediate vicinity. The Master's aura prompts the energy-level of those around him to step-up in frequency. By constantly being in the presence of a Guru one gradually transforms one's microcosmic vehicles to a higher expression. One accelerates spiritually by being in the proximity of a Spiritual Preceptor. It is like a magnet that induces iron bits to become magnetized just as it is simply by the association.

Secondly, books do not provide all of the keys or knowledge necessary that would open metaphysical doorways to higher worlds or to higher states of awareness. Many keys are omitted in books. Thirdly, books hardly present a two-way interaction that a Guru-Chela relationship offers. From these three points (and there are more) it can be seen how necessary it is to have a Way-Shower. Genuine spiritual/metaphysical teachers are not easily found or met. One meets a real Spiritual Guide partially because of spiritual merit. There is an occult saying, "When the student is ready the Master appears." The student has to prepare himself for the Master's advent by attaining a certain soul-level, by spiritual works and study. It should be realized, however, that those individuals passing themselves off as Spiritual Gurus and Metaphysical Masters are hardly what they claim themselves to be. Here lies the problem for the occult tyro--how to discern the true Master from the "false prophet," or the wolf in sheep clothing and the true Shepherd of the Spirit.

In the traditional teachings of Christianity we are told that St.Peter, one of the Apostles of Christ, guards the portals to the Kingdom of Heaven. He holds within his hands various keys that would unlock the gate and allow the soul to pass the threshold and enter into a world of heavenly delight, to a land where one could pluck and eat the fruits of the Tree of Life. The average Christian interprets this teaching literally. In truth, this is merely an allegory, an esoteric precept referring to the principle that a Spiritual Guru or Murshid, (St.Peter) is necessary to guide one's spiritual development. The Spiritual Guru holds and preserves the keys of metaphysical (mystical/magickal) development. By applying the keys (the cosmic laws and spiritual principles) that the Guru transmits to his disciples, it would be possible to acquire a spiritual consciousness (the Kingdom of Heaven) and consume the fruits of the Tree of Life (a constant awareness of one's immortality).

In the early days of Christianity, "priests" functioned as Gurus and not merely as preachers. In the centuries that followed, the priesthood lost the keys to Heaven because of their corruption and degeneration. They subsequently grew envious of those that did possess the keys, the gnosis or spiritual, esoteric knowledge. This was one of the factors that instigated the attack of the orthodoxy upon the Christian sects called Gnostics. These Gnostics were the custodians of the secret, esoteric, spiritual teachings of the Essenes, the Master Jesus and the other divine avatars.

Now it should be realized that not all Spiritual Gurus are of the same evolutionary level. They are of various initiatory grades. Some Gurus offer their services specifically to the masses, to the average person on the street; others are here on the physical plane to help higher-evolved persons, or those of disciple status to attain the first and second planetary initiation. Rarely do we find Gurus who are real Adepts and Masters guiding those who have heard the call of the soul to attain liberation, enlightenment, and the ascension. Each person who is interested in metaphysical and spiritual culture will find himself at the doorstep of the Guru most appropriate to his present state of soul development. When he grows spiritually to a certain point with the guidance of his Preceptor, he may eventually find himself being led to other Gurus of a higher grade or different ray-ashram for further esoteric instructions or for developing a different soul-quality..

Metaphysical Development

In the Path of metaphysical development it would be advantageous and worthwhile for the spiritual aspirant to study the spiritual teachings of various religions and philosophies. Anything that would help refine one's soul-character and expand one's metaphysical knowledge is beneficial. The student should be equally comfortable studying the teachings of Alchemy or Zen. By the exploring of various teachings we do not imply that one should build one's spiritual philosophy upon the foundation of syncretism. This would hardly work if we strive to integrate the superficial, dogmatic aspects of religion. What we would like students of metaphysics to probe is the essence or core of religions, back to the source of all religions, or to the Gupta Vidya--the Ageless Teachings. In the Old Testament, for instance, we were admonished by God to walk the ancient paths (Jeremiah 6:16). This "ancient path" is an esoteric term for the Ageless teachings, or the Ancient Wisdom. Followers of the "New Age" movement may consider the revelations received through the phenomenon of "channeling" as something novel; however, the essence of what is revealed is nothing new and is to be found in the spiritual teachings of all ancient cultures. We admonish the novice not to focus on or speculate too much upon what lies above in the cosmos. It really does not matter what or who lies "up there," whether it is "Ashtar," "Kryon," or the "Pleaidians," or any other beings flitting around in their merkabah vehicles; what really matters is what lies within you. Pay attention to that, to the task at hand. Improve your character, your spirituality, your evolutionary status, and your awareness. Unfold unconditional love and compassion. Beware of self-complacency and arrogance, thinking that you know everything, or more than others.

