9/11 and the Occult


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9/11 and the Occult

by Asif Husain

“This essay is about magickal activity connected with the events of September 11, 2001, its symbolism, and the occult significance of the day.

There is layer upon layer of symbolism here. I cannot conceive of a more classic manifestation of the Mars-Geburah force than what happened on that day. What immediately struck me was the way in which Mars manifested on 9/11/2001. To begin with, that date fell on a Tuesday, Mardi in French, the day that we ascribe to Mars. This is one of the malefic planets, bordering on the dark and evil aspects of the qlippoth. It can manifest itself in quite unpleasant ways. Very nasty!

Now what are the qualities of Mars? It is projectile; explosive; volatile; destructive; katabolic [i.e., breaks things down]; sudden; acts without warning; severe; disciplined; precise; dynamic; dangerous; deadly; accurate; forceful; vehement; strong; powerful; unpredictable; fiery; violent; cutting; slashing and slicing. All these qualities were abundantly in evidence on that day.

Then there was the symbology of the Tower [of Babel] itself, which is attributed to Mars and which is the Trump of that planet. That card, the sixteenth key of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, was quite blatantly obvious to any mage on 9/11. It was all over that attack. Moreover, even the very details of the Tower Card [path 27] were in evidence then. Those people jumping out of the windows and falling to their deaths! Exactly as depicted on the card! Those are the eight Fallen Kings and the eleven Dukes of Edom wearing crowns! Falling headlong! The card is often interpreted as the Fallen Ruins of the Edomite Kings. Many of the folks who died in the collapse of those two Twin Towers were captains of industry and masters of Wall Street. They can most definitely be seen to represent the concept of the Kings of Edom who fell because they refused to accept Divine Light. It is estimated that at least two hundred people or more jumped to their deaths from those towers on that day. This indicates a disturbingly high level of fear unleashed. It was the most disturbing aspect of the entire day. It was a powerful force indeed that struck such deep fear into the very heart of the U.S. superpower. The lesson may be that people in high places are not necessarily immune, invulnerable, or immortal. They were out in the open now. There was nowhere to hide. Thence we learn that unless the head (or ruling powers, or government) of a nation, whatever form of government it may happen to be, be first properly constituted, that nation cannot be properly ruled. For if the head be first disposed aright, then all things can be ordained, but if that be not first disposed aright, neither can the nation or the world be governed aright. These Kings typify and represent Edom, the place wherein all judgements are collected together and are found and connected, and whence they depend, and where they exist, and are given forth, which is the world of ‘unbalanced forces’. The equilibrium of balance was not perfect, the Kings could not subsist, and they were convulsed by the unbalanced force and were cast forth, abolished, overthrown and destroyed. The Kingdom of the destroyed World is that of unbalanced force. The Kings of ancient time were dead, their crowns were found no more, and all the Earth and all the Worlds were desolate. They suffered the vehement and unmitigated rigours of judgements. After that their vessels were broken, and they were called shells, who have fallen down amongst the inferiors. When the forces of Geburah appeared, their reign was over, under the most rigorous judicial decree. The unbalanced force is the source alike of failure and of pain. It had to be uprooted and punished, because evil prevailed therein. “How are the mighty fallen, And the weapons of war perished!” (2 Samuel 1:27). How indeed!

In addition, the Hebrew letter PEH [P], meaning mouth [the organ of speech] is ascribed to the card, along with the planet/force of Mars, the god of war and violence, chewing people up into devastation as they disappeared into the maw, the gullet, the jaws of Hell, under the earth, under the rubble! That is the Tower. Notice the similarity to The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot Deck Tower Card that shows the building NOT falling over but sinking straight downward into the open mouth of Hell or Moloch or—in our view here, Yog-Sothoth. The image on that card matches perfectly the sight of those two towers falling straight down. When the Tower of Babel was struck, people started to talk in different tongues; this is where the word “babbling” originates. [The W.T.C. was a world centre with many tongues spoken]. It should hit home to people just how much of a weapon a mouth can really be. The old idea that: “Words will never hurt me”, is actually quite false. Words have hurt devastatingly. Think of Hitler and his power of oratory. His sheer hypnotic power of speech and words was so immense that it did incalculable damage on a world scale. Now there’s a powerful mage if ever there was one [of the black and evil variety]. The same idea occurs in the Chinese I Ching where the Chinese tri-gram TUI means both ‘mouth’ and ‘weapons’.

