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Sister Site: Bezoar Mustika Pearls: Animal/Plant Stones Worn as Charms and Amulets

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Singapore Directory 1
Directory of quality websites

Soul And Mystery Of Being
Articles on esotericism, mysticism. Based on Hermetic and Neo-platonic philosophy.

Free white magic spells and free black magic spells, love spells, protection spells, incantations, voodoo, high magic, charms, witchcraft, and the conjuring of spirits.

SpellSpot Discount Wiccan Supplies
SpellSpot is a Pagan owned shop with 4000+ Discount Wiccan, Pagan & Metaphysical Jewelry, Books and Supplies. We operate by the "Law of Three."; if our costs decrease, so you our webstore prices!

Sphere's to You
Sphere's To You is the world’s leading emporium of mineral spheres.We search the globe for the most beautiful, unique and rare natural specimens. Our spheres are hand or machine cut and polished to bring out the most vivid character in each rock. You may find less expensive spheres elsewhere, but you will not encounter the same quality, clarity and beauty! We have more than 1,000 specimens.

Spirit Find
Search engine of the spirit and paranormal.

Spirit Network
This multi-denominational site is dedicated to Spirit. It is intended to provide a vehicle in which we may all pool our resources in order to spread love and light throughout the universe with the knowledge Spirit shares with us and the knowledge we share with others.

Site on metaphysical and New Age subjects. Directory and articles available.

SpellSpot Pagan & Wiccan Supplies
Affordable Wiccan Supplies - SpellSpot has Witchcraft supplies for every path. Huge Witchcraft Store selling Wicca Supplies, Books, Pentacles, Herbs, Oils, Wiccan & Pagan Jewelry and Music.

SWD Ruby Sapphire Wholesale Gemstones
Supplier of rubies, blue pink yellow fancy sapphires, and precious stones to dealers.


Temple of the Darkmoon
Site of Paganism and Magick--lots of articles.

That Crystal Site
Hand selected crystals, minerals and jewellery from around the world for everyone from Collectors, to lovers of beautiful things and Healers.

The Family of Light Healing Centre
An international mobile healing & educational centre

The Mystic Corner
We offer custom Spell Candles, Spell Oils and Incense mixtures manufactured according to Kabbalah, Wicca and Pagan traditions. In addition we supply such things as Herbs, Jewelry, Ritual items and information related to the study and practice of the Magickal Arts and Occult Sciences.

The Psy-Center Community
The Psy-Center is a melting pot of spiritualists, mediums, intuitives, and clairvoyants joined together with enthusiasts from around the world to share and discuss like interests. We have a Tarot Study Course, Tarot and Astrology reference, Chat rooms, forums and much more.

The Wiccan/Pagan Times
Bringing the Wiccan/Pagan community insightful author interviews, book reviews and useful community information since 1999.

The Witch's Garden--"Mystically Handcrafted Gifts For The Soul"
Bringing you a wide variety of tools for spirituality including traditionally handrolled incense from India,magikal herbs,crystals,aromatherapy oils,candles,windchimes,imported tapestries and altarcloths,custom made amulets , wands,handcrafted pagan made dreamcatchers and many more gifts to soothe your soul.

The World Wide Online Meditation Center
The World Wide Online Meditation Center is a user-friendly site, created to provide clear, straight-forward meditation instruction to people anywhere on the planet. If you are just learning to meditate, you'll find everything necessary to get started quickly and easily. If you are already practicing meditation, you may discover new methods to deepen your practice.

Turtle Island Creations
Hand-crafted Cherokee Medicine Jewelry for personal development, healing & protection. Fast-reader pendulums for dowsing. Subtle energy tools. Original angel & fairy art. Miracle II Soap products… and much more!

Twilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives
Old occult manuscripts--available on CD.


UK Paganlinks
Links of pagan sites. Free submission.

Unio Mystica Healing Center
Metaphysical Healing, Non-physical Healers & Advanced Spiritual Technologies are used to reclaim your birthright of perfect health, vitality and wholeness. This safe, effective alternative to conventional therapies really works.

Unique Hand made Gifts and Jewelry at Catching Angels
Our online store offers international delivery along with a vast and unique range of hand made suncatchers and jewelry. We also stock candles, incense, herbs and books, come visit our store to see even more.

Virtual Candle
Light a Candle

Voodoo Love Spells by Madame
Love, gambling, lotto, luck and money spells! Expert in Witchcraft and Voodoo, Psychic Tarot Card Readings, Voodoo and Wanga Dolls, Talismans and Love Potions.


Walsh Brothers clocks watches and jewellery
English jewellery shop with a wide range and international delivery.

Wiccan site of Gavin and Yvonne Frost--authors of many occult/witchcraft books.

Wicca Store: SacredKiln.com - Pagan supplies - ritual tools, incense, goddess cards, sarongs, silver pagan jewelry, rune pendants, pagan statues, witchcraft books, cauldrons and candles.

Wicca Voodoo Spiritual Shop
Double Strength & Triple Strength Spell Kits for Voodoo And Candle Magick Rituals. For love luck money & Revenge. Hundreds Of Magical Oils. Spell Kits Once only sold to Professional Psychics now sold to the public. Pagan Wicca Spiritual Shop.

Wild Rose
Shamanic healing light center - The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge

Wild Wisdom
An intriguing collection of products designed to feed your spirit, soothe your body, and expand your mind.

Witchy World
Online Pagan Marketplace & Community.



Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
Metaphysical shop.

Your Future Unveiled: Vedic Astrology Consultancy & Software. Free Astro Consultancy by world class astrologer G Kumar.
Email info@eastrovedica.com Ph 93885 56053. Provides Free Horoscopes Birth chart Manual reading issue related to Health Marriage Career Progeny education travel relocation also you can get services on Zodiac predictions Compatibility Reports Stone Gem stones Kavach Power kavach Astral Remedies


Zenzibar Alternative Culture
Site dedicated to the uprising alternative culture.

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