The first step of spiritual unfoldment is the purification of the lower aspects of the microcosm of all psychical and physical toxins, negative energies, psychological complexes and fixations, karmic effects, record, and memory; and the transcendence of the false ego. Not only should these unwanted energies be discarded or transmuted, the spiritual aspirant should also be vigilant that they no longer be generated by the mind and emotions or attracted into the microcosmic force-field by establishing a point of attraction through negative thinking and feeling. Conversely, the aspirant should strive to express the divine qualities of the Spirit, such as compassion, tolerance, affection, beauty, order, generosity, selflessness, etc. In Patanjali's Yogic philosophy these two steps are called Yama and Niyama. They comprise the dos and the don'ts in religious moral teachings.

According to Patanjali's metaphysical system of development, breathing and physical exercises should next be conducted to maintain healthy and vital bodies. These are called Pranayama and Asana, respectively. Pranayama actually means the control of the life-force within the physical/etheric body, and not to the control of the breath as some occultists would have us believe. Asana means "body-position." In Hatha yoga we are taught various asanas to help maintain a supple, healthy, vital body. Although beneficial to a certain degree, in our metaphysical system of development we do not stress Hatha yoga too much for this form of yoga actually belongs to the Lemurian Age (the Third Race) where physical cultivation was the basis of spiritual unfoldment. In the days of Atlantis (the Fourth Race), it was Bhakti yoga that was of certain importance, for it helped cultivated the emotional nature. In our present Aryan Age (the Fifth Race), Raja yoga is indispensable for it aids in the development of our mental nature. Metaphysical development should therefore, be concentrated more upon the mental/spiritual plane for it is the most appropriate for our present Soul-Race. Below is a tabulation and clarification of the above information:

1) The First Race -- Polarian - No yogas, involutionary race.

2) The Second Race - Hyperborean - No yogas, involutionary race.

3) The Third Race - Lemurian - Hatha yoga, related to the physical/etheric principle.

4) The Fourth Race - Atlantean - Bhakti yoga, related to the emotional/astral principle.

5) The Fifth Race - Aryan - Raja yoga, related to the mental principle.

6) The Sixth Race - Unknown - Yoga unknown, related to the Buddhic principle.

7) The Seventh Race - Unknown - Yoga unknown, related to the Atmic principle.

But to return from our digression:

Following Pranayama and Asana is Pratyahara, or the withdrawing of the senses from external stimuli. This act of withdrawing the senses results in Dharana, a deep concentration upon some inner point within the consciousness. Deep and intense concentration of a lengthy period establishes the state of Dhyana, or meditation. The culmination of the Dhyana-state is Samadhi, or a higher form of consciousness where one experiences the state of bliss and peace. There are various consciousness levels in Samadhi; for simplicity sake we may designate them as "Christ Consciousness" and "Cosmic Consciousness." The former is related to the Soul-Consciousness of the Higher Self, or the threefold aspects of the Soul--the Higher Mental, Buddhi, and Atma. The latter on the other hand, is related to the Spirit-Consciousness of the Monad, the Divine Spark within the microcosm. The eight steps of the above are often called the "Eight-limbs of Patanjali."

In metaphysical development we strive to attain ever higher states of consciousness or awareness. In mystical teachings this is often illustrated as a climb towards a mountain peak and we are often advised by mystics to climb the highest mountain. In Holy Scriptures, when the tale is told of mystics "going up" to the mountains to pray and meditate actually refers to an inner ascent in the consciousness and not to an actual physical journey.