The 27th path of the Tower unites Hod with Netzach; hence in the passage from the Mercurial intellection of Hod to the natural intuition and harmony with nature in the Venusian Netzach, there is a breaking of forms. Mental edifices built on shaky foundations collapse. This suggests that skyscrapers are unnatural constructions, Towers of Babel. Our whole civilization is full of such manifestations of breaking away from the natural order of things. Skyscrapers are vertical constructions; the Earth is horizontal. Verticalness is a spiritual dimension of growth, not a physical one. Therefore, this is a sign that we have become material to the exclusion of the spiritual. We have replaced material symbols for spiritual ones (Mammon). Every event is karmic, especially if it affects the lives of billions of people as this one did. Towers of Babel are built everywhere, especially inside us.

Other meanings of the Tower Card are man-made institutions; monuments built to materialism; a false sense of self or ego; the destruction of our own perceptions or what we perceive to be reality; the concept of what most people call “I”; our personality and its awareness being shattered by an influx of force revealing something of the nature of our True Self and Higher and Divine Genius; a stepping stone into the inner world; and useless images and idols being torn down to make way for new growth. Choose any of these that you think fit. As the Tower is destroyed in each of us, we are free to pursue our True Will. The lightning bringing destruction upon the false crowns and false values of our existence, which we believe to control us, is a sudden realization or flash of perception of our true self, our real identity. Our true reality is the representation of the Divine essence within us. We need Mars to tear away the obsolete values. Geburah is the dominant energy of this path.

The Tower Card also means fighting; war; misery; distress; adversity; calamity; ruin; destruction; danger; fall; change [often complete and sudden]; conflict; disruption; the fall of dreams; the sword; catastrophe; sudden disaster; wrath and anger;Aries; trial by fire; the coming of a New Age; Cosmic Energy in its grossest form; the Jaws of Dis; the Eye of God; the king must die; freedom from old structures; panic; fear; grief; despair; loss and chaos. The stricken Tower signals enantiodromia where the good becomes the bad with an eruption of rage, envy, insanity, and death. Is this the collective psyche’s constellation of the opposite in a move toward wholeness? America has pulled the Tower Card from the cosmic tarot deck that resides in the collective unconscious of humanity.

The constant repetition of the image of the destruction of the Twin Towers that was so pervasive throughout the media after 9/11 is perhaps symbolic of an unseen process that is happening in the psyche of America and the world. Those images have definitely had a powerful transformative effect on everyone who has seen them. National confidence has eroded because there is an intuitive sense that something more than the Twin Towers has collapsed. In the Tarot, knocking down the tower represents the catastrophic failure of old structures that need to change. Perhaps the fall of the Twin Towers signals the necessary destruction of our materialistic, patriarchal value system.

In the Major Arcana we see a tower being struck by a zigzag bolt of lightning emanating from the sun. The explosion knocks off the crown of the tower and causes the figures of men and women to plummet to their destruction. Fire, smoke and flames are seen billowing out of the windows and inside the structure of the tower. When the South Tower was hit on the side at an angle by the plane, it cantilevered before the final collapse. The top toppled off exactly like the crown getting knocked off on the Tower Card. The similarities in the two images is striking! Traditionally writers have associated this card with the destruction of the Tower of Babel, the Fall of Atlantis, or God's vengeance on Sodom and Gomorrah. It has often been interpreted as the punishment for pride. In addition, the Tower Card follows the Devil Card, which represents the risks of becoming too entangled in matter and ego. Values based only on a materialistic viewpoint are inherently unstable. The lightning represents the sudden flash of illumination about the power of Spirit to create change; if and when lightning strikes and we cling to ideas that no longer work for us, unexpected events and disasters may force us to make a major shift in our perception of reality.

