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Catalog of unusual talismans, amulets and magickal powers
of the Indonesian occult Islamic, Shamanic, and Kejawenese traditions.

Magickal Talismans, Amulets, Charms & Legendary Pearls from the Arabian Nights!

In this site you will find many magickal items, talismans, magickal mustika pearls/bezoar stones, kerises and curios of interest. Our magickal items are from the Islamic Ilmu Hikmah and the Javanese occult tradition of Indonesia. The talismans , spells, and magickal items are for various purposes to help you improve your life, enhance and develop psychic powers, magickal protection, etc. The talismans are constructed/empowered by the local occult adepts of Java and neigbouring islands who are proficient in their field of work. The bezoar stones or magickal mustika pearls were acquired by the pawang shamans directly f rom Nature through spirit guidance. Thousands of these mustika pearls are available! We also offer exquisite old kerises, curios, knowledgepapers (ebooks), one-of-a-kind items, empowerments, etc.

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