In the early stages of metaphysical development it is advisable for the neophyte to introspect and reflect upon the various elements forming his present desires, motivations, ideals, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings--all of the psychological stuff forming his world-view, his belief-framework, his religious-view, and his understanding of life as a whole, as well as its purport. There is much that we take for granted, much that we assume to be true because humanity as a whole or certain groups of humanity have believed in them for centuries. We have been taught many things as "truths" by our elders, our religious leaders, and pedagogues and we accept them at face value without any meaningful effort in reflecting whether they are of any real substance whatsoever. This the neophyte has to rectify first and foremost in his consciousness. The beginner in metaphysical development has to know why he is on the physical plane and for what Cosmic purpose. He has to discover the meta-philosophical truths concerning life and death, and the real reason why he embarks upon metaphysical study. In short, the neophyte has to awaken himself from his ignorance at the first Cosmic level. Until he realizes that in his present condition he knows nothing, the neophyte has not yet arrived at the state where he may acquire true knowledge.

Metaphysical development entails getting rid of the demons of the mind, the idols that drains one's energies. Idols are not simply statues made of wood and stone; they may be anything at all. Idols at our present stage of soul-unfoldment are glamours and illusions of the psyche. We may define idols do be anything that distracts the soul from carrying-out its evolutionary obligations. Thus, television or the obsession of psychic powers may be considered as idols, and irresponsible Gurus teaching psychicism sans spiritual unfoldment as fabricators of idols. This in fact is one of the avenues of dis-service (dark services) offered by the Fallen Angels. In Islamic tradition Harut and Marut were the two Fallen Angels that taught humanity psychicism/occultism irresponsibly. Low-calibre paranormals and metaphysicians perpetrate this shameful tradition.

Nowadays, people who are interested in psychicism are so eager to unfold paranormal powers. It should be realized that this is not a spiritual goal, because sometime and somewhere along the spiritual path psychic powers would have to be renounced as they simply blind our inner eyes to the spiritual state of Light-Consciousness, symbolized by the saviour-gods in the world mythologies. Psychicism prolongs our needless stay in the lower dimensions. Psychic powers may corrupt the human soul.

Getting rid of or destroying idols is not an easy task. In order to do this we need the help of the Christ-Krishna force, or the light of Muhammad. Invoke their power into your lives; pay more attention to their presence until the intrusion of the demonic idols lose their power and hold over you. In the end you will truly become a holy one, unattached and untainted by anything of this world--"to be in this world but not of it."

One of the most important metaphysical state to acquire is tranquility. Without calmness and serenity it is impossible to carry out most of the other metaphysical exercises or to establish a bridge between the lower and higher aspects of the microcosm. Tranquility is developed through resting the mind, body and emotions in the meditative state. In Buddhism this form of meditation is called samatha. Another form of meditation often associated with samatha is vipassana, or insight meditation. This is basically an introspective exercise where one strives to develop insight into one's real nature. When the goals of samatha and vipassana are reached one acquires the state of bodhicitta--an enlighten mind.

Our metaphysical development are marked by certain planetary initiations given in higher realms by the Spiritual Hierarchy. These initiations stabilize the new plane of consciousness and frequency-level attained as a result of spiritual evolutionary progress. These initiations also afford us a certain degree of spiritual power. There are 9 planetary initiations that concerns humanity's spiritual development into divine god-hood. Along the Spiritual Path, the average person first aspires to perfection. This is the stage of "the Aspirant." When prepared mentally and spiritually to a certain degree the Aspirant is then accepted as a disciple by a Spiritual Master. The Path of Discipleship takes one through the initiations step by step. In the first initiation he is regarded as a Christ-child newly-born. In the second and third initiation the Christ-child gradually matures. In the fourth initiation, esoterically called the "Crucifixion," the unfolding human soul attains liberation from samsara, or the cycles of birth and rebirth. Here he acquires the title of Arhat, Wali, or Saint. Human perfection is attained in the fifth initiation where one becomes a "Master." The experience of the ascension is acquired in the sixth initiation. At present, little is known of the seventh, eighth, and ninth initiations.