The Tower also represents attitudes that are resistant to change, so perhaps we should be asking ourselves, what in our culture is resistant to destruction? As the Taoists so aptly say, "the stick that won't bend must break."

If we resist forces beyond our control, our lives can be 'turned upside down' by cataclysm. Cosmic Energy in its roughest form is an unavoidable element of Creation. In addition, this Cosmic change can be terrible and abrupt, causing hardship, misfortune, and the loss of security. Other names for the Tower Card are "The Struck Tower", "The House of God", "War" and "The Fire from Heaven." Interpretive readings of the card on a personal level associate it with danger, collapse, lost conceptual plans, sudden death and demolition of old beliefs. When this happens we must react with hope rather than fear. The highest truths can now be realized.

The Tower Card symbolizes a law of life that says: eventually what goes up must come down, one way or another. Look into the fire cauldron of transformation. A warrior-like attitude and phallic driven hubris "cometh before a fall." Pyramids do get pillaged and towers burned; what goes around comes around. Karma. Erections come down and are demolished. The image of the World Trade Centre towers being struck down is burned into our consciousness.

The Blasted Tower is the House of God. A tower, being struck by a huge lightning bolt, is cracking. A large crown is toppling from it. A man and a woman are falling headfirst. This card symbolizes the destruction of the ego—or we could say the old dominator paradigm, the patriarchy. It symbolizes the end of illusion. The lightning bolt represents Truth.

The card, which admits of two interpretations in one, is a manifestation in its rudest form, of pure destruction, the destruction of the old-established Aeon by lightning, flames, and engines of war. The other interpretation is drawn from the cult of Shiva. At the top of the card appears the Eye of Shiva. According to this, the card represents perfection, the perfection of annihilation by emancipation from the prison of organised life. The dove and the serpent represent the feminine and masculine impulses. In the language of Schopenhauer, it is ‘the Will to live and the Will to die.’

In most Tarot decks the image on The Tower Card is of a tall tower, somewhat like a modern lighthouse. But this "light-house" is being "lit up" by a lightning bolt and flames of fire! Two people are falling headfirst to the hard rocks below, as if they had been blasted out of the door-less room at the top of the tower. It appears to be a frightful sight, and one can only wonder or fear for what might happen to those two unfortunate people when they "hit rock-bottom". What is even more worrisome is that the occult meaning of The Tower card is "Destruction"! This is not a positive card in anyreading. The word "occult" simply means "hidden", and the phrase "the Occult" simply means "a body of esoteric knowledge and wisdom hidden from those who are not ready, willing, or able to understand it". What we do not understand, we often fear; and this is why some people seem to fear things, which are "occult" or hidden from their understanding. It represents the fear of the unknown, the greatest fear.

The full name of this card is "The Lightning-Struck Tower", and that adds an electrifying element of sudden "shock" to the scene, or at least an element of surprise. They couldn't see this coming, and then suddenly their whole world was turned upside-down. The Tower is ambiguous: Is it a fortress or a prison? Indeed there is little difference, for we easily may become prisoners of our own defences.

The Tower is the World Axis, the centre of being, and the divine illumination has struck at its core, demolishing it, but igniting in its depths the spark of new life. The falling figures, representing head and heart (reason and emotion), were imprisoned in the Tower’s dogma and defences. Though now released, before they can be reborn they must "come back to the earth" of the body and must be submerged in the Abyssal waters of the unconscious, which have been quickened by the lightning. The manna from heaven, falling around them, will sustain them through the trials of this transformation. Symbolically speaking, the tower prevents us from seeing the light. It is an obstacle on our path. The distinctions between the 9/11 W.T.C. attack and the Tower Card become blurred, as they are both expressions of the same archetypal image. It is not entirely clear in this article, which one is being talked about, so perfectly do they correspond to each other. The entire nation and even the whole World received a wake-up call that morning. I am not suggesting that all of this applies to 9/11. It is up to the individual to decide how much of it really does. And there is even more than this in the Tower Card.