Metaphysical Disciplines

Below we present some invaluable principles, disciplines, and practices that would not only raise one's awareness and vibratory frequency, but also form the basis of the unfoldment of divine virtues and powers, and anchor spiritual aspects of the microcosm into the physical/etheric force-field. When the ultimate goal of these disciplines are reached or attained man will no longer be man, he will become a god, a divine being, a Son or Daughter of the Supreme Being. It has long been proclaimed by Christian evangelists that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Nowadays we hear that the Aquarian Age or the Golden Age is at hand. Nothing has essentially changed. It is the same message that the Higher Intelligences ruling the Omniverse wishes to convey to humanity. Waiting for the Kingdom of God or the Golden Age to appear is not dependent upon time in any way. It is not a future event but a state of consciousness. One will never enter heaven or the glories of the New Age by waiting. Passivity will not help man to attain the state or condition that he longs for. Man reaches the peak of attainment by striving, by personal effort, by moving along with the evolutionary current. The way has long been shown by mystics and Spiritual Masters. It is up to us to follow in their footsteps. Spiritual disciplines can be considered as the vehicle that would transport us to the spiritual goal, to the promised land flowing with milk and honey. Below are some precepts and disciplines helpful in the spiritual life :

1) Try avoiding the use of the word "I" in everyday speech. Do not emphasize the lower self in any way. Instead of saying, "I like this," say "This is nice." By putting this discipline into action we eventually displace the lower ego with the power and influence of the Higher Self. We would gradually express self-surrender and self-sacrifice and acquire group-consciousness where the Great SELF is perceived in all.

2) Imagine, feel, and know that everyone you meet, that every creature you come across, that every plant or spirit that appears before you is an expression of God--that God is present in every one. Remember the teachings of the Master Jesus: he taught that if we harmed, hurt or did something to another we also did it to him. Every true Master feels this way; their identification with All That Is is so complete that they feel the emotions and thoughts of others as their own.

3) In conjunction with the above practice, do not forget to maintain a constant awareness that your very essence is of God, that in fact you are an embodied Christ or Buddha. See the world through the eyes of an enlightened, compassionate being. Minimize unnecessary thoughts and feelings whenever possible. However, just maintain an awareness of the divine presence within you.

4) Cease filling the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with negative energies and substances. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, consume narcotics or drugs. Gradually become a vegetarian. Avoid foods and beverages that contain chemicals, preservatives, etc. Processed and cooked foods are bad for the physical system. Emotionally and mentally speaking, change every negative thoughts and feelings into their polar opposite. Whenever a negative feeling emerges quickly transmute it. For instance, when you begin to feel anger, calm yourself down and feel peace by recalling your true identity as a divine spark of God.

5) We do not own anything. Realize that it is impossible to own anything, so therefore renounce possessiveness. We are not able to own ourselves, what more other people or earthly goods. Everything comes from Nature and goes back to Her at Her own pleasure.

6) Make sure that every word that passes your lips goes through the three gates of truth, kindness and necessity.

7) Fill your minds with divine thoughts and assume divine attitudes (see article on Divine thinking).

8) Discern what is Real from what is false. Do not be attached to the false, illusionary, ephemeral objects and conditions in life. Always look for the Real, the essence underlying all things, be attracted and attached to that. It is permanent, unchangeable, infinite, and boundless. It's nature is bliss.

9) Serve others. Forget the wants and desires of the false ego. Be a willing instrument of the Divine Will.

10) Always give thanks for what you have, for the life within you, for your life on earth, for the varied experiences that Life offers you, or for any other reason that you can think of.

11) Maintain cleanliness physically and spiritually. Keep your homes, offices, cities, country and world tidy and in order. By doing so we emulate the Creator.

12) Be graceful and harmless in everything that you say and do.

13) Express unconditional love and affection to those around you without being overly attached to them.

14) While bathing imagine yourself being cleansed by a powerful white light.

15) Study the precepts of the Saints, Avatars, and Mystics to be found in all Holy Scriptures.

16) Do not live in the past or the future, live in the now.

17) Constantly affirm the following:

18) Before falling asleep direct your attention and thoughts to the highest possible level.

19) Jot down all of the psychic and spiritual experiences that you may have.

20) Engage in spiritual study, meditation, occult disciplines, and physical exercises. This will help transmute sexual energy into a higher form needed to fuel and activate dormant brain centers.

21) Refrain from watching too much television and movies or reading trashy novels, or involving oneself in senseless gossip.

22) Connect with Nature. Go to the mountains, the seas, the woodlands and attune your consciousness with them. Walk barefoot, absorb the Earth energies, breathe in the vitalized air and bathe in the sun rays.

23) Socialize with those of similar spiritual interests; exchange ideas; support and encourage others that their faith in the spiritual path may be strengthened.

24) Periodically, retreat to a secluded place several days or weeks at a time to conduct metaphysical exercises.

25) Take several breaks in the course of the day to attune yourself with the Cosmic forces and the Divine Mind. This will not only recharge your batteries but also clear your mind, inspire and awaken your creativity.

26) Cultivate humor. Do not take yourself seriously.


Meditation as one of the most important practice in spiritual culture is to be found in all religions. There are many systems and forms of meditations with varied goals and purposes. Mahayana and Tantrayana or Vajrayana Buddhism offer an excellent array of systems of meditation that serve souls functioning at various evolutionary stages. The many esoteric practices of yoga, such as Kriya yoga and Lama yoga likewise are wonderful practices of meditation that promotes soul-development. Western and Taoist alchemy, although complex, provide interesting forms of meditations that regenerates and accelerates the body's basic frequency. The Sufi, Christian, and Kabbalic tradition are replete with their own forms of meditation that are most helpful in attaining the spiritual goal. When the Master Jesus told us not to pray in public buildings as hypocrites would but to seclude ourselves up in our personal rooms and close the door, he was in fact referring to meditation. Our "room" is our consciousness and the "door" is our objective senses that channel external impressions or stimuli. These senses should be closed (Pratyahara) so that our awareness may be focused upon a higher level where the Spirit (Father) dwells:

"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. " (Matthew 6:5-6)

We may undertake meditation for lesser goals such as health, overcoming negative emotions, stress-management, etc., but always keep in mind the higher purposes of meditation. One of the prime objective of the discipline is to anchor the Divine Consciousness into the lower principles of the microcosm. This is an aspect of the "unio mystica," or the "mystical union" as termed by Christian mystics. It is the marriage between Man and God. Others call it "Cosmic Consciousness," or "Samadhi." The mystical union is the manifesting of the New Jerusalem, the "abode of peace" in our minds and hearts. Effects of this divine awareness is the "liberation" from the cycles of birth and rebirth, and the attaining of "Nirvana"--the "blowing-out" or the transcendence of the false ego.

Meditation causes changes in the physiological and psychological functions. It alters one's awareness and releases certain chemicals and hormones that relaxes and regenerates the whole psycho-biological system. Meditation causes an attunement between the higher and lower aspects of the microcosm as it builds the "antahkarana" or the "golden bridge" that unites the two. One's basic frequency is raised during meditation and this facilitates metaphysical communication through telepathic means. Meditation also raises one's intelligence, one's I.Q., E.Q., and S.Q. In more advanced forms of meditation, the kundalini energy is raised from the base of the spine to the head to meet the down-pouring of the Shivaic forces emanating from the higher aspects of the Soul.

The Mayan Calendar Solar Glyphs

The ancient Mayans have bequeathed to our generation an interesting technology that may be utilized as a system of scrying or meditation. This is the Calendar Solar Glyphs. It is unknown, however, if it was actually used for meditation. Modern occultists have found, notwithstanding, that it facilitates soul-awareness.