Beyond this, however, we should consider the attack on the Pentagon. There is the symbolism of the Pentagon itself. The planetary figure of Mars is the pentagon. The Pentagon Building has five sides, five stories, and five concentric circles, the number of Mars and Geburah—qabalistically. There is an interesting connotation when you think that this building is for war and the military. This can be attributed perfectly to Mars and we are sure it was no coincidence. Whoever designed and built it must have had some qabalistic knowledge and intent and knew what they were doing. Robert Anton Wilson—in his fictional "Illuminatus! Trilogy"—describes the Pentagon as a Magickal Circle intended to keep the Lovecraftian Yog-Sothoth in place. [This is because Yog-Sothoth is the heart and soul of what the Pentagon does.] Now, I am not suggesting that what Wilson wrote is literal fact. However, I *am* suggesting that the Pentagon is [whether intentional or not] a magickal circle, and that this building *does* contain some of this planet's most nasty and destructive energies. Breaking that circle open on 9/11 [along with the massive human sacrifice that went on that day] played a big part in unleashing the atrocities and destruction we have seen in the months since. What Wilson fictionalised as "Yog-Sothoth" is, in fact, let loose to wreak havoc on this planet—and it is consuming entire nations in its path. The plane that slammed into the Pentagon symbolically broke through the protective circle and defensive barrier of the country—smashed right through it. Oil has been called the blood of the Old Ones. It is literally the remains of ancient dead creatures. Fossil fuels are the old bones of dinosaurs and dragons and such entities. The World has an insatiable greed for it. Watch Bush go into Iraq for it.

Then there was the suicide and sacrifice of the nineteen. Suicide and sacrifice are attributed to Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars [again!]. Scorpions are known to sting themselves to death. That is the Death Card. Highly appropriate!

Then there was the way in which those two buildings disintegrated in a most unexpected manner. To many of us that seemed decidedly supernatural. Now that is highly characteristic of Geburah-Mars—katabolic and breaking down. That's how that force operates. One of the odd things about the 9/11 attacks was the way in which those two buildings came crashing down. They turned into dust, were pulverised, disintegrated, just crumbled, as though the Sword of Islam sliced them to pieces. It was like a controlled demolition. My question is: Was that predictable? Could the hijackers themselves have foreseen that? Normally, when a building is hit, it still remains standing. It doesn't just collapse like that. But both those two buildings did collapse. If, before the attack, people had known they would be hit, they would say: "Okay, then. There will be a big fire. We will put out the fire and repair the damage to the buildings, but the World Trade Centre will still be standing there." I have talked with building inspectors and they told me that what happened was not predictable. Nobody expected, imagined or dreamed that the buildings would be gone, including those who planned the whole thing. No-one anticipated, predicted, contemplated, or believed, that a total collapse of either tower was possible or imminent. Dion Fortune wrote: "Geburah...therefore represents the katabolic, or down-breaking aspect of force. Katabolism, be it remembered, is that aspect of metabolism, or the life process, which is concerned with the release of force in activity." The point being, the reason that it is important to know this, is that this appears to be the work and function of Geburah, or the God-Head. There was apparently some other force at work that day, unknown to anybody, manifesting itself. Following this, a thick cloud of highly toxic smoke hung over the city for months.