The Mayans are a mystery to archeologists and scholars alike. Their technological development in astronomy is truly amazing. Their calendar-system is more advanced than any of our modern developments in that area. Where and how did they acquire their knowledge? According to Occult tradition, the Mayans as well as most of the other American-Indian tribes came from the lost continent of Atlantis. This legendary (now gradually proving to be historical) continent, or perhaps archipelago, said to have submerged into the ocean depths over twelve thousand years ago, developed a highly advanced technological civilization. It is believed that they even developed space-travel and interacted with beings from other solar systems and galaxies. Time-travel and inter-dimensional travel are supposed to be some of the occult technologies possessed and kept secret by the Atlantean priesthood. Were some of these secrets handed-down to the Mayans? Why and how did the Mayans vanish from the face of the Earth without a trace? Did they utilize their secret technologies to shift to a parallel world or to a different dimension? Or perhaps much more plausible, did they build cities underground miles below the earth where they may still be living today? We can only speculate. What interest us at this present time is the twenty solar glyphs that they left us. These glyphs are part of their calendar system. Recently, occultists have discovered that these glyphs represent powerful Cosmic energies and that these energies may be accessed by meditating upon them. It may be possible that the Mayans physically ascended to a higher plane as a result of the utilization of these symbols during meditation and through their other undiscovered technology--as far-fetched as this may sound. These glyphs represent stages of soul-growth and the lessons that we have to learn at each level; however, we are personally unable at present to determine how these solar glyphs relate to the Mayans lunar-based calendar, for lack of information. Below we offer instructions on how to use these glyphs as a practical system of meditation.

Generally, we should choose the glyph to meditate with according to order, that is, beginning with glyph No. 1, Imix, However, you may if you wish, choose the glyph that you intuitively feel attracted to, or the one that resonates the most with your spiritual consciousness at this present time. Your choice of glyph will change as time goes by in accordance to your spiritual development, and emotional/mental needs. Meditate constantly with one of the glyphs until you feel ready to move on to the next or another glyph. These symbols are keys that open Cosmic portals where spiritual energies may be accessed. By meditating upon any one of them you begin invoking their energies. Be aware that energies are alive and possesses consciousness of some sort. During meditation upon these glyphs you may begin interacting telepathically with them. Do not fear when this happens. Start communicating and ask questions relevant to your spiritual development, your life, and your well-being. Since the energies of these solar glyphs are powerful, we caution you not to be over-stimulated by meditating excessively upon them. Do not meditate on these images for more than ten minutes.

Begin by sitting in the meditative pose. Relax your mind, body and emotions. Do some deep breathing and then focus upon one of the glyphs given below, holding and visualizing it in the mind in its given color for not more than ten minutes, and using the name of the glyphs as mantras; and then releasing their image and resting your attention upon the Silence, the Emptiness, the inner space of the soul for another ten minutes or so, awaiting impressions, activations, healings, and the balancing of the energies within the lower principles of the microcosm. Those of the magickal traditions, might want to scry and use the glyphs as portals to different realities. The "Sign of the Enterer" may be used for this. Below is a table of the glyphs and their general purposes.


1) IMIX (Dragon)
Improves health and creates harmony in the physical body.
2) IK (Wind)
Balancing the yin and yang forces within one's being.
3) AKBAL (Night)
Helps transmutes the complexes in the subconscious mind.
4) KAN (Seed)
Heals negative attitudes and awakens the inner faculties
5) CHICCHAN (Serpent)
Heals negative emotions and feelings.
6) CIMI (World-Bridger)
Expands the consciousness level.
7) MANIK (Hand)
Stimulates the higher faculties of the soul.
8) LAMAT (Star)
Awakens the higher aspect of love.
9) MULUC (Moon)
Helps transcend three-dimesnional consciousness.
10) OC (Dog)
For psychological healing.
11) CHUEN (Monkey)
For mastery of life and the lower self.
12) EB (Human)
Aids the attunement with the Higher Self.
13) BEN (Skywalker)
Invokes the virtues of the will and spiritual forces into manifestation; helps to acquire Cosmic Consciousness.
14) IX (Wizard)
For awakening one's innate wisdom and power.
15) MEN (Eagle)
For transcending conventional thought, develops abstract thinking and the mental faculties
16) CIB (Warrior)
Develops telepathy and strengthens the energy-structure of the lower aspect of the microcosm.
17) CABAN (Earth)
Assits the adjustments and adaptations to the earth's changing frequencies.
18) ETZNAB (Mirror)
Helps to strengthen and maintain one's focus on any plane of existence.
19) CAUAC (Storm)
Aids in the purging of the lower aspect of the microcosm of all dross.
20) AHAU (Sun)
Helps to raise the frequency of the physical body. Also increases the light quotient in the lower microcosm.


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