Then there is the number of hi-jackers: Nineteen. That was surely no coincidence. This is a profoundly symbolic number in Islam. Check out The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 74, verse 30 and the surrounding verses. There are websites that go on in detail about the numerical code based on the number 19 that is embedded throughout the whole of the Qur'an. There are over a hundred pages of clear-cut examples. This symbolism is well known to Muslims. Allah also has 99 names in the Qur’an. [9 X 11 = 99].

There was also the dramatic and spectacular way in which it happened. Everybody knows about that. It has achieved mythical proportions.

Consider, also, “The Curse of 9:11”. In the Bible, there are two relevant 9:11’s (Chapter and Verse). The first is Daniel 9:11: “Yea, all Israel have transgressed thy law, even by departing, that they might not obey thy voice; therefore the curse is poured upon us, and the oath that is written in the law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against him.” The passage is self-explanatory. The next three verses continue to elaborate. It presents hard facts that must be accepted by Crusaders and Zionists. The message appears too obvious for it to be a coincidence. The second relevant Biblical 9:11 is Revelation 9:11: “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” Abaddon here is a personification of destruction. A fitting verse for 9:11. Coincidence again, perhaps? Further, these two books, Daniel and Revelation, are two of the most prophetic books in the entire Bible.

There was admittedly a lot of magickal activity surrounding that day. The choice of day alone can be interpreted qabalistically: 9/11 [9+1+1=11].

9 = Yesod, the Foundation. The W.T.C. was symbolic of the foundation of Capitalism, and thus of the entire American Empire. The attacks of 9/11 were certainly a direct attack on America’s foundation.

11 = The Averse Tree, or Qlippoth. The Qlippoth are the Shells of the Dead (of the grave)—and one can easily see the connection to the W.T.C. disaster and the mass grave it created. One interpretation of the Averse Tree has always been that it is the Fallen Ruins of the Kingdoms of Edom. And the W.T.C. was certainly that. Tying back in again to the Tower Card, which was all over that attack, the Averse Tree is related to the Fallen Kingdoms of Edom. Well, it just so happens that the Tower Card is often interpreted as—you guessed it—the Fall of the Edomite Kings. These things are all one.

Even the structure of the number 11 is telling. We all know it resembles the two Twin Towers. But, even more than this, it represents the Kether of the Averse Tree—which is ruled by the demonic Dual Contending Forces, or Thaumiel. (Two Ones where there should properly be only One.) It means Warfare.

Much has also been written about the Saturn-Pluto opposition on 9/11, and of the astrological planetary alignments of the day. That has been well documented.

More of a magickal nature was also going on after 9/11 that I am aware of, but it doesn't directly relate to what I have talked about here and now.

Now the question arises: Was this done consciously or not? Was it a coincidence? Did it just happen or was it planned? Did the perpetrators know all this, about towers struck down from above and five-sided buildings, know what they were doing? In that case, is there someone [or many] who are doing magick, possibly of that faith, very powerful, and specifically doing 'war work'? Then there would be someone behind the scenes who did this, someone who "lives in the shadows of history."

To end, I should also state that the attacks on 9/11 were not just an attack on "America." They were a direct attack on the "side of Light" by the "side of Darkness." Maybe that sounds a bit romantic [and definitely simplistic!]—but the fact remains. I have seen many, many important spiritual and magickal groups (from Masons, to the Golden Dawn, to the Rosicrucians, to Wiccan groups, etc., etc., etc., etc.) break down and even dissolve under the pressures post-9/11. Directly after the attacks, I watched as the forces of darkness reigned on this planet without opposition—because the forces of Light had all been crippled. It took several weeks and months, but the Light-siders began to emerge slowly [and most importantly!] silently. From Michael Moore publishing his anti-Bush book [Stupid White Men] at a time when fear of prosecution for “treason” ran high—to the blessed soul who risked his or her very LIFE to smuggle Karl Rove’s campaign plan out of the White House to leave it on a park bench. Since then, the "good guys" have been regrouping and fighting back—but it sure was dark there for a while.


Copyrighted Material. Reproduced with permission